Monday, September 1, 2008

Wydian's Journal...What I Learned So Far!!!

Okay CM Dhar said the blogging continues. Season one has ended and the winners have already been picked..people who won the grand prize know the taste of winning are are expected to come back hard..season two will be tougher in my opinion because the wining bloggers from season one already have much experience in blogging...they know how to write and how to be selected as outstanding...anyway now the rules are changed, the "we can all win" method is now's one winner per week and 5 winners per month and per day the outstanding blogs are addition to really valuable rewards I can definitely say that season 2 will be a massacre of superb blog entries and extremely tough competition....

As for me..I am here to slay them all!!!

After season 1 ended you begin to believe more in the value of devotion, determination and hard work...that's of course is beside the experience which you gain as a blogger...this is my first blog in the matter of fact and I am really enjoying it..anyway there are more things to be learned from season one more than the qualities mentioned fact you should be learning from people around as much as you can in order to improve yourself...and that's exactly what I have done here....have fun :P

When he just get off the bottom..he'll be sayin I got 'em!!!
One Lesson you guys learn is be humble...I mean really WTF LOL Martin I love you man ( although I never buy herbs from you LOL ) but ", but they all lose out to me in terms of fashion" and saying that you are Ricky Martin is just too much bottom line you suck!!

8 Hours sleep is critical for your mental health!!

Okay Wydians this isn't called meeting the other half as you all have read in my friend Cool dude's blog...this is called "Damn...I need to go to bed now" or worse!! I mean when you start to see things like this this is the end as you have officially earned your spot in the land of crazy people!!

Don't humiliate yourself!!!

Okay we all have to admit that the prize was big and as coolio said there are "laks to be won" but in my opinion this is ehhhh I guess is kinda too much..sticking your head into a horse's a$ for lak powders is just too much LOL even for ancient weapon is too much lolz anyway I once saw a video of a man in the circus cleaning and elephant which sat on him and getting the poor guy's head stuck in its a$ I guess it happens in real world too XD

Have some integrity!!!

Damn it coolio...I just can't believe it, this sort of crap is the last thing we need to have in WYD!! I mean not here LOL

Be realistic!!

I mean cut the crap...seriously!!! If I dream of an 72 anct isis +15 and someone tell me you are crazy I will just tell him to go die..we all have the right to dream, even though the chance of me having such weapon is like 0.000000000000000000000000000000001% but it can happen, maybe in 20 years *cough* buy a +11 MACHINE GUN!! Dude keep on dreaming lol, I mean he didn't ask for just a machine gun he asked for a machine gun and+11 LOL anyway if they do such update this will be the end of the world lol..imagine notice section: Dear Wydians...we would like to inform you that after this server update we will be implementing machine guns and rifles!! Good luck and have fun!!!!!!!!!!

In-Game updates should be decided by GMs
and ONLY GMs!!!
Well based on SultanJohor's suggestion for "updates that the game need" and taking his dream weapon we will have the simple math what would happen if players decide the updates?!! I say it will be something between Twisted Metal Black and Resident Evil Zero!!! Or it may end up becoming an online zombie shooting game oO'!!!

Keep it high everyone!!
Keep it high and never let it down!! Be optimistic and know that when you work hard devoted work your efforts shall be rewarded ^^ or in other words No pain No gain ;)

I hope yall like this one and enjoy what I learned in season 1 :P now season two has officially started and I predict it to be wayyyyy tougher, I hope I can nail the weekly prize with this one xD

P.S: All the images above were extracted from fellow Wydian bloggers so I would like to thank them all ^^


Cooldude21 said...

wahahhaha. nice post bro. lets keep it up for season 2 :D

-Soloran- said...

yeah, im with cooldude. Us three in the top 5 the whole time. LOL

anyways, how come one of my pics aint up there. :(

-Soloran- said...

well i dont know how long ill be online, i am going to bed as of now. its 12 at night and i have to wake up at 4:50 for OP shift and school. I have very little time until I go to work again until 12 at night. :(

but it pays the bills, and im a light sleeper so it works tomy advantage. :D