Saturday, September 6, 2008

Holdin' Aces!!!

Well usually I don't really like to blog about myself...I mean what's interesting in reading what someone else have done in his day :S?! I mean like diaries, if you write your diaries everyday it will probably be like I woke up brushed my teeth, had a shower, ate breakfast, phone call, went out to work or went to school or ate out with my mates...I mean nobody really cares waht you had in breakfast lol. Anyway today is different because as a player something really nice happened to me folks...I AM A LEVEL 40 CELESTIAL!!!! Yes just a few hours ago from writing this post I was a god class battle mage level 363 now I am level 40 celestial @@...pretty exciting right :P? Well behind everything there is a story right :P?

What is the name of my celestial? What class? Well to know everything about it I believe we need to make an interview don't we :P

Ladies and gentlemen please welcome the rebirth ed character which once played SD...that's right folks my old IGN.....please welcome WickedSnake ^^

MSTR-FOEMA: Glad to have you here wicked :D
WickedSnake: Thx am glad to sun the light after years of retirement ^^
MSTR-FOEMA: We are happy too to have you back, would you please tell us about yourself :-)?
WickedSnake: Well I played SD for like 2 or 3 years, I was a BM who did change many times lol
MSTR-FOEMA: Changed many times?
WickedSnake: yes, I played nature, elemetal BM and Summoner as well
MSTR-FOEMA: Wah..and what made you choose to be a celestial hunter in WYD @@? You seem to be a bM kind of guy lol
WickedSnake: Well first of all I guess I had enough of BM, beside hunter here is really nice :)
MSTR-FOEMA: How is that o.O?
WickedSnake: Well first of all hunter is fun to play..with many really useful skills it's a fun time playing, also hunters here are made stronger as they have high critical rate, they also have very high dmg and mad evasion so yah, I guess I like them ^^
MSTR-FOEMA: Well how did you feel when you became a celestial??!
WickedSnake: Well it felt great actually, I love the cape very much lol I guess celstial looks cool :D
MSTR-FOEMA: Well I think it has morethan the cool looks lol
WickedSnake: Yes of course, is way stronger and have soul of limits which really increases your character strength alot.
MSTR-FOEMA: I see..well what kind of hunter are you?
WickedSnake : Capture hunter ^^
MSTR-FOEMA: And you like it?
WickedSnake: Yes very, especially its 8th skill, using that you can 1 hit many people lol
MSTR-FOEMA: Well what are your plans now for this character?
WickedSnake: I think as I am lvl 40 already I am planning on getting items now as I need a very good set and a weapon...I guess we can rely of the journal event for that
MSTR-FOEMA: Hope so, anyway best of luck WickedSnake
WickedSnake: Thank you ^^

Note for thick people: WickedSnake is me!! Its my celestial hunter so the person is the same using both characters lol anyway god class battle mage MSTR-FOEMA is gone now since now its WickedSnake's time :P

WickedSnake needs a wep and good set, hopefully the journal event is up to it :P

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