Friday, September 12, 2008

Tell Us Please....

it simply looks like we are talking and they are not listening, journal event is starting to become a good event goin bad, frankly I really enjoyyyyyyy this event as blogging is becoming a source of enjoyment for me, a part of my daily routine to spend around 90 minutes writing in my blog, but now I am kinda dazzled as I REALLY dunno what the CMs are up let's take a look at the updated rules of our favorite blogging event and try to figure out what they are getting at...

Well first of all I kinda guess that the yellow highlighted items are the ones which have been changed so lets go through them one by one and try to figure out what they really mean because I love this event and I dun want it to get screwed so yah, let's take a look everyone.

First of all the URL part...I dun really understand what they mean maybe they want us to add the date of the submission maybe?? Who knows and who cares as actually what I am REALLY pissed about is still to come...

Second is When so I guess they changed the date maybe but I am going to simply skip all this and get to the main point..yes I mean the monthly reward..

Recently I blogged about this and CM Dhar told me not to worry about the statless crap on the main website and the rules were the one on the CMs Blog and I was like WOOT thx Dhar, what a relief...Today I wake up to find that the rules of the game has been officially changed and that the nightmare has become a reality so I just wanna talk to you guys about those updates because as I know CM Dhar I guess he was pressured to make those silly decisions so basically the grand prize ( monthly prize ) is like this now:

They will be selecting TENNNNN winners of an ancient +9 statless god class or mortal weapon+200 millions and that is instead of 5 winners of ancient +9 28/63 god class weapon +200 mills so exactly what does this mean :S?!!!

First of all CMs/GMs I wanna ask you guys your opinion, do you guys this that we have TENNNNNNNN Blogs who deserve to be in the grand winners?? I mean ten is kinda...much??! That's first second is what THE HECK does ancient statless mortal weapon means :S?! I mean ancient statless god class weapon after a month of blogging means a reward which is not working for as you will end up either trying to imbue it risking its break or selling it for 300 mils which as you guys know has simply no meaning as the armor piece I won in the first week I got a 600 mils offer for it so when you sum up the weeklys the monthly one is mainly MEANINGLESS. That was for the ancient statless god class weapon now lets get to the ancient statless mortal weapon..this simply means that you guys never play this game because ancient statless mortal weapon is good for NPC actually as you can imbue it or sell it ( well people who buy ancient god class statless wep do so to try imbue so yah ) so to sum up what is the message that you guys are trying to send?? I mean after two week of blogging you suddenly made those "HUGE" changes so we would REALLY like to know what does this mean?? Do you guys take us for idiots maybe? I mean ancient statless mortal weapon?? You guys think we are stupid @@?? I just want CMs and GMs to start treating us in a descent way and tell us the reasons for this unexplainable it the balance of the game as you guys mentioned before and as coolio mentioned in his blog? If it was that then I am afraid to say that this was YOUR FAULT when you guys increased the winners from three to TEN, I was actually pretty happy when I saw that in the end of the month I got around 27 outstanding blog entries and I got the same reward which was received by other guys who just ran in at last moment make like 5 outstanding blog entries and they got the same reward the other bloggers who blogged hard all month received, wow....very fair actually so thank you guys really.

I know that you guys may not like this and I even know that I may get disqualified as you guys have the authority to disqualify blogs for whatever reasons but I simply speak in the name of the community, I mean this is really important so I say what most of the people think, If coolio was still here he would blog about this topic also I am sure of it, but now he is gone I guess I am the only one blogging about that...I was hoping that soloran would jump in his place but instead I find him making a guide about how to make a celestial...AGAIN!! After calire wrote about it in DETAILS anyway that is my opinion that I am free to say and I simply won't take the "always clap" policy, this game has the BEST management and community I have ever seen in an online game so far but when I see something being screwed I just have to stand up and make it clear.

We need to know....It's simply our right.


Justin said...
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Caligstar said...

I think it's great that everybody has a problem with the grand prize being crappy, but if you're going to express your opinion on this issue MSTR-FOEMA, at least don't plagarize 50% of what I wrote in my blog that was posted hours BEFORE you wrote this...

MSTR-FOEMA said...

ermm I wrote this before like 2 or three days ago :S so I am just kind of resaying it in a different way so yah, anyway I haven't read what you wrote so I go read it now, I dun need to copy anything from your blog if that was you were getting at :S I can write my own material and dun need to copy from other bloggers and you can have my word for that..

Anyway thx for commenting as comments are always welcome ^^

MSTR-FOEMA said...

well I just read and I guess we are speaking about the same thing although it is clear that I didn't copy from your blog, anyway I chose to reply here as the one there is old so people won't be reading comments anymore

I actually disagree with you about the daily winners and the outstanding entries because I actually agree with that part..If they don't have 5 outstanding they don't have to take bad entries and put em in to fill the 5 as this would be unfair also, I agree with everything you said except that part, again I would like to make it clear to you that I never copy anything and it simply don't appeal to me to be accused of such thing as I have been here since season one and I was winning outstanding entries since since 2 that's beside winning in season 1 so I don't really need copying from your blog to win ^^

Again thx for your contribution :-)

CM Dhar said...

There is always a reason why do i always make "complaints, rants, opinions, concerns and suggestions" blog article win the outstanding award. and probably you guys know the reason.

I tried my best to bring back the old prize but the higher authorities wont let me do it. and i feel sorry for that

i even tell them the reason why i should bring back the stated old prize at the same time quoting some "part" of the blog entries that concerns about it. but they will still disagree..

Even if i were in a bloggers shoes i will really get pissed in the changes.

But i really apologize guys there are people who have the higher authority to decide about the future of this event than me...

Anyway i forgot to put that its up to 10 winners of +9 AW. i will update it later

MSTR-FOEMA said...

I know Dhar because as I said, I am sure that this decisions didnt come from you, anway wat can we do..i am just glad that you know how we feel.

Cooldude21 said...

kinda predicted this coming therefore i left early (:

hehhhehe Omar bro ure damn right im gonna be dead pissed if im still blogging for the prize lol.

all this efforts put in for junk. i can totally understand your plight dude. take it easy.


Your Royal Coolness,