Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Alright WYDIANS today I was provoked. Who provoked me? Well its some guy named Caligstar who simply accuses me of copying from his blog!!! I mean wow LOL really so he comes and me and keeps saying that I copy from his blog so I guess that this guy has simply lost it, I simply dun like to lash hard at people or speak about myself but when someone walks to me and accuses me of being a thief then well, the time is NOW!!

First of all I would like to speak about myself and although I hate taking thit attitude but I simply have to, just to let geeks know where they are and who they are.

I am a guy who entered the journal event like 3 days from its launch and I have earned my spot in the winners of season one which were divided into two groups, group A which are the bloggers who earned their spot by the method of rewards+the scoring from the CMs and group B which were added to complete the 10 required winners, actually all the 10 winners were outstanding and I respect them all but regarding the fact that I have won everyday except the days I was away for a short vacation ( about 3 days ) and I couldn't update my blog I was one of the top so yah, if they were choosing a sole winner it would be cooldude and if they were choosing 2 it would be me and coolio, now sadly cooldude got bored from the meaningless crap being done to the event so he walked away smartly, so from season one I walk out in the top spot now.

As for season two I have won outstanding blog entry of the day for 2 weeks in a row and was one of two champions of week 1 so basically I am in the ten winners so that is actually done yah, if you guys have noticed I have been blogging for like 50 continuous days now so I have MY OWN style of writing so copying...not my thing actually.

That was me in journal event in brief lines so what really really happened is this, that guy Caligstar comes to my blog and posts a comment that I copy from him, I reply kindly and make it CLEAR that I dun copy from anyone and that I actually dun have time to read other journals now so I dunno what he is talking about, then I meet him in game as I found out that he is a guild mate so he told me that I should stop copying from his blog and ehh no more free laks for me that I was used to get from copying from other bloggers and that I haven't won week one because he reported to CM Dhar that I copy from his blog....so bottom line this guy here says this " you are a thief who is wining rewards that you don't deserve and I am bringing you down so I guess that defending myself is my right....

Well To you Caligstar guy I tell you this.....WAKE UP AND LOOK WHO YOU ARE TALKING TO because you are just like Ricky in my last week's winning blog...when you just get off the bottom you'll be saying I got 'em, I mean you are just a newbie bloggers who won some outstanding rewards ( you lied in game and told me that you have won everyday in season two like me which is a lie as I found out so basically one proven fact is that you are a liar ) and hit the jackpot in week two with an entry which I think in my opinion is well...doesn't quite say it but crap will do so yah. That's all you have and you think that I copy from YOU :S?!? Wake up and smell the coffee geek, I don't copy as I simply dun need to do so, like I was blogging for more than a month then when I saw your awesome blog I was like OOOOOOYAAAA!! Copying time!! If that what you think then you are dreaming my friend, I don't copy from anyone and if I started copying guess what, it won't be you!! Take that for granted as me copying from you is a privilege for you not me actually, anyway I know what you are getting at, you are doing this to promote for yourself as you are doing right now but guess what, this is bad promotion, so considering you Caligstar you need to wake up and know who you are talking to son.

Now the CMs and the GMs turn!!!!! Look guys basically this for me is just a game, I started this blog thing and I usually enjoy it so yah, anyway the work I do here is cut from my time, REAL LIFE TIME I spend here from 45-90 minutes here DAILY so for that time get my reward, instead I get called a thief so here is the deal, this guy here thinks that he can accuse people of being thieves without rights so I simply want my right back, this guy here is disgracing my name as a blogger so I demand an investigation regarding this, if someone accused you of copying and you get caught you are banned I guess, well what if someone accused you of copying while you are not?? Nothing?? So we basically can accuse each other of being thieves? If this was it please lemme know as from what I can see I guess more of the rules have been changed without me noticing.

So I am pissed about not winning this week as well but I trust the honesty of the judging team so not winning=not deserving but If me not winning had ANYTHING to do with this crap then I am REALLY pissed, beside that I demand a full investigation about this issue because disgracing my name...is simply unacceptable.


Anonymous said...

Aw sorry about that dude.. I'm sure you didn't copy anyone. I've seen your work =) You do a great job and even CMs that I talk to think so too.. Just keep blogging though, you're one that inspires other bloggers. Not one that copies work. Keep it up! =)

MSTR-FOEMA said...

thx nurse, really nice to hear that from you, I actually like your blog because its TOTALLY new, I mean nurse on duty..LOL completely ORIGINAL xD

Anyway I hope GMs solve this problem soon, it just hurt to be accused of such thing while you work your brain while trying to write what you write.

Anyway congratz on wining the weekly ;) 2 weeks for the grand prize ^^

Nice to see your comment here, make it a habit as your comments are always welcome bro ^^

Anonymous said...

hiya! im so sorry to hear that mstr-foema :(
i know caligstar and yeah we are all from the same guild.
i understand how you feel. you, doin all these hardwork and then suddenly,someone will accuse you of copying.argggh that is really annoying.
anyways, you are still doing a very great job ^^
i hope the cm and gms do something about this matter and hope you and calig will settle this thing :P

MSTR-FOEMA said...

thx dude, it really honors my blog that you are one of its readers ^^ anyway GMs HAVE to do something about this because such accusations cannot be thrown around like this, anyway if they don't act I will have to do something myself @@

disgracing the name I made is a nono

Thx for you comment wickedness, hope to see your comments here constantly ^^

Razak said...

After all your "wake up" bs, guess you're the one that got a wake up call. lol

Anyway, I read your comment about my response to your rambling. I posted a response back of my own.

And as far as I'm concerned, I'm done dealing with you. People know the truth now and that's all I ever wanted.

Good day guild mate.

Cooldude21 said...

hehhheh dont worry bro ours was merely a coincidence of time. i read his n ur article, rather different in a way.

chillax kay. and yea now u have the crown. :P


CM Dhar said...

i have a plans for the both of you, contact me in-game asap! i am always online around 0800-1600 Game Time @ sv 2 tommorow

to finish the endless battle of alleged "plagiarism" or whatsoever.