Monday, September 15, 2008

Money Cube..The Bottom Line!!

Well I am sure that you all know what the money cube is, it is a bundle of 10 cubes which can either multiply your money or take it all, saying that the chance is 50/50...This is kinda right actually but what you guys dunno is money cubes cause addiction @@!! If you guys dun believe me you can ask cooldude :P As you guys have read in his blog he wrote his personal experience with money cubes and how he flew to the sky and then he fell down really hard...I have tried money cubes before and after doing so I was like that's it..I WON'T TRY THOSE AGAIN!!! That is exactly the same which cooldude did then he found himself losing it all to his addiction so I decided to try money cube in a different way, approach with a scientific and analytical approach instead of clicking and hoping I started taking records.....I tried each cube using 100k you guys know people who tries to win do a lot of money not just 100s lol, anyway I wanted to do this in order to take results @@!!

I tried my first 10 bundles recording each cube in the bundle, then I stretched my previous notes on one paper trying to find the pattern...I knew previously that the money cube had a 50/50 chance of making your money either all gone or to multiply it, I assumed in the beginning that the cubes will follow a repeated pattern of some time, so after trying 10 bundles and 100 cubes here is what I found out:

1. Money cubes are kinda similar to real life casino's....the house always wins!!!
2. They don't have an average winning rate per bundle, sometimes I score 8/10 and sometimes 3. 10 and sometimes 5/10 so its variable
4. Some numbers have a higher chance of winning, meaning that it usually wins actually but it is still containing a risk...the throw all you have and click technique is your way to poverty LOL
5. Some numbers have CRAPPPP success rates, those one usually fail
6. The pattern ain't repeated, after trying about 200 cubes with taking notes I can tell you guys that ;)

So if you wan use money cubes, what should you do??

1. Before you start cubing PUT A LIMIT to yourself, like you have say 70 mils in cargo say if I lose till 55 I AM OUT, take that decision and stick to it or you will really regret it.
2. Play big, win and lose big Play small, win and lose small so its actually your call
3. As cool dude learned from his experience with the cubes..knowing when to stop is a gift, so when you already have cut a profit THROW THE CUBES RIGHT AWAY or you will end up losing all you have earned and more

So regarding this issue the bottom line is:
Money cube is a luck game where nothing is certain, you can win all or lose so there are no guarantees...the house always win is in total, some people walk out winning and some people walk with money but mostly the people who win are fewer so the house wins, in the end it's a matter of luck so if you are scared dun play if you are going to play dun be scared ;)

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