Thursday, September 11, 2008

Drop The Attitude!!!

Well today I kinda didn't know really what to blog about...I need to go out in like a couple of hours and I need to come up with an idea like NOW!! While I was looking around websites for inspiration I thought that the best thing to be blogging around today is well...the last guild war which ended up by The Balance SWARMING Zeus all over server 1...Zeus which kept dominating server well for well...a very wrong time, so what made 'em fall? What made em lose server 1 after a very long time of dominating it? Well in my opinion they kinda need to know that their attitude is what makes most people hate red and join blue..what you guys dunno is that I was in Zeus before with another character, now I am a happy member of the wonderful and friendly shield guild, so what really made me join blue? Why do I think Zeus fell? Well here is why.....

Here is my opinion about why Zeus is beginning to lose:

First of all I think Zeus guild underestimates their opponents because if -Chaos- one of the strong members in Zeus replies when asked about how Zeus is doing in his interview with CM Tonberry's by saying that the guild is currently untouchable then few days later we find out that they were completely swarmed by The Balance then well...I guess something has to be really wrong don't you guys think?

Second I guess Zeus members basically need to drop the WE ARE THE KINGS attitude..bullying noobs and acting like we are up there and we can do what we want is well...kinda ain't working anymore because you guys are simply the strongest red guild so your geeky attitude drives newbies to the kind and welcoming blue kingdom..the result? It's what you see in this week's A$$ KICKING guild war in which you lost the most important towns in server one so grow up and remember that you were low level noobs running around some day as well, didn't create your strong characters the way they are.

you guys need to help each other because when comparing red guilds to blue guilds red guilds care only about its strongest members while it treats the rest of its members like crap actually so BE NICE as it simple won't hurt you guys, some of the ^^ :) xD :D :-) Won't really kill you guys.

What makes people run to the blue guilds?

Well this is mainly because they treat them in a really nice way ( in other word treat em for who they are not for what equipment they have =.= ) and make em feel like the guild is their family which takes care of them and care about them...the result? Some of those noobs grow up to be really strong and loyal to their guild which leads to overpowering the other side and ehhh *cough* taking his server and stuff like that!!

PS: I am not saying that all reds are bad not all blues are blue I am talking that this side generally does this and that side generally does that.

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