Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I'M Lovin' It!!

Well folks first of all coolio is out :( which means that my everlasting tough competetor is gone...anyway he is happy so yah, hope you made the right choice my friend ;)

Anyway looks like Cm Dhar ran out of ideas himself about what the talented bloggers should be blogging about so while he was waching 101 dalmations which he likes a lot he got this brillinat idea, why don't I ask them wydians to write 101 reasons why they like to play WYD :S?!!! Well I don't intend ti embarass you my friend but tell me 101 things you like about your mother? Your father? Your best friend r wife if you were married @@? Well for me I love my mother simply because she is my mother, loves me and take care of me @@,and I guess this is applied to all sane human being on earth so for this MMORPG I have to write 101 reason o.O' Well I want that perfect stats armor piece ad the 20 laks and beside all this I never say no to challange :P

Okay Dhar you want 101 reasons why I like to play WYD?? Here you go xD!!!!

1. The only place where people actually do share water!!
2. A place with SPECIAL cuss words, HEY!! I am talking to YOU NB!!!
3. When you die here, you can ressurect or simply return to town
4. When you get hit here, all you have to do is press Q to use pots
5. When you stop eating for a week, your attack will just decrease
6. When you are hungry you can simply press bread or a chicken or even a pancake
7. The only place where all animals are hatched from eggs!!!
8. If you don't like someone you can simply kill him
9. The only place where a horse is in the shape of a chess piece
8. The place where mythological animals still exist
9. The place where a WILD mythological creature like the fenrir can be mounted like a ponny!!
10. A place in which if you don't like your character you can jus sell it
11. A place where you are who you say, I mean they can't see you can they?
12. A Place where you can look up to the latest fashion just by coloring your armors!!
13. A place were people still use armors and write blogs at the same time
14. A place where nerds own mostly kick a$$!!
15. A place to lock someone in a seal and sell him for in-game gold!!
16. A place where a sword is stronger when it has a higher +
17. The only online game which doesn't have a buddy list!!
18. A game in which you can go to bed and let you character still lvl up on its own
19. A place in which "waters" really make you stronger
20. A place in which you can increase your "strength" without working out
21. A place where people never use the toilet!!
22. A place when you can open a "shop" with the click of a button
23. A place where "weapons" are legal everywhere
24. A place where you can't walk!! You can just run
25. A place where you can be slashed by swords and yet not die
26. A game where people party you when you are stronger
27. A game where people simply kill you were you are weaker
28. A place where your hair can become really shiny
29. A place where you can place lots of animal in your pockets
30. A place in which monsters drop items
31. A place where instead of cab companies we have gripphin masters
32. A where skeletons and monsters are just normal things
33. A place where you can increase your "life" by wearring an earring
34. A place in which you can teleport instead of walk
35. A place in which you can go to the kingdom and simply kill the king
36. A place where you can summon monsters
37. A place where you can turn to a werewolf infront of people normally
38. A place where people can heal people ina jiff
39. A place where you can get rich by writing in blogs
40. A place where you can ressurect animals
41. A place where you can use a fairy to protect you from death
42. A place where you can use a fairy to increase your "experience"
43. A place where you can learn a skill just by clicking them
44. A place were monsters drop books..how educated!!
45. A place where salesperson never speak..at least aki never does lol
46. A place where all players leave their items with one guy and nobody nobody ever loses anything
47. A place where the same people have war every week
48. A place where I can kill you 30 times in1 day and you just keep coming back
49. A place where you can make a god class from a mortal
50. And a celestial character from a god class
51. And then you make a soul class character
52. A place where you can shout and the whole world hear you
53. A place where GMs can do anything
54. A game in which GMs really do soething
55. A game with CMs which spice it up
56. A game in which you don't lose all of your items when you die
57. A place where we all almost look the same
58. A world which is shut down for two hours every week
59. A world which is different every week
60. A place when you can know how much "life" you have left
61. A place where people can go invisible
62. A place where you get respect by having more than 6k melee dmg and 20k map
63. A game which is small and I just keep playing it!!
64. The smallest MMORPG in the world...LOOK AT OTHER GAMES!!
65. A place where you never run out of arrows
66. A place where you can fight monsters all night without breaking a sweat
67. A game where you don't need two hours to be able to login
68. A place in which you own everything when you have "coins"
69. A place where coins are very expensive
70. A place where people make many many millions everyday and are still poor!!
71. A place in which you can hold a 3 meters tall sword with one hand while riding a horse
72. A place in which you know when exactly your pet will die
73. A place where you pay taxes only on what you sell in shops
74. A place where citizens colect taxes and tae them
75. A place where street brawls are okay
76. A place where you can ride a pig :P6.75. A place where simply animals like cats and dogs dun exist while unicorns are common
76. A place where you can have more than 1 character and still not be called crazy
77. A place where you kill orcs when you are 1 day old
79. A place where wizards and witches roam freely
80. A place where capes give extra defence and hp
81. A place where you get frags when you kill people
82. A place where killing many people is considered a sign of strength
83. A place in which you get thrown out automatically when caught transpassing
84. A place where merchants never run out of stock, you want it they have it
85. A place where your clothes glow
86. A place where you can stand naked and nobody says anything
87. A place where a unicorn is considered a fancy ride
88. A place in which you can open a shop anywhere you want
89. A world in which swimming don't exist!!!!!
90. A place where ships never sail
91. A place where you can move from green class to snow in a blink
92. A place in which you can change your kingdom by bribing the king!!
93. A place in which you can buy a unicorn for 75 million gold pieces
94. A place in which you get warned that people kill each other in certain areas and you still go!!
95. A place where people can't wait for war
96. A place in which mount captor never sell mounts
97. A game in which hunting kinda sucks ( sorry but its the truth!! )
98. A place where you can go every day and never get bored
99. A place where you can have fun as much as you want and you still don't have to pay anything
100. A place where you can stand in town for two days like an idiot doing nothing
101. A place in which CMs ask players to say 101 reasons about why they like their game

Those were 101 reasons :P Week 2 prize I am coming!!!!


-Soloran- said...

st have read my mind about this or something.

MSTR-FOEMA said...

lol well they are 101 reasons so some of those might have been in your mind, that's why I posted that one first :P