Friday, September 5, 2008

Interview With MSTR-FOEMA!!!

Well while I was thinking who to introduce in this week's interview I was struck by a really weird idea...why don't I just interview myself!!! Actually, I guess many people wanna see me in one of those mock interviews too :P!! And as you all know I can only be interviewed by a GM/CM and up!!! So today the magic turns on the wizard everyone...I am going to make an interview with MSTR-FOEMA!!!! And since it would just be crazy if I talked to myself I am going to be interviewed by Mr. X!!!

Note: This interview is just for fun, they don't represent any of my opinions or my behavior, they are just here for a laugh nothing more :) And especially you chaos lol no offence really, read my other interviews to know what I mean, peace!!

Mr. X: We are really glad to have you here MSTR-FOEMA...many people have been looking forward for this interview ^^
MSTR-FOEMA: Yah okay but you still have to pay me 20k Wcoins for this interview @@!!!
Mr. X: *COUGH COUGH* yes of course, let us begin please
MSTR-FOEMA: No one is holding you =.=!!
Mr. X: Okay first of all, let's speak about the journal event...what do you think of the journal event?
MSTR-FOEMA: I think it is awesome and should be a permanent event as I am really beginning to enjoy it @@
Mr. X: That simple oO'??!
MSTR-FOEMA: What do you mean that simple :S?! What do you expect me to say?!?
Mr. X: Okay my bad, what do you think are your chances of winning in season 2 as well @@?? We all knew that you were one of the top 10 bloggers in season 1
MSTR-FOEMA: There is no chance of my winning..
Mr. X: Dude dun say that many people read your blog and..
MSTR-FOEMA: I mean I am certainly going to win!! Chances have nothing to do with this..
Mr. X: ( Yah right =.= ) well you kinda remind me of coolio..same humbleness =.=
MSTR-FOEMA: Well I am more humble than him!!!!!!
Mr. X: Yes that is obvious, anyway what are going to present to your readers this season @@??
MSTR-FOEMA: Well I tell them that more of my hilarious crap is you guys better watch out @@
Mr. X: The hilarious crap= your blog entries??
MSTR-FOEMA: that's the one
Mr. X: Yes is really crap anyway, what do you think of the..
MSTR-FOEMA: Come again...?
Mr. X: I said that your blog entries are just awesome..:D
MSTR-FOEMA: I thought I heard something else...was going to kick ur...
Mr. X: Yah right, What do you think of the other bloggers @@?
MSTR-FOEMA: Well they suck!!!
Mr. X: *Cough Cough* they suck..?
MSTR-FOEMA: Not really...the word is stink not suck!!
Mr. X: Oh really, what about you then..?
MSTR-FOEMA: I rock!!
Mr. X: I in all of the bloggers you are the only one who deserves the prize in your opinion @@?
MSTR-FOEMA: Well I mean look around you...all you see is crap for example...
MR. X: Please don't!!!
MSTR-FOEMA: Why not? I mean the dark domain..what is this lol the greatest summoner in history, the strongest MK in the universe ehh the start of something legendary and he used the word BESTEST!!! DAMN IT!!
Mr. X: Yah like you are so humble yourself!!!
MSTR-FOEMA: Well at least I dun but dd music on my blog..maybe he thinks that we are children and will piss in our pants when we hear dd music and read the scary name dark domain =.='!!
Mr. X: Well everyone has his own style :P
MSTR-FOEMA: Well yes true, now cough up the 20k coins cuz I wanna get goin!!
Mr. X: LOL 20k coins u think ur Eddie Murphy or something?? LOOL!!
MSTR-FOEMA: I am not Eddie don't have to be really brilliant to know that =.='!
Mr. X: Well who are you then @@?
MSTR-FOEMA: I am MSTR-FOEMA you stupid idiot!!
Mr. X: Well folks that was my interview with MSTR-FOEMA and..
MSTR-FOEMA: You won't publish this until I get my coins!!
Mr. X: It's 3k take it or leave it!!
MSTR-FOEMA: I will get you...mark my words!!!
Mr. X: We'll see :P

Hope you all liked it ^^ and again I say it..this doesn't represent the real me or my real opinions, just for the sake of a good laugh xD Good luck and have fun everyone ;)

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