Saturday, September 13, 2008

Okay Let's Face It!!!

Okay fellow bloggers your favorite CM Dhar made it clear, it came from "above" as people of higher authorities decided to be cruel to us by making cruel modifications to the contest and denying us of our dream weapons...but its okay really, we will survive!! I kinda hate repeating myself but this is the hottest topic right now. I kinda understand CM Dhar as I know that he has superiors too so he can't act with his own mind, inside him he is just like us, thinking that this is crap but unfortunately he has nothing to do ;( so dun be sad CM Dhar as we all know that you tried your best for us, but I guess they kind of don't appreciate the work we are doing so yah, I guess you guys and the "higher authorities" need to work on your communication, I mean no multi client thing and now this...try to talk to each other before making a decision =.='!!

Anyway the guys of "higher authorities" played it smart actually, they predicted our reactions and made their move...what would happen if we screw their reward??!? A smart fella rises up and says "they will weep for a couple of days and forget about it, sir!!" and his boss goes like not even all of them will weep heheheehe!! and in fact he was right as this is exactly what happened..cry for a few days then we are back and blogging.

If I was to look at the full half of the cup ( or the silver lining whatever u wan call it! ) I would say that this is better than nothing as we get laks and so so yah is good, but if I was to look at the bad side of it I would say that we were simply scammed, anyway to be honest the weekly reward is dope so if I say that the rewards suck I won't be really fair, I guess my only complaint is that 10 winners is too much for the number of participants but since I set foot I never leave so I am in till it's over, just if there was a season three I will make sure to read the rules very carefully.....

Anyway everyone who won an outstanding blog entry I say congratulations, you are a winner ^^!! Just sit back and relax and wait for the prize time, you won once and you deserve it.

Just wanna make a suggestion here that the judging system is kinda silly now since we have 10 winners number of weekly rewards and outstanding entries doesn't really matter LOL anyone who nearly broke a sweat at this is in the ten so no worries, I try make good daily entries for the laks and the perfect armor piece so yah, hope I dun wake up to find that the weekly reward is gone as well as the monthly.

Again CM Dhar I know that it ain't your call so no need to be sad about it, I love you man ^^ and congratz on your new look, your like change don't you xD


Cooldude21 said...

Gawd. haha. im quite certain now a WYDian Journal Season 3 wont happen anymore xD

well at least you've won an ancient before. hehe. (:

take it easy bro. haha.

MSTR-FOEMA said...

COOOLIOOOOOOOO how are you bro, really glad to have you commenting on my entries, journal event sucks without you bro ;(

Anyway even if they dun make a season 3 I dun really care, as you have read they wanna play with us, if they dun make season three then they dun need our work, actually i try keep amusing entries for them laks and completing my set.

Anyway bro good you haven't sold ur isis lol, I am going trade so I am looking for an ancnt 54 HB, if know sellers lemme know ;)

Hope to see more of your coments here bro and hope that you are fine xD