Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What Goes Around Comes Around!!!!!

Well before I begin I would like to make it clear that this has nothing to do with either Justin Timberlake's song or the topic of the week which the CMs suggested because actually I am having kind of a hard time with this event...it looks like the CMs are having a hard time as well!!!

Today I found out that sadly I haven't won this week as well which was a kind of disappointment to me actually as I was counting on the weekly reward to make it up for the lack of an appropriate monthly reward, in fact when I didn't win last week I said to myself that I didn't put a good effort in my entry and next week I will do better, in fact my entry about the WYD addiction was so good...my season three mechanics post had nothing very special about it but the WYD addiction one was very good so not winning really upset me. Anyway, I know that this depends on points of view as some people may see my entry as a bad entry but actually many people told me it was good so not winning brought up some serious question marks....I mean who knows, maybe I didn't win in order not to upset someone....? As we all know life is full of mysteries lol, of course that is beside the tons of ridiculous crap which took place in this screwed season of an event which has really gone bad :(

For me I use this to train my English and gain experience in the blogging field...winning or losing doesn't really matter a lot to me, it's just that I know people who read this blog and I hate to have them coming in here and finding yesterday's post still the same...Coming up with something to write about a GAME isn't easy actually, if it was general chatter I can go for years but this is actually way harder, it also looks like the CMs themselves are running out of ideas about what we should be blogging about!! I mean seriously, what goes around comes around and gossip WYDIAN....when they explain them the say figure what to write and how this topic works and that this isn't a topic....LOOOL. In other words this means "we are out of ideas people, write whatever!!" so actually this really really sucks, if they can't come up with two topics in a week then how the heck are we supposed to come up with 7 topics every week for two successive months?!! Actually I have talked about this a zillion times but hey, for me, it's all winning as I had fun, made an audience, learned new skills, gained more experience and knowledge and I mad a fortune in the game I loved so yah, haven't lost anything actually.

I dunno maybe my blogging sucks for them now but I guess all I have to do now is wait for my monthly reward ( I won 20 outstanding and one weekly this season ) and give a long kiss goodnight for the journal event and start blogging about a totally different thing ( I have time to keep up with one blog actually ) and get myself out of this cycle which has actually become boring..

Perhaps I am just saying this because I am upset...I hope I don't join coolio and be just a blog on the sidebar which was last updated weeks ago....

~~~Peace Out~~~

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