Monday, September 8, 2008

Season 2..WTH Is Goin On :S?!

Well since week one is coming to an end I decided that it would be nice if a start to write about the event for a while because recently I have noticed something really weird @@!!

When the event started I looked at the rewards and I was simply dazzled...I mean the rewards were big and they even added a weekly reward which is more than awesome, anyway when I looked at the monthly reward I remember that they were going to select 5 winners for the monthly reward which was +9 ancient god class weapon PERFECT stats+ 200 millions gold...I was like that's really AWESOME as you can win one of those marvelous weapons AND 200 millions of in-game gold, anyway I was looking at the rules today and hey guess what they were be selecting TEN winners instead of 5 for ancient +9 STATLESS god class weapon and 200 millions of in-game gold :S On that I have to comment because this is simply CRAP!!

First of all choosing 10 winners....why the heck do you guys have to choose TEN winners :S?!! I mean people who update their blog with an okay post every 3 days will be on of those ten :S Why do I have to keep my blog updated then :S?! I can simply update it twice a week about the selected posts for topic of the weeks and I have a shot at the weekly reward and the percentage that I become one of the top 10 winners of the monthly reward is well...BIG!! So many people can win big stuff with a really small effort..I say that is unfair.

Second what on earth are we supposed to do with +9 statless weps :S I mean definitely there will be sold to people who will try to imbue :S and that even isnt a good amount money...I mean I can make its price in a week of blogging if I win weekly as well :S so what is the "grand prize" in that :S?!!

In my opinion you guys should first make it 5 instead of 10 :S in the beginning they were three grand winners now they are TEN :S?! I mean TEN?? That's really a lot people, really a lot so basically if you guys insist on making them 10 and be unfair go ahead but at least remove the stupid ancient STATLESS weapon and add gold instead of it and make it a whole gold prize as that weapon statless is simply meaningless =.=" Basically let's look at season one, you guys told us what you have learned about season one, one of the things I learned and forgot to post in my blog entry was that in season one some people who updated their blog like 5 times were in the top ten winners and they got the same reward as people who updated their blog DAILY so really guys....unfair at all because this isn't kinder garden here where all get trophies, this is real life folks, they should be 5 spots for +9 ancient god class weapon perfect states+200 mills. The winners are five if you want in SHOW us in your blog otherwise take the laks and consider them enough @@

Please CMs I know you guys wanna make this one easy so many players can blog but making it too easy will just kill it and "scare away the big fish" please make the grand prize really grand and don't make this an easy shot competition because this is really killing it...

Winners are the top three and some people look at the top five but ten...just more than it can hold I say

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cm dhar said...

there is a slight misunderstanding with the operation team and with the community managers.. keep in mind that we will follow whats written and announced on the CM's lair and not with the official site. Im doing the necesseary measures to avoid the confusion about the prizes. you can talk to cooldude about it since i already explained about this matter to him..

thank you and have a good day