Saturday, September 27, 2008

Weirder Than Fiction!! ( part 1 )

Well my perfect readers today I would like to share a story with yall which well...might sound kinda weird, but after considering I guess you guys might like it :P It's simply a sort of my autobiography in this game :P I had some weird stuff happening to me so I guess sharing it can be fun :P Enjoy...

When I first heard about WYD from one of my in-game friend in SD I actually didn't believe it..he said auto killing mode and high drop rates and I was like this dude has totally lost it. Anyway, I logged the main website and as soon as I set eyes on its beautiful design and eye catching animations I felt that something good might be going on here, I created my account and began to play...taking the opportunity to try new classes.

My first character was a MK, I have always wanted to try one so I felt that the time was now and I should be trying it, I leveled to like lvl 78 and then I was starting to get bored so I started a foema, I did a blk mage then I took a battle mage from a friend of mine, then one of my friends cut me a good deal, he offered to give me a MK lvl 160 as I remember in exchange for some items in old SD which was falling apart and about to close, I agreed and took the MK and then...things started happening fast...

After taking that MK I leveled it and joined a guild which was called Babarians, it had many people from SD and I was actually happy there, in that guild there was a character named MasterDwarf, for your surprise that MasterDwarf was -Jock- !!!!!! He was actually more human then, anyway we decided to swap my MK for his hunter and after doing this I started to focus on my hunter and lvling it to 351, I was happy actually but unfortunately I stopped playing the game for like 8 month...when I came back I noticed something weird..

After logging some of the accounts I noticed that the exp boxes were tradeable!!!! They were also sold for 15 mils each!!!! I collected them from my accounts and I found out that I had 9 of them o.O'!!! I wanted to sell them but I couldn't until the "claw incident" took place :P

One dude was selling ancnt talon of taron 54 dmg base and as saying that he is selling cheap, I pmed him and started offering him exp boxes he wanted 8 but he finally settled for 7, I took the claw and I was more than happy as this was my first ancnt weapon xD, I started to enjoy hunting with it so I decided to keep on trading stuff...while I was walking in azran town some guy offered me ancnt HB +9 36 dmg base + 5 laks for my claws which were +7 actually...claws were hard to sell as they are restricted to trade hunters so I accepted and took the bow, I thought it was going to make my life easier but in fact it didn't make that much of a difference...

After a while I started to get broke so I thought about selling everything and making a new WickedSnake BM like the one back in SD, I began to sell my armors and my HB, I wanted 150 mils for it but I would even settle for 120, then that guy came to me saying that he wanna buy my HB, I preferred to let him offer so I would try and get up to my surprise he made a very weird offer!!!!

-To Be Continued-

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