Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Wydian's Journal...Expect The Unexpected!!

Well they ask us to tell you guys about what to expect in season two of the journal event..well here is what to be expecting from me :P

1- The latest hacks and cracks for your own pleasure

2- Links to the top websites which sell in game items for real cash

3- How to "hack under the radar"

4- New ways of scamming people

*cough cough* well if you believed any of the above then you are obviously an idiot!!! ( no offence lol ) because as you guys know it's not smart to run from the "police"....and the police here of course refers to WYD police AKA GMs :P!!! They will track you down and present you to justice..not mentioning the fact that I actually dunno how to do any of the listed things lol...if you were a hacker/scammer go to Cooldude21's blog!!! Click here to go there!!!!!!!!! As you have noticed this have sent you directly to the CMs "lair" so they can deal with you in the way which seems appropriate to them because CM Aruman made it clear folks...they are watching us @@!!

Now enough kidding and lets get serious @@...you guys wanna know what to expect from us in season two of WYDIAN's Journal...so I will speak about some of the tough bloggers out there, tell you what to expect from me and what I predict they will be offering us in the new season of your favorite blogging event xD

First of all lets speak a little about the fellow bloggers...who are they and what are they famous for because if you wanna make it you need to have your own style..imitating won't get you anywhere as people can tell the difference between the original and the copy, but to be honest copying what others do may win you few laks if that what you are after but to hit the jack pot..you need to do better that that.

Here are the top five bloggers of season one as listed in the Official Blog Of WYD Community Managers I will write about them in the arrangement in which they were in the CMs blog:

1- Cooldude21

Well coolio is really one of my best in-game friends and he is just one of the toughest bloggers out there..he is a nature BM mortal and now he is a god class hunter who is making his way to the top pretty fast...Coolio's blog mixes between nicely edited pictures and rich text...so basically you will enjoy what you see and what you read, he don't just add pictures because no matter how nice the pictures are the blog means ermmm WRITING not just adding pictures so yah. This blog sure contains a lot of variety yah, well done bro ^^


Well that's me lol, dunno what to say about me but from what people in-game tell me I am hoping that you guys like what I do ^^

3- -Soloran-

Now Soloran is one of the blogggers who were there from the very beginning of week 1 in the first season...his guides are really helpful and his blogging skills are unquestionable, his newbie's guide to everything can be considered the noob's heaven as they can find answers to all questions which might pop to their minds..watch out fellow bloggers as -Soloran- is here to stay

4- claire

Well claire's blog is simply a guide to pros...I guess it should be named "pros guide for everything" as he speaks about stuff that will cross your mind for sure like why god class MK use wand and axe?? How to make a celestial character?? What are the advantages of a celestial?? and much more questions which have definitely crossed your mind, pretty organized and leaves nothing unanswered, I go read it when I need advice on some stuff lol

5- Yu-Gi-Oh

Yes he is named after that animation character yugi who is supposed to be ehhhh..dunno really a pharaoh playing dark card ancient game sort of thing? Anyway who cares about that :S!!! This blog is just simple..so reading it is just a good way to pass time yah..I dun really know this guy but all I know is that Yu-Gi-Oh is an operator for global academy ( I mean the one from WYD not the animation LOL )

What I am offering you guys in season 2 and what I predict the other bloggers will come up with shall be discussed in the rest of this entry tomorrow, stay tuned in for more :P

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-Soloran- said...

I like how you always make someone wait for the next day to keep reading and catch someones attention. Anyways, im game for the SS of all the winners from season one as i posted in cooldudes blog.

but thanks for the compliment. I dont know if i missed you in my post about you guys in first season. But im coming around with a new fasion of blogging for you guys coming up. I try to write all my blogs ahead of time and post them on certain days. Due to the fact that I might not have enough time to write an entire blog in a single day. :D