Sunday, December 21, 2008

Unfolding The Mystery....An Interview With -Chaos-

Well today I got one hot interview for you guys :P As yall have seen not a very long ago we had a very UNUSUAL CS behavior as he did actually cuss out loud using shouts on a CS char!! Of course due to this Ex CS England AKA -Chaos- was removed from the CS team...but what really happened? What caused a CS who passed all the CS tests and interviews to act the way he did? Well the best way to find out is by asking him ;) We all know about him being hacked and stuff like that, but let's hear it from him xD

WickedSnake: Okay let's start from beginning to end

-Chaos-: Yes but let me start by saying it wasn't the people who knew my pass, I can trust them with anything and I was right.

WickedSnake: Ya so it wasn't because of multipilots

-Chaos-: Well basically I was happily playing and went for a quick snack, I came back to see that I have DCed, I relogged and found out that I DCed someone...I logged in and found out that -Chaos- was heart stopped

WickedSnake: Well that's spooky

-Chaos-: I accessed the char and in his inventory was nothing but one item...

WickedSnake: Which was..?

-Chaos-: A spirit seal!!
WickedSnake: OMG!!

-Chaos-: Yes OMG...he tried to log again so I kept logging in as fast as I could to keep the hacker out
WickedSnake: Wa

-Chaos-: While I told pete to change password

WickedSnake: Who is pete??

-Chaos-: My cousin, IGN -Morphisis-and then I reported and before I know the account is locked, it stayed locked for over a week

WickedSnake: What did they tell you?

-Chaos-: Well basically saying servers you right for share
WickedSnake: What does that mean :S?!?!

-Chaos-: Well my and pete are both pilot so somehow they assumed that we hacked each other, anyway a couple of days later they told me that they have found the stuff
WickedSnake: That's nice so you got all your stuff back

-Chaos-: Yes thanks God

WickedSnake: Well what caused you to login your CS account and do what you did??

-Chaos-: Well it was due to my outbrast of pure RAGE, I go boxing ever night, I almost broke my wrist that night!!

WickedSnake: LOL chilll out dawgggg

-Chaos-: Ya the poor bag

WickedSnake: Dude you are supposed to be a pilot

-Chaos-: We have anger too xD

WickedSnake: Yes but have some self control

-Chaos-: and now sick leave

WickedSnake: What the GMs tell you about the hacker? Who was he? How did he do it?

-Chaos-: They told me very little

WickedSnake: Well tell us xD

-Chaos-: They told me that the IP address was probably from Egypt and the stuff had been traded many times so they were hard to trace

WickedSnake: Good that you got everything back

-Choas-: Yes in fact I did celebrate this by upgrading the most item that I like in game xD

WickedSnake: Wow that's nice ^^

-Chaos-: Thank you xD How do you feel about the Griffen event?

WickedSnake: Well I think it kinda sucks cuz the mechanism could have been better lol

-Chaos-: Ya I guess am going to win battle royal, I got so many medals that I had to empty my inventory like twice lol
WickedSnake: That's nice, I think the registry mechanism could have been better

-Chaos-: Well battle royal is bad

WickedSnake: Well since you are known to be a pro hunter, give us some hunting tips :P

-Chaos-: Well dun afk hunt, hunting while you are online gives much better results, also try and hunt monsters that are worth it

WickedSnake: Well I got to go now, thanks for the interview

-Chaos-: My pleasure

Well it was obvious for everyone that chaos made a mistake when he used his CS account for a personal cause, anyway he admitted that he acted wrongfully when he did this ad that he deverved to be expelled from the CS team...admitting it when you are wrong is a sign of a good person...anyway -Chaos- glad that you got your stuff back and wish you all luck xD

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Episode IV.....AT LAST!!!

Well at last and after lots of anticipation Episode IV is here xD In fact it was launched in a very suitable time killing all the rumors about WYD global closing and stuff, people were actually afraid that WYD global would die the way SD MY did, but luckily Episode IV came to get rid of such rumors for good, in fact Episode IV is supposed to be a big patch which balances the classes and insert some higher item upgrades and lotsa new stuff, anyway Episode IV had some MAJOR updated that everyone is talking about from the noobest mortals to the highest lvl players, we shall review those one by one in here ;)

1. Mana control becomes mana shield

Well news of that one before the launch of the patch sure made a bang as everyone amazingly agreed one one mages are screwed!! That caused many people to seal the blk foemas and try to sell 'em, anyway when Episode IV arrived I realized that the skill description was wrong =.= In fact mana shield didn't really add def but it gave AD property ;) The damage you receive takes a small part of your HP and the rest is deduced from your mana, which means that mana almost counts in your HP as well, try hitting a pure int blk mage and you'll understand what I mean, you need to be super pro magic attacker to cause like 1k dmg on them lol, as for battle and blood mages I guess the AD is way more more better than the 1 or 2k max hp theu received, also this caused lots of blk mages to lower their int and add some in con which decreased their formidably high MAP into something more reasonable, so as for me I guess mana control was a wise call ya. Anyway not all people agree on this, especially blk mages as this will cause them to lower their int and therefore lowering their attk as well into a more reasonable value ( I mean 32k :S?! )

2. Major alteration in hunter skills

Well those updates were AWESOME, too bad I had sold my lvl 40 cele HT before the patch ;( if not I would have kept it for sure cuz hunter now kicks a$$!! Survival and capture especially are so cool, dun really like trade now @@ Anyway those modifications put the hunter back in the game as a respective class as before the patch it was really left out and considered weak, also that dex now adds some dmg makes dex built hunters work, well done xD

3. Armors, accessories upgrades

Spirit stones can be upgraded even more and can have stats like reisitance and critical, I guess that should keep players busy for some time ;) Also earrings can now be upgraded till +11 @@ that should open the way to higher HPs especially as many people actually use HP earrings, can't wait to get mine to +10 ( + 11 so hard as you can't use lucky powders T.T ) as for the new armor stats from boxes I am totally against that, this means that people who had perfect sets and made em as far as +11 would now have to get newer sets =.= I would be really pissed if I was one of those people, anyway the addition of those 28/63 mortal weps in boxes can make players way more powerful and we can have more imbued stuff so I guess the weapons thing is nice xD Anyway they should make 32/72 weps more droppable so hunting would have a meaning lol

4. 8th Skill Price Change

Mortals 5 mils, god class 10 mils, celestials and soul 50 mils...that's what am talkin' about!! I mean how was a mortal supposed to save up 50 mils to pay for his 8th skill :S now all mortals can enjoy playing and getting their 8th, I believe that is one of the coolest updates in the new patch xD

They also gave us a NPC so we can reset points for 2 oris if we need two, anyway this will only be lastin for a week so you better huste if you wanna change something lolz

As for me I do LIKE what Episode IV came up with.Anyway, we hope to see this game getting better and better xD

Sunday, November 23, 2008

If they can't fix it..then it's not broken!!

Hello once again WYDIANS, today I am speaking about community fact I dun really have much to say, I just want to let you guys know that we are here to help xD If you ever need help with anything try to find a CS as helping you guys and easing your game experience is our job ^^ You guys need to know that we can't give any items ;( so asking for them is kind of a waste of time, anyway if you have questions or suggestions find us and we will do our best to make sure it reaches the CMs and the GMs

That is about it for now, later peeps ^^

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Keep Him In Ur Pocket ;)

Yah I mean CM Dhar :P As yall know CM Dhar loves us so much that he felt in-game interaction and emails aren't enough so he added the...Plurk thingy!! Actualy at first I didn't know what this plurk was, but as a community scout I needed to do it because we ehh..we had to!! LOL!! Seriously, by signing up at Plurk you can directly contact CMs!! Live chat, actually the are available there most of the time, CM Dhar said he even checks it from his mobile phone!!! So it's CM Dhar with you everywhere, all the time ;) For being honest, this application will seem weird and akward for you at the begining, but the great assistance it provides is unquestionable as I am able to reach Cm Dhar almost anytime...beleive me email is a no match for this, so all what you have to do is go to Plurk, sign up for an account which roughly takes like 20 secs, then add CMs there to ur friends and have 'em in your pocket ;)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

They Are Here Baby!!

That's right folks, the scouts are in the house :P This means direct live in-game help and an insurance that your suggestions are to be heard ;) I'd like to take a moment to congratulate the scouts who passed the training period and gained the title "Community Scout" it was a really long and exhausting testing period so I bet all the people who passed are so happy ^^ hard luck for those who didn't make it.....

Anyway since we haven't received our special accounts yet we are still operating from our normal chars, but instead of CS TRAINEE tag msg we will have a Community Scout tab msg ;) most of the time they are to be found on all servers so when you need one I'm sure that you will be able to find one ;) as for not receiving our accounts yet I guess yall need to go spam CM Dhar :P Yall also need to check out the forum which miraculously turned from a dead abandoned forum to a very busy and active forum, whenever you log in there is always new, go check it out. Also if you want a direct live contact with CM Dhar you should add him at the "Plurk thingy"!! For those of you who dunno what the "Plurk Thingy" is I tell you it's like the robot thingy!! If you dunno what the robot thingy is I can tell you that this Plurk enables you to directly chat with CM Dhar, I guess I will be writing about the "Plurk thingy" tomorrow I guess, until then take care and have fun yall..

~Peace Out..

Sunday, November 16, 2008

They Are Comin' Baby!!

The community scouts are on their way homy :P Today is the last day of training and the official scout list shall soon be revealed, this means that all freshman can get direct live support at all servers, well I ain't the biggest MMORPG expert out there but I haven't heard of any other MMORPG which has such huge customer support, I mean we have GM in their 24/7 Q & A system, we have CMs, operators and now we have community scouts...the point is whenever u have a problem you will find someone you can talk to either in-game or through the Q & A system..

Well basically I dun really know what to blog about!! I mean I have many things to write about if this was journal event but I dunno exactly what to blog regarding the choosing of Community scouts @@!!! I thought about making guiding guides for newbies but as I said before this blog is up for months already so I have tons of guides and much more on my blog already, you should be checking guides that were written in August, they are the first articles from the bottom up of the list, you need to check 'em out as they will prove how useful they are. Anyway, since I am supposed to write something fresh today I am going to tell yall about community scouts........

Basically those people with CS TRAINEE tag over their heads and who the future community scouts will be chosen from, so if you see one you need to know a few they can't give you god packs or money or laks or waters or any other items, they do their best to answer your questions, guide you and support you as much as they can, so if you need anything approach them and ask your question and they will be more than happy to answer it.

Some bad thing I noticed today from a high lvl cele player ( won't mention his name ) to one of the trainees ( won't mention his name either!! ) was this....that player ( whose lvl is higher than 120 ) approaches the CS, make fun of him and ask him some stuff like how to unlock lvl 120 cele =.='!! The trainee told him to wait for a second until he gets the info for him, that player told him "dun tell me to wait, if you dunno then why are u a CS" then he kept telling him how sucky he was, then he laughed at him and went away, the point is this guy already knows the answer of this question and he also knows that the trainee haven't done lvl 120 unlock before ( how many ppl in-game did =.= ) and that he will need some time to get the required information so he basically tries to embarrass him. He probably thinks that this is funny, although it's rude he thinks it's funny, the point isn't that he asked how to unlock lvl 120 celestial but is that he didn't even wanna wait for a minute till he can answer him, he did this for embarrassing the trainee only. That trainee might not be important for a celestial whose lvl is more than 120 but for many other people it's important and helpful so scaring them off isn't a good idea, those are human beings as well and they are here to help you so try to be nice. As for me I have never encountered such thing as all players who approached me were kind and polite and helping them was a source of joy for me, anyway this is my last blog post as a trainee, wether I pass the test or not I will probably talk to you guys again in journal event ;) so good luck and take care xD

~ CS Trainee WickedSnake ~

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Learning The Basics...

Well I have already blogged for new comers so I kinda dunno what else to blog about...if you are new here you need to check out this article where you will find lots of things to get you familiar with the game including character builds and also start the graveyard quest to get you started ;)

My role as a training Community Scout and hopefully a future community scout is to help WYDIANS throughout the game so if you ever need help feel free to contact me in game or through WYD forum.....

Now if you are an English or Arabic speaker feel free to contact me with any of those languages, also I can understand French if either Enlish or Arabic suits ya :P as I will be more than happy to help you. That should be it for today, I hope you enjoy the guides which will help you choose a class then start with your quests ;)

Friday, November 14, 2008

CS In The Making ^^

Wzzup peeps :P.......have to admit it.....long time no see ^^

Anyway today I won't be blogging as a part of WYDIANS journal today I am blogging as a part of my Community Scout training which qualifies me to be a community scout ;)

As you all know I have always been eager to change this community to the better, trying to do this through blogging ( and Dr. Wicked section!!! :P ) was good but simply not enough, today I am applying for a position which will give me some authority and formality to make me able of making a more direct change to the community ^^ It's the difference between the good Samaritan and the police officer if I might say :P

Anyway I'd rather cut through the long, boring and unnecessary introduction as I have already blogged here for more than two month so this blog is already full and alive xD

So basically if you are a WYDIAN this blog is for you, here you can read about anything related to WYD, since this blog is already up and running for some time you will find lotsa fun stuff to read ^^ If you are new here and dunno what WYD is I can tell you that it is what you want!! It's a place where you can play, chat, make friends and much more, a game with a live community, dedicated work team and never the same...always have new events and weekly updated so playing and fun here are unlimited....if you are a game-lover ( especially online games and MMORPGs ) then you need to check out my first encounter with WYD as I think most gamers are looking for the same things in a game :P

That's it fo today, talk to you guys tomorrow ;)

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hackers Go Die!!

What's cracklackin' WYDIANs :P Today we put hackers under the spotlight, or let's just say people who bend the rules cuz while I was looking through my SS file I found some stuff that you guys might find amusing :P!!!

Scene#1 A Normal Day In Armia PK Zone....

As you all can see it was a normal day in Armia PK area with fellow WYD PKing themselves to death as usual, beside some language nothing illegal or awkward takes place here right? WRONG!! Look at OunSray and Brazz whose names are found in a blue rectangle...

Scene#2 Somethin' Smells A Lil' Fishy!!

Ermm by looking at he receiving dmg o.O'? Dunno maybe I am dizzy or something so let's make sure folks!!! Moving on to scene 3 :P

Scene#3 Could this be 4 real @@?

By Looking at Brazz it is obvious that he is being PKed By OunSray while OunSray is in Armia PK area and Brazz is in ehh...Armia Town :S?!

Scene#4 Hell Ya It Is!!!

Now as all can see Brazz dude isn't being PKed as he is already dead!!! Where? He was killed in Armia Town...Is this fair :S?! Hell no as you all can see this is no joke, imagine your feeling when someone is hitting you where you can't reach him...I guess it feels like crap so when anyone sees anything like this he should be reporting GMs in order to keep our community hackers-free. Believe me if such stuff spreads the game will eventually become like crap...we dun wanna have another SD-Screw up here please. In the Image below you can also see another guy doing the same thing...disgusting actually!!!

I guess since all those guys are doing this from the same exact corner there might be a bug there which needs fixing or something, dunno if those ss are much of an evidence but I guess GMs need to go bust and arrest some people who are trying to fly below the WYD radar :P

Monday, September 29, 2008

Weirder Than Fiction!! ( part 2 )

250 MILLION!!!!! said the blessed guy as his offer for my 36 dmg ancnt HB!!! Behind my computer screen I was like "HELLLLLLLLL YA!!" But I actually didn't want him to feel that he was offering too much so I was like "emmmm" then a 3 secs pause then I said that it was okay!! Suddenly I moved from scratch to a quarter of a bil!!! After getting this money I created my precious WickedSnake as a beastmaster and decided to go on and level it, I bought its items, made +9 and while I was still doing the boring god's garden quest I was given the chance to do another leap....

While I was strolling in armia town that day looking in shops I found a sweet girl named Zafira...she said that she was selling a god class MK lvl 351, after a lil chat I found out that she was selling it for....120 mils!!!! After doing a small calculation of the costs of lvling my mortal to lvl 400, buying a god class package and then lvling my god class to lvl 351, getting last skill and that of course is in addition to time I found out that this was DAMN CHEAP!!!! I said yes and became the happy owner of that MK xD

This was actually this first god class character I have ever had in my life so I was soooo happy, anway after trying it I found out a very painful fact...MK suck at CC mode and since this char+ Wicked's items ate up all my money I had to make more money fast...that was when MSTR-FOEMA came around :P I was in armia when I met the owner of MSTR-FOEMA who have always wanted to be a god class MK ( what a coincidence :P!! ) so eventually a swap was made+ a fee for the lvl difference and the last skill which wasn't very hefty but actually foemas were easier to sell and more fun to play and honestly I thought that this would be my final character...but actually I was wrong :P

At that time SicK-NastY recruited me in Bushido which is as we all know was cannibal's guild then became Apothic's guild then eventually they all left and the guild disappeared from the entire existence!! Anyway Apothic really helped lvl this char and then another fortunate event came which was the journal event ;) Journal event actually helped me gain a lot whether in WYD or outside WYD as I took a good idea of blogging which was something that I have always wanted to explore...journal event helped me make money and lvl then I was bored of black mage and decided to make it a battle mage so I reseted and bought the armors and my 8th and then another leap was on its way :P

The guy who sold me MSTR-FOEMA had a celestial hunter....he liked the new MSTR-FOEMA and wanted to buy it...eventually we reached a very good deal which was MSTR-FOEMA+240 mils+4 water M+ 5 laks for his celestial Hunter lvl 40 which was called Concordia before...again calculating the expenses of lvling to 400 and then making a celestial and lvling it to lvl 40 I found myself a lvl 40 celestial Hunter with my old name WickedSnake and so far that is still me :P

As you guys have seen wise trading and trying to get good deals can get you very far away without having to pay a fortune...It's actually 20% skill and 80% luck, anyway I kinda thought that my story in this game was kinda weird so I wanted to share it with you guys ^^ Hope yall found it useful :)

PS: Ermm today when I looked at the date in which season 2 was going to end It was the 7th of October but now looks like it was moved to the end of the month...did we have new modification =.='? Because I was being lazy because I thought it was ending ON THE 7TH OF OCTOBER!! If you guys have moved it then I have lost another chance of participating in the weekly topic...zzz

Anyway I was actually planing a hot topic that you guys will definetely like :P I am just waiting till I have the time to write it ;) Sadly as the year moves on I get more and more busy so I kinda am trying to keep up.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Weirder Than Fiction!! ( part 1 )

Well my perfect readers today I would like to share a story with yall which well...might sound kinda weird, but after considering I guess you guys might like it :P It's simply a sort of my autobiography in this game :P I had some weird stuff happening to me so I guess sharing it can be fun :P Enjoy...

When I first heard about WYD from one of my in-game friend in SD I actually didn't believe it..he said auto killing mode and high drop rates and I was like this dude has totally lost it. Anyway, I logged the main website and as soon as I set eyes on its beautiful design and eye catching animations I felt that something good might be going on here, I created my account and began to play...taking the opportunity to try new classes.

My first character was a MK, I have always wanted to try one so I felt that the time was now and I should be trying it, I leveled to like lvl 78 and then I was starting to get bored so I started a foema, I did a blk mage then I took a battle mage from a friend of mine, then one of my friends cut me a good deal, he offered to give me a MK lvl 160 as I remember in exchange for some items in old SD which was falling apart and about to close, I agreed and took the MK and then...things started happening fast...

After taking that MK I leveled it and joined a guild which was called Babarians, it had many people from SD and I was actually happy there, in that guild there was a character named MasterDwarf, for your surprise that MasterDwarf was -Jock- !!!!!! He was actually more human then, anyway we decided to swap my MK for his hunter and after doing this I started to focus on my hunter and lvling it to 351, I was happy actually but unfortunately I stopped playing the game for like 8 month...when I came back I noticed something weird..

After logging some of the accounts I noticed that the exp boxes were tradeable!!!! They were also sold for 15 mils each!!!! I collected them from my accounts and I found out that I had 9 of them o.O'!!! I wanted to sell them but I couldn't until the "claw incident" took place :P

One dude was selling ancnt talon of taron 54 dmg base and as saying that he is selling cheap, I pmed him and started offering him exp boxes he wanted 8 but he finally settled for 7, I took the claw and I was more than happy as this was my first ancnt weapon xD, I started to enjoy hunting with it so I decided to keep on trading stuff...while I was walking in azran town some guy offered me ancnt HB +9 36 dmg base + 5 laks for my claws which were +7 actually...claws were hard to sell as they are restricted to trade hunters so I accepted and took the bow, I thought it was going to make my life easier but in fact it didn't make that much of a difference...

After a while I started to get broke so I thought about selling everything and making a new WickedSnake BM like the one back in SD, I began to sell my armors and my HB, I wanted 150 mils for it but I would even settle for 120, then that guy came to me saying that he wanna buy my HB, I preferred to let him offer so I would try and get up to my surprise he made a very weird offer!!!!

-To Be Continued-

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Interview With Lil Bro!!!

Well WYDIANs today I have finished all of my assignments and am having a sour throat ;( it really hurts actually as I was feeling that I was going sick since yesterday, anyway I found myself logging to blogger and updating my fact blogging is fun, that is a fact I have to admit, when people I dunno come to me and tell me they loved this article or that essay it just feels great, to write something and know that people turn on their computers and read it is just a magical feeling, in my opinion, that is the magic of blogging, what makes blogging a fun thing to do.

Anayway I am trying not to obligtate myself of updating my blog daily but as long as the time is available there should be no problem ^^

In the beginning I was going to write about hacking in wyd ( as I have some really interesting ss of some famous guild members shooting arrows through walls!!!!! ) but I was kinda lazy to switch to laptop as I was doing something on my bro's desktop so I thought why not interview him @@?!! He is a low lvl newbie blk mage so I thought that it would be nice to know how the newbie's of WYD feel and think of the new events @@ my bro is 10 years old and he was happy when I told himn that we were making that interview xD

WickedSnake: Good to have you here ^^

LilBro: Thank you thank you ^^ I am really happy that I am being interviewed xD

WickedSnake: Yes I would be glad to make sure that you get heard :)

LilBro: Okay let's begin

WickedSnake: First of all, tell us about your character....

LilBro: Well its a blk mage called Julianna which I got from you actually, its now lvl 301 ^^

WickedSnake: That's nice :) how are the lvling quests?

LilBro: Well I think they should increase the experience we get from items which drop from monsters ;(

WickedSnake: What makes you say that @@?

LilBro: Well it takes me a very long time to lvl :( if the experience was higher we could level faster ^^

WickedSnake: Maybe they should consider this, what else bugs you about leveling quests @@?

LilBro: They PK me ;(!!!!

WickedSnake: LOL I don't think that can be solved, you need to be strong so you can pk them back ;)

LilBro: I will xD

WickedSnake: How do you make money in game??

LilBro: I hunt scraps, make powders and sell 'em

WickedSnake: That's nice

LilBro: I also run in desert and take items which drop from afk players and sell them ^^

WickedSnake: That's a nice one. How are the events going with you?

LilBro: I wish they have events like they had in SD before it go bad...

WickedSnake: Like....?

LilBro: There was that "The god have gone crazy" event, it was really fun ^^

WickedSnake: Yes I remember this one, when they had monsters outside armia dropping exp chests, powders and water M, that was really fun xD

LilBro: Yes people enjoyed it

WickedSnake: I dun think they ca have such thing here due to CC Mode

LilBro: Yah...

WickedSnake: Okay what are you current ambitions in this game??

LilBro: I wan reach lvl 351 *-*

WickedSnake: COUGH yah how ambiotious...!!

LilBro: Then I wanna make god class character xD

WickedSnake: Okay lil bro, is there something that bugs you in this game @@?

LilBro: Yes people tell me bad words....

WickedSnake: What do you mean.....?

LilBro: They cuss me and I take SS but I dunno what to do with em ;(

WickedSnake: Why you haven't told me LOL I would be more than glad to get some chat bans tonight!!!!

LilBro: Thanks ^^

WickedSnake: Anything you would like to tell WYDIANs before we finish??

LilBro: Yes I would like to tell them to watch out because Julianna is coming!!!!!!!

WickedSnake: Yah....=.='!!!

That was it, interview with a real WYD newbie, a beginner's mind from the inside. Hope yall liked it ^^

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What Goes Around Comes Around!!!!!

Well before I begin I would like to make it clear that this has nothing to do with either Justin Timberlake's song or the topic of the week which the CMs suggested because actually I am having kind of a hard time with this looks like the CMs are having a hard time as well!!!

Today I found out that sadly I haven't won this week as well which was a kind of disappointment to me actually as I was counting on the weekly reward to make it up for the lack of an appropriate monthly reward, in fact when I didn't win last week I said to myself that I didn't put a good effort in my entry and next week I will do better, in fact my entry about the WYD addiction was so season three mechanics post had nothing very special about it but the WYD addiction one was very good so not winning really upset me. Anyway, I know that this depends on points of view as some people may see my entry as a bad entry but actually many people told me it was good so not winning brought up some serious question marks....I mean who knows, maybe I didn't win in order not to upset someone....? As we all know life is full of mysteries lol, of course that is beside the tons of ridiculous crap which took place in this screwed season of an event which has really gone bad :(

For me I use this to train my English and gain experience in the blogging field...winning or losing doesn't really matter a lot to me, it's just that I know people who read this blog and I hate to have them coming in here and finding yesterday's post still the same...Coming up with something to write about a GAME isn't easy actually, if it was general chatter I can go for years but this is actually way harder, it also looks like the CMs themselves are running out of ideas about what we should be blogging about!! I mean seriously, what goes around comes around and gossip WYDIAN....when they explain them the say figure what to write and how this topic works and that this isn't a topic....LOOOL. In other words this means "we are out of ideas people, write whatever!!" so actually this really really sucks, if they can't come up with two topics in a week then how the heck are we supposed to come up with 7 topics every week for two successive months?!! Actually I have talked about this a zillion times but hey, for me, it's all winning as I had fun, made an audience, learned new skills, gained more experience and knowledge and I mad a fortune in the game I loved so yah, haven't lost anything actually.

I dunno maybe my blogging sucks for them now but I guess all I have to do now is wait for my monthly reward ( I won 20 outstanding and one weekly this season ) and give a long kiss goodnight for the journal event and start blogging about a totally different thing ( I have time to keep up with one blog actually ) and get myself out of this cycle which has actually become boring..

Perhaps I am just saying this because I am upset...I hope I don't join coolio and be just a blog on the sidebar which was last updated weeks ago....

~~~Peace Out~~~

Monday, September 22, 2008

WYD..A Game And Beyond!!

Well today I would like to talk about a different side of WYD...beside being a game WYD ( and all other online games ) can have a cultural benefit because in an MMORPG you can deal with people without actually seeing them...this means that stereotype won't get to you as you have no idea who are those people and this actually gives you a chance to know who people really are because in this game you people like from all over the world giving you the chance to correct your thoughts about so many countries and races because ignorance and stereotype are the two faces for the ugly coin of racism...I say that we all need to communicate more with each other in order to understand each other more because there are actually so many people in the world and you mostly interact with people who live around you so getting to interact with people who live in different countries with different cultures can be a a really enriching experience as I actually had many of those online friendships with people who I really came to respect, the latest example for this actually was Cooldude...

I actually knew coolio by plain accident lol, when the journal evet first started coolio actually made a "strong entrance" so I was actually eager to know who this guy was as I have never seen him in game before. Anyway, Coolio had this contest on his blog about what class was his character...I answered correctly and won three laks so in order to receive it we had to find each other in game, many times I be afk sleeping and coolio leaves me a !msg and when I get back on he is gone until one day we finally met, that was the day when I interviewed coolio, in fact I really enjoyed this interview as cooldude is actually a very fun guy to speak with, we shared our opinions concerning many things and from that day on we became in-game friends who care to help and support each other whether this was in-game or through blogging, me and coolio tried to be there for each other...Although we had different different opinions we had a common ground on which we were able to communicate with each other and the most important thing was that...we actually respected each other. The most important thing that we all need is respect..when you treat sane people with respect they treat you the same way ( well the people who dun do this are the ones who appear on Dr. Wicked!! LOOL ) so be nice to people and their brighter side shall appear to you ;) But of course some people consider your kindness as weakness so respect them once, respect them twice then if then don't stop just give 'em the finger!!!!!

Anyway I hope you guys enjoy your in game experience with all of its sides.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Saving Season Three!!

Well WYDIANs today I share my opinions about season three with you guys but before we begin talking about the up coming season three let's first take a look at the journal event from its start to the current day....

This event started about 2 months ago and it began that way...daily reward for all WYDIANs who update their blog ( which was three laks ) and then they had a bonus for the outstanding entries which was 5 laks for th outstanding and 3 for the normal entries, that's beside a grand monthly reward for 3 lucky winners ( they were three actually...then they ended up having ten lol ) which was ancnt god class weapon 63/28 of your choice...WYDIANs were happy and the contest slowly started gaining more and more popularity and the talented bloggers started showing up...then season one ended with 10 winners instead of three ( which was actually a TERRIBLE mistake ) and everyone was happy and looking forward for season 2 which came fast with new rules and much more luring prizes...

Season two came in with a two month period, and a completely new system of winning as they had 5 outstanding blog entries of the day which received TEN LAKS ( wow lol ) instead of five and blog entries of the day which got 5, they had 5 outstanding and 5 daily winners others get a consolation prize of 5 ori powders but this didn't matter really...they also had a weekly winner which was selected based on two topics which the CMs choose weekly, the best two entries about those topics win the weekly prize which was 20 lak powders and a perfect stats god class armor of his choice and finally they had the monthly winners which were five winners who would receive a 28/63 god class ancient weapon of their choice in addition to 200 millions of in-game gold. Actually this was AWESOME as the rewards would actually tempt anyway to start blogging right away!!! Unfortunately this was about to be changed by the evil GMs!!!!!! ( kidding lol )

One day we found out that a very stupid modification was made to the rewards as the made the weapon statless and the winners were increased to ten winners :S!!! Of course such thing was met by fury and rage from all players but as expected everyone calmed down and faced the painful truth...we have been scammed!!!! Anyway I dun wanna repeat myself as I have already wrote a lot about this so let's *cough* skip this part please...Its recommended that you read the previous essays about this issue before you proceed o.O"!!!

Anyway let's forget the past-or at least try- and try to take a look at the future...what should we be expecting in season three?? Well I say we need to do this...

Actually beside the recent changes season two was actually going I think season three need to be based on season two with some changes....we shall discuss the daily then the weekly then the monthly, the daily prize is actually fine, I was going to suggest increasing it but I think it would just be too much...I mean 15 laks?? get outta here daily system of rewards remains the same, the weekly is perfect as well as they give you the armor piece and the necessary laks to upgrade it...very awesome but if they wanna change it into better I suggest that they make the armor piece +9 and give you 50 millions of in game gold with it..that would be better actually yah. For the monthly we have two options, option A is to reduce the winners to five and put the stats back to the weapons as it was beside the 200 millions of in-game gold, option B is to remove the ancient weapon and make the reward 1 billion of in game gold in addition of one lucky powder or something of the such, in both cases I still think that 10 winners is still a lot so I say 5 is max..anyway we don't make the final decision and CMs as well need to refer to their superiors before this...finally we all hope that season three is something that we all enjoy ;)

Hope you all enjoy this and find it useful, if you guys have your own suggestions here is the place to say them ^^

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Baby Steps...A Blogger's Story ( part 2 )

I figured out that when people read a blog they are looking for one of two things...they need to find information or they are simply here to chill so I knew that I had to give the information that I wanna give in an entertaining way and that was when I first decided to loosen up a little bit, I mean after all having fun is what we all seek from this so I started adding more humor to my posts and after my blog's makeover it started to appear in the outstanding entries so when this became constant for a few days I knew that this was the blogging style which I was looking for and from that day I am proud to say that my blog was beginning to become more and more known among players that some people I have never knew come to congratulate me, I am not saying that all players are reading my blog but what I am sure of is that I have some constant readers and that is what makes me happy about this, because of that I ask all of my readers to post comments whenever they feel like t because comments is what makes me feel that this blog is alive ( beside the visitors counter of course lol )

As you all have seen what this contest really needs is determination and devotion, when you sit to your computer don't just type in any rubbish, put an effort in what you write and people will surely like because what comes out from the heart reaches the heart so feeling what you type is really important if you want people to respond to what you write, so basically the blogging thing is something that you all can do, you simply sit to your computer and talk to people about something, you reflect about what is going on with your own personal style...and that's it!! It's not complicated as many of you might think as it is actually a very good way of expressing yourself...for this contest I mainly stick to topics which are related to WYD because relation to WYD is an important aspect so anything about this game I wan share with you guys I just type it here so, what are you waiting for??!! START YOUR BLOG NOW!!!

In order for you to start blogging you first need to create a blog through one of the websites which hosts blogs ( which are many actually ) then you are ready to go but before you start your first essay you should keep those things in mind:

1. Try to have your own unique style, don't just be a copy of someone else's blog as this won't actually get you unique and the most important thing is be yourself.

Be creative in what you write and try not to repeat yourself, two people can write about the same topic, one can end up writing a masterpiece and the other ends up with a piece of crap so it actually depends on you to make what you write interesting to people.

Try to plan ahead...otherwise you will end up sitting in front of your computer for a long time before you even touch the keyboard so you need to have a system, the week is seven days and there are two suggested topics to blog about so you need to have articles ready for writing and publishing.

The last thing is never give up, the way to the top starts from the bottom ^^

I am really hoping to see more talented bloggers out there so the competition can get more intense...I hope it's you ;)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Baby Steps...A Blogger's Story ( part 1 )

Hello everyone ^^ This is a story of a blogger in the WYDIANs Journal contest, I would like to share this story with you guys because I think it would encourage so many people to start blogging, this is actually my story with blogging, I hope you all find it useful an most important is that you enjoy reading it....

Well first of all I would like to make it clear that this is my first blog as I have never done any other blogs before this one, actually before the CMs announced that they will be having a blogging event for WYD I was seriously thinking about blogging but I wasn't really sure what to blog about, I had many things in mind but I felt that nobody would ever read my blog and that it would be sch a disappointment so I was kinda afraid to fail because I actually hate failing...I read the announcement and to be honest the first thing which drew my attention was the prizes @@!! I mean I was such a poor player and for me 3 laks were more than alright actually o.O'!! I made my blog and hesitated for two days before submitting it at the CMs "lair", I was afraid that it was going to be rejected by the CMs, when I received my 3 laks in the second day I was actually very happy and this happiness wasn't because of the laks as it was due to seeing my effort pays off so fast and from that minute I continued blogging considering this as experience I was gaining as blogging actually can teach you many things ( beside blogging of course lol ) anyway at that point of the competition they didn't have the outstanding and normal winners thing so we were all the same then suddenly,I woke up up one day to find out that there was something called outstanding blog entries of the day which was beside the normal entries and to my disppointment...I wasn't among those winners as I have simply received 3 laks like everyone who have just updated their blogs!!! When this happened I realized that my blog simply didn't have anything to make it noticeable among the many blogs which were updated daily and at that point I decided to make a change......

When this happened I was really disappointed...I mean I thought that my blog was really cool as I used to dedicate it completely to guides which were written in a kind of ehhh.... dry style if you know what I mean..official language, kinda serious attitude and guides guides and more guides so I started to think this way, if my blog was nothing but a bunch of guides...what would make stand up from the crowd?? I mean guides are guides..some are good and some are bad but at the end so are still guides which look very close to each other. My blog started to change when I started to put myself in the reader's place, I said to myself if you were the one reading this blog what would you like to read?? What would make you come back?? I started to answer those questions and write down answers, after reading the answers I began to determine what would suit my character and what I was capable of then I started to change things...that is when I began to blog differently, this means writing stuff which people enjoy reading and the most important thing is to keep 'em coming back...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fake Interview With Caligstar!!

Well WYDIANs again it's time for one of my interviews, this week's interview is also a fake interview and this one will be with Caligstar...I know most of you dunno this guys but If you have read the post I wrote 2 days before this one you will know what I am talking about, anyway today we will be having a fake interview with Caligstar in which we will try to figure out what is really going on @@ Enjoy :P!!

Note: This interview is totally fictional, I have never done such interview with Caligstar, anyway the things which I highlight in blue are really said by him in his comments so mostly other than that is from the pure imagination. It's time for the weekly interview and can't find anyone better than this guy to make the interview about, here it is....

WickedSnake: Caligstar..It really sucks to have you here :)!!!

Caligstar: I know, thanks ^^!!

WickedSnake: You are welcome, we have so many things to talk about in this interview

Caligstar: I am all ears

WickedSnake: Well first of all lets begin with journal event, how is your blogging going?

Caligstar: Great, I have won this week and I got initiate pants as my reward ^^

WickedSnake: Yes you wrote a blog entry named initiate pants in which you told us everything about your initiate pants and how you made em +9 using 15 laks it was very exciting actually..

Caligstar: Thank you :D

WickedSnake: I mean that is the stuff people wanna read about you know, I guess before you write an essay you choose really exciting topics, like your initiate pants for example, you even titled it initiate pants, extremely creative actually

Caligstar: I know, that's why people copy from my blog, really sucks =.=

WickedSnake: We will get to that part don't worry :P now tell me about your blog...

Caligstar: Sure, as you can see my blog is full of really exciting essays @@!!

WickedSnake: *COUGH COUGH* yah, like....?

Caligstar: Like? It's all super exciting, like the initiate pants one for example. Didn't you enjoy how my pants went from +0 to + 9 @@?

WickedSnake: Yah I especially enjoyed the wait for 2.1 seconds part LOOOL that is very useful actually, you know I always count my time in fragements o seconds you know, like people can hold their stop watches and really wait for 2.1 seconds..keep it coming!!!

Caligstar: Keep what..?

WickedSnake: The bull sh**!!

Caligstar: Why makes you say that o.O'? If you don't believe me you can try drop it after 2.1 seconds yourself @@

WickedSnake: Yah right, anyway, I actually like the way you place titles for your essays, really creative which shows us that you really think about 'em.

Caligstart: Yah when you blog about kingdom war and guildwar you have two options, option A is to name it something like riding with heroes or war breaks out or anything creative from that such or instead you can name it kingdom war and guild war!!!

WickedSnake: Well as you have said in your blog "I’ve been accused of being a provoker, a lair, a cheater, and I have seen the “internet finger” more than once. But through all the idle chatter, one fact remains…I am an influencer. Simply reading is not enough in these harsh times. Gathering the facts of distorted truth must first begin by dissecting the rubble of shit that some of you call blogs" I guess you have the creativity of an influencer, good job ^^!!!!!

Caligstar: I know I am "I’m trapped as an adult in a world full of little kids. It isn’t often that intellectual thoughts of expression are formulated in such a style that radiates into the minds of others, or in this circumstance, the blogs of others."

WickedSnake: Yah, anyway I dun really see at is wrong with little kids, actually you act like you are 50 years old or something LOL also you said "I know how soft everybody is when it comes to little kids" what exacly does this mean :S?!

Caligstar: They need to know who is the boss around here!!!!

WickedSnake: :S

Caligstar: Let's speak about MSTR-FOEMA!!!

WickedSnake: Yah I was moving to that, what's going on between you both @@?

Caligstar: Well this "little sh**" sucks!!

WickedSnake: What maks you say that o.O'?

Caligstar: Well he copies from me, he can't write good stuff of his own so he steals from my brilliant blog @@!!

WickedSnake: Yah it actually lures people to steal from it as we can all notice! Anyway, have you tried to talk to him?? I mean what makes him turn to stealing after more than 60 days of continous blogging :S?!

Caligstar: I don't care about the past, I mean in this season for example he copied me when I wrote about the journal event and how bad it became

WickedSnake: And how did he do that??

Caligstar: Are you deaf :S?! I said he wrote about that too!!

WickedSnake: So what? It's a general topic LOL

Caligstar: What do you mean its my topic, beside he also wrote about the ancient weps and how removing the stats from them was bad to the competition

WickedSnake: LOOOL that isn't an idea!! That is a subject :S

Caligstar: I don't understand what you mean, all what matters that this guy is a thief!!

WickedSnake: Well did you try to report him to the CMs and the GMs....?

Caligstar: I did

WickedSnake: And what did they do about it??

Caligstar: Nothing!!!

WickedSnake: I see, that means that they invistigated the matter and found out that he isn't stealing anything, I actually have spoken to the guy and he said that he has never even seen your blog before you accused him of stealing from it

Caligstar: Well he is a liar and I know why CMs and GMs didn't do anything about it, it's because "I know how soft everybody is when it comes to little kids, so I’m sure crying to the GMs and CMs will play in your benefit"

WickedSnake: Yes grandpa I understand you ( WTF is he talking about LOL )

Caligstar: And Soloran also steals from me!!!!!!!

WickedSnake: Oh soloran also!! That is great actually, I pitty you man, you blog is so awesome that everyone just wants to steal from it, greatness is hard I know ( paranoya to the extreme!! )

Caligstar: "People know the truth now and that's all I ever wanted.!!"

WickedSnake: Yes they do, anyway I notice that you sort of have a problem if I may tell you, I am a shrink you know!!

Caligstar: They all need shrinks not me!!

WickedSnake: I know but dude don't you feel like you are having a problem? I mean the they all copy from me/ hate me/ envy me is not normal, maybe instead of making fun of you we should be helping you @@

Caligstar: I need help...?

WickedSnake: You need help..

Caligstar: I just said that!!!!!!

WickedSnake: Huh :S?!

Caligstar: You stole my idea "you small shit, I have attended college, go get some education, Reloaded. Keep giving me ammo dude" bla bla bla!!

WicekdSnake: Look dude it's like this, in my field , every word you say has a meaning @@!! for example you keep using the world little/small while you cuss me becase well you are so damn short!! I mean from your picture..well you are a small man so you keep using those words and you think that they will hurt MSTR-FOEMA's feelings, beside that you have probably had a very smal portion of education so you try to cover that up by always saying I went to college, I attended college. go get some education and stuff like this because you feel like people loo at you as an ignorant person, so you try get to that point before people get there, even if it was a high schol student speaking to you, you act like a college professor in the middle of a grop of illeterate people, you use the word "kid" as a cuss words and go weeping about people being soft wth kids because you probably had a crap childhood where your dad beated the heck out of ya, so basically you are a paranoid and complicating person who I wasted my time on for some time, and also wht exactly is " I worked for the police department and we had to wear this uniform when patrolling around our assigned area. We were pretty much security for the police department. Whenever we had an issue, we contacted dispatch and they relayed our information to a police officer. He/she would then respond and help us out. " you mean you petrol some place and when you see something illegal you scream?? LOL, for me this crap is over as I really have other things to care about, now you post here and say as much cussing as you want because it's simply this.

Nobody Cares What You Think!!!!

So if you think that there are more people copying from you go weep to GMs and CMs and please don't come back here, thank you for your time!!! You really had us entertained!!
Caligstar: .........
PS: This interview followed the system of all my previous interviews even the fake one which had you Dhar, I have the absolute right to defend myself as you guys can't do anything about this sort of harrasement, if you don't like it and gave me oris or even nothing I don't really care because I say what I think and I practice my rigt of defending myself, that is with my respect to the contest, its rules and the respectie CMs.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

When You Are Addicted!!

Actually this post was written yesterday before the one which lost me my daily 10 laks Grrrr!! Anyway I haven't talked to CM Dhar yet but I guess if defending directly would make me lose laks then I guess I shouldn't be wasting my time actually, so caligstar it's simply like this, nobody cares what you think!!! So keep barking and nobody really cares lol as from now on I guess I won't be giving ear to the nonsense you are saying in order not to distract myself, have fun and thx for the "traditional" cussing in your blog, as I said earler creativity isn't your game. Bye Bye. Now To my post...

Well they ask us to write when is someone addicted to WYD, and since we are speaking about addiction who should be taking the stand? That's right folks, Dr. Wicked is here :P today we speak about addiction, as you guys know WYD addiction is one of the hardest addictions to treat, but Dr. Wicked will fix you all :P

Well kids as you all know addiction is actually a negative word, this word is mostly involved with drugs and alcohol mostly but in fact addiction is when you do something that you can't stop it when you want, you can be addicted to chocolate, ice cream, cookies, pulling your hair even!!! In our case today we will speak about WYD addiction which is ( according to Dr. Wicked ) one of the most dangerous diseases out there @@ ( even more dangerous than WOW addiction @@!! )

First of all we will speak about MMORPGs addiction in general, in fact guys and gals this isn't a joke..seriously. If you pass on your real life friends and rather stay home playing a game than going out with them then well..continue reading please ( in all ways continue reading lol ) because as I did some searching I found out lots of information at which are actually very valuable, first we begin by the signs by which you know you are addicted to an online game @@ those signs are:

    • Continuously thinking about an MMORPG

    • Missing work, school, or a social activity to devote time to an MMORPG

    • Playing an MMORPG for an excessive duration in one sitting (more than 5 hours)

    • Spending real money on in game items

    • Psychological distress attributed to lack of game-play (feeling upset/angry if you can't play)

    • Loss of sleep due to excessive gaming

    • Other major lifestyle change that results in playing the MMORPG more often
so basically if the above signs apply to you then you obviously have a problem @@ to try and overcome your problem you should follow those steps:

  1. Recognize your addiction. Even if it is a video game, it is still an addiction that is affecting your lifestyle. In recognizing the problem, you become aware that it needs to be fixed.

  2. Tell your MMORPG friends that you are quitting, whether for an certain time period, or permanently. They may give you the emotional support that you need to recover. If you can't bear parting from your e-friends, keep contact with them via e-mail or chat.

  3. Start your long journey to recovery. Depending on how addicted you are, and how much time you have to beat your addiction, you have several methods of approach.

      • Decrease your overall time playing. What seems to be the most common is to slowly lower your playing time until it is down to a reasonable amount. However, this may not work for people who are unable to control their addiction.

      • Force yourself to quit playing. Quit playing the game for a few months, and then your addiction will soon dissipate, provided that you don't slip back to the game.

      • Uninstall the MMORPG. If you cannot trust yourself to keep away from loading the game another time, then your best bet is to remove the program from your computer completely.

      • Keep the installation CD out of reach. You might lock them away in a drawer, or give them to your parents, sibling, or trusted friend. If you are very determined, you might even destroy, or sell the CD.

      • Find new hobbies. Look for another hobby like reading or riding a bicycle. It is best if you find something that will keep you away from the computer, in effort to keep your mind off of the MMORPG.

  4. Avoid triggering your addiction again. After your addiction is beaten, keep it at bay. If you're sure that the addiction won't come back, you could try the MMORPG again, although that may be a bit risky. Also, try to avoid starting another MMORPG. You'll only end up funneling your addiction from the first MMORPG to the next.
Well those usually work for usual addicts but for some harder cases you might need some more extreme approaches, like deleting your character!!! In fact this could be such a waste of effort so selling it can still do as well. So basically playing a game is no problem, just choosing it over your friends and making it your top priority and spending a fortune on it ( sorry joyimpact LOL ) is well, I would say is wrong because in the matter of fact what you do is nothing, you just sit and stare at a screen and just save computer code on some server, I mean non of this is for real so your family, friends, health and activities should come first, then when you have a spare time you can jump into WYD and start PKing ppl ;) Please note that if your case is too complicated then you should forget about Dr. Wicked and go see a real doctor @@

That part was for the "addicts" but what about us normal people? What should we do to avoid being addicted o.O'?? Well here it is from your very own ;)

  1. Notice what you do when you come home from work or school.

  2. Make a list of things to do. Write down everything that has to be done during your day and list them in order of importance.

  3. Look at the list every day, and follow it. Cross off each of as you take care of them. The list should look like this:

    • Make my bed

    • Straighten out my room

    • Take out the garbage

    • Do my homework

    • Play video games

  4. Remember to make the list to suit you and your life.

  5. Tell the people you're playing with that you're going to stop at a certain time. You might be tempted to ignore the fact that you've played for more time than you'd like, or you may not even realize how long you're playing, but others may help to remind you.

  6. Try finding something else you like to do. It could be from drawing to running with your dog. This helps keep your mind off it.

Then finally a piece of wisdom I found in the same place...not everyone who does cocaine overdoses, but does that mean they are not addicted?!!

So that was the case in general but what about us?? I mean WYDIANS of course, as we all know WYDIANS are always special so they have their own special signs of addiction :P

1. When you have dreams from this type ( check this one out LOL ) you login and you find that your +6 crap set is now a +15 perfect stats god class set and your crap elf bow is now a +15 72 dmg are sleeping and goes like MMMMemmmmAHHH and your mother is like what are you doing :S?!! Wake up or you will be late for school

2. When you have nightmares from this type, the next day you ate a lot in dinner and you wan complete the previous dream, you find out that your imaginary +15 set is gone but guess what, your +15 perfect isis is still there ;) your move it to equip is but woops it falls on the ground and suddenly you have an unfortunate lag, when everything is back you find out that your isis was picked up by a lvl 79 noob who is just soo happy and thinks that the wep looks cool, he tries to equip it then he finds out that he is unable to do it so he decides to sell the wep, he sells it for 450k gold to the most person you hate in game who uses the bow to kill you in desert and you high lvl low le uni dies and is gone for ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! You wake up screaming NOOOOOOOOOOO and again your mum goes like What are you doing :S :S?!?!!?! Wake up or you will be late for school!!

3. When you constantly hear the boring game music in your ears over and over no matter what you are doing, like you are sitting in a cafe with your friends and you start to hear armia music :S?!!

4. When you start to look at female characters in game and go like waa..farche is really cute @@!! when you reach that point I say GO SEEK HELP NOW!!!

So WYDIANS remember to play it safe @@, have fun out there ;)


Alright WYDIANS today I was provoked. Who provoked me? Well its some guy named Caligstar who simply accuses me of copying from his blog!!! I mean wow LOL really so he comes and me and keeps saying that I copy from his blog so I guess that this guy has simply lost it, I simply dun like to lash hard at people or speak about myself but when someone walks to me and accuses me of being a thief then well, the time is NOW!!

First of all I would like to speak about myself and although I hate taking thit attitude but I simply have to, just to let geeks know where they are and who they are.

I am a guy who entered the journal event like 3 days from its launch and I have earned my spot in the winners of season one which were divided into two groups, group A which are the bloggers who earned their spot by the method of rewards+the scoring from the CMs and group B which were added to complete the 10 required winners, actually all the 10 winners were outstanding and I respect them all but regarding the fact that I have won everyday except the days I was away for a short vacation ( about 3 days ) and I couldn't update my blog I was one of the top so yah, if they were choosing a sole winner it would be cooldude and if they were choosing 2 it would be me and coolio, now sadly cooldude got bored from the meaningless crap being done to the event so he walked away smartly, so from season one I walk out in the top spot now.

As for season two I have won outstanding blog entry of the day for 2 weeks in a row and was one of two champions of week 1 so basically I am in the ten winners so that is actually done yah, if you guys have noticed I have been blogging for like 50 continuous days now so I have MY OWN style of writing so copying...not my thing actually.

That was me in journal event in brief lines so what really really happened is this, that guy Caligstar comes to my blog and posts a comment that I copy from him, I reply kindly and make it CLEAR that I dun copy from anyone and that I actually dun have time to read other journals now so I dunno what he is talking about, then I meet him in game as I found out that he is a guild mate so he told me that I should stop copying from his blog and ehh no more free laks for me that I was used to get from copying from other bloggers and that I haven't won week one because he reported to CM Dhar that I copy from his bottom line this guy here says this " you are a thief who is wining rewards that you don't deserve and I am bringing you down so I guess that defending myself is my right....

Well To you Caligstar guy I tell you this.....WAKE UP AND LOOK WHO YOU ARE TALKING TO because you are just like Ricky in my last week's winning blog...when you just get off the bottom you'll be saying I got 'em, I mean you are just a newbie bloggers who won some outstanding rewards ( you lied in game and told me that you have won everyday in season two like me which is a lie as I found out so basically one proven fact is that you are a liar ) and hit the jackpot in week two with an entry which I think in my opinion is well...doesn't quite say it but crap will do so yah. That's all you have and you think that I copy from YOU :S?!? Wake up and smell the coffee geek, I don't copy as I simply dun need to do so, like I was blogging for more than a month then when I saw your awesome blog I was like OOOOOOYAAAA!! Copying time!! If that what you think then you are dreaming my friend, I don't copy from anyone and if I started copying guess what, it won't be you!! Take that for granted as me copying from you is a privilege for you not me actually, anyway I know what you are getting at, you are doing this to promote for yourself as you are doing right now but guess what, this is bad promotion, so considering you Caligstar you need to wake up and know who you are talking to son.

Now the CMs and the GMs turn!!!!! Look guys basically this for me is just a game, I started this blog thing and I usually enjoy it so yah, anyway the work I do here is cut from my time, REAL LIFE TIME I spend here from 45-90 minutes here DAILY so for that time get my reward, instead I get called a thief so here is the deal, this guy here thinks that he can accuse people of being thieves without rights so I simply want my right back, this guy here is disgracing my name as a blogger so I demand an investigation regarding this, if someone accused you of copying and you get caught you are banned I guess, well what if someone accused you of copying while you are not?? Nothing?? So we basically can accuse each other of being thieves? If this was it please lemme know as from what I can see I guess more of the rules have been changed without me noticing.

So I am pissed about not winning this week as well but I trust the honesty of the judging team so not winning=not deserving but If me not winning had ANYTHING to do with this crap then I am REALLY pissed, beside that I demand a full investigation about this issue because disgracing my simply unacceptable.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Money Cube..The Bottom Line!!

Well I am sure that you all know what the money cube is, it is a bundle of 10 cubes which can either multiply your money or take it all, saying that the chance is 50/50...This is kinda right actually but what you guys dunno is money cubes cause addiction @@!! If you guys dun believe me you can ask cooldude :P As you guys have read in his blog he wrote his personal experience with money cubes and how he flew to the sky and then he fell down really hard...I have tried money cubes before and after doing so I was like that's it..I WON'T TRY THOSE AGAIN!!! That is exactly the same which cooldude did then he found himself losing it all to his addiction so I decided to try money cube in a different way, approach with a scientific and analytical approach instead of clicking and hoping I started taking records.....I tried each cube using 100k you guys know people who tries to win do a lot of money not just 100s lol, anyway I wanted to do this in order to take results @@!!

I tried my first 10 bundles recording each cube in the bundle, then I stretched my previous notes on one paper trying to find the pattern...I knew previously that the money cube had a 50/50 chance of making your money either all gone or to multiply it, I assumed in the beginning that the cubes will follow a repeated pattern of some time, so after trying 10 bundles and 100 cubes here is what I found out:

1. Money cubes are kinda similar to real life casino's....the house always wins!!!
2. They don't have an average winning rate per bundle, sometimes I score 8/10 and sometimes 3. 10 and sometimes 5/10 so its variable
4. Some numbers have a higher chance of winning, meaning that it usually wins actually but it is still containing a risk...the throw all you have and click technique is your way to poverty LOL
5. Some numbers have CRAPPPP success rates, those one usually fail
6. The pattern ain't repeated, after trying about 200 cubes with taking notes I can tell you guys that ;)

So if you wan use money cubes, what should you do??

1. Before you start cubing PUT A LIMIT to yourself, like you have say 70 mils in cargo say if I lose till 55 I AM OUT, take that decision and stick to it or you will really regret it.
2. Play big, win and lose big Play small, win and lose small so its actually your call
3. As cool dude learned from his experience with the cubes..knowing when to stop is a gift, so when you already have cut a profit THROW THE CUBES RIGHT AWAY or you will end up losing all you have earned and more

So regarding this issue the bottom line is:
Money cube is a luck game where nothing is certain, you can win all or lose so there are no guarantees...the house always win is in total, some people walk out winning and some people walk with money but mostly the people who win are fewer so the house wins, in the end it's a matter of luck so if you are scared dun play if you are going to play dun be scared ;)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dr. Wicked The Shrink Of Shrinks Episode 2

Welcome back sane people!! The clinic is now ready for more of them psycos @@!! Get ready, NURSEEEEEE!! THE JACKETTTTTTTT!!!!!!!

Okay enough with them introductions and let's get to it @@!!

Case#1 NYBIE

Dr. Wicked's Observation: this summoner guy summones, run into pk area and unleashes his summons on the people inside, the people starts to get pissed and ask him to chill, he keeps saying noobs and he runs in trying to pk with his summons, he takes two hits and starts to kiss the pk arena floor.
Conclusion: This guy needs help @@
Dr. Wicked's Analysis: Well this case I guess is obvious as this dude is what you call a wanna be, he knows that he can't stand pk so he summons and let his tigers well..try to do the dirty work, of course are weaker than a lvl 50 noob so they all end up dead in a blink, poor fella :(
Dr. Wicked's Suggested Treatment: Well my friend the pills the pills the pills!! Two of the pills in my prescription before each of the three meals, trust me you will love it ;)

Case#2 MarajuanaMan

Dr. Wicked's Observation: Well I was standing mountless and without weapons in armia pk area speaking with another dude about trade hunters, this guy suddenly dashed in and start hitting me, I thought he was testing me but he actually kept hitting till I died, I didn't really care as it's pk area so yah, then that guy killed two other noobs and say bitc***, three noobs down, I looked at his name and how he is acting then I started testing if he was case#2!! I said that its just a game and he shouldnt have kiled mewithout a wep, he said dun talk to me until you can kill me!! I said that I was just talking and so he told me stfu I killed you noob!! I said well how can I speak when I am dead =.='! He says to me come I fu** you up!!!! I said oh really I am really scared so he stand over my character's dead body and he says my uni shits on you!! By that time I had ressurected automatically so I grabbed my weps went to pk area and killed him so he said that he mouse jammed so I was like yah right...=.= eventually I thanked him for being our guest here, tyvm dude!!
Dr. Wicked's Analysis: Well obviously as we can see from the name this guy here needs some srious help, addicted and lonely I assume..anyway we are here to fix you up ;)!!
Dr. Wicked's Suggested Treatment: Well first of all I say rehab rehab rehab, from your name we can see that you are in deep trouble my friend, second you need like emmm let's see...I guess 25 years in charm school may do the trick ;) As obviously you have missed ethics class, I bet you are a 5 feet tall geek who hates the world so yah, hope you can get over your misery my friend :)

Well this weeks we won't be discussing any diseases as our weekly cases were very complex actually so I dun wanna stress our shrinks of the future @@!! I guess this crap is enough for one week already lol

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Okay Let's Face It!!!

Okay fellow bloggers your favorite CM Dhar made it clear, it came from "above" as people of higher authorities decided to be cruel to us by making cruel modifications to the contest and denying us of our dream weapons...but its okay really, we will survive!! I kinda hate repeating myself but this is the hottest topic right now. I kinda understand CM Dhar as I know that he has superiors too so he can't act with his own mind, inside him he is just like us, thinking that this is crap but unfortunately he has nothing to do ;( so dun be sad CM Dhar as we all know that you tried your best for us, but I guess they kind of don't appreciate the work we are doing so yah, I guess you guys and the "higher authorities" need to work on your communication, I mean no multi client thing and now this...try to talk to each other before making a decision =.='!!

Anyway the guys of "higher authorities" played it smart actually, they predicted our reactions and made their move...what would happen if we screw their reward??!? A smart fella rises up and says "they will weep for a couple of days and forget about it, sir!!" and his boss goes like not even all of them will weep heheheehe!! and in fact he was right as this is exactly what happened..cry for a few days then we are back and blogging.

If I was to look at the full half of the cup ( or the silver lining whatever u wan call it! ) I would say that this is better than nothing as we get laks and so so yah is good, but if I was to look at the bad side of it I would say that we were simply scammed, anyway to be honest the weekly reward is dope so if I say that the rewards suck I won't be really fair, I guess my only complaint is that 10 winners is too much for the number of participants but since I set foot I never leave so I am in till it's over, just if there was a season three I will make sure to read the rules very carefully.....

Anyway everyone who won an outstanding blog entry I say congratulations, you are a winner ^^!! Just sit back and relax and wait for the prize time, you won once and you deserve it.

Just wanna make a suggestion here that the judging system is kinda silly now since we have 10 winners number of weekly rewards and outstanding entries doesn't really matter LOL anyone who nearly broke a sweat at this is in the ten so no worries, I try make good daily entries for the laks and the perfect armor piece so yah, hope I dun wake up to find that the weekly reward is gone as well as the monthly.

Again CM Dhar I know that it ain't your call so no need to be sad about it, I love you man ^^ and congratz on your new look, your like change don't you xD