Saturday, November 15, 2008

Learning The Basics...

Well I have already blogged for new comers so I kinda dunno what else to blog about...if you are new here you need to check out this article where you will find lots of things to get you familiar with the game including character builds and also start the graveyard quest to get you started ;)

My role as a training Community Scout and hopefully a future community scout is to help WYDIANS throughout the game so if you ever need help feel free to contact me in game or through WYD forum.....

Now if you are an English or Arabic speaker feel free to contact me with any of those languages, also I can understand French if either Enlish or Arabic suits ya :P as I will be more than happy to help you. That should be it for today, I hope you enjoy the guides which will help you choose a class then start with your quests ;)

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Anonymous said...

can someone explain all hunter skill's effect and what attributes affect those skills (formula)under ep4?

for example:
1. what affects flanking chance's damges? str? capture mastery? I heard capture's 8th skill will increase flanking chance, is it still true?
2. does improved range affect bow?
3. does weapon mastery affect bow? if it does, then is the damage increase a fixed number or affected by something else?

last, does GM publish those info? or we just have to guess after each update?

anyway, thanks in advance!