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WYD Global....Your First Encounter!!! ( yes its your turn now!! )

Okay now you have installed and set up WYD Global on your system, now it's the time to get you in the game! As you will notice, I will be guiding you from the very beginning and throughout your journey through the world of WYD Global, from the time you have heard about the game till you are one of the strongest players in the game, you can find it all here, as no matter what your level is, you can always get in here to learn new stuff about the ever expanding world of WYD Global. The first thing you will find after you select a server and connect to it is the character selection screen, of course you will be a little bit confused and dunno what to select and which character will be the most suitable for you, here I will help you with knowing everything about the game's characters and what are the possible builds for each of them, lets start by the first character on the left of the character selection screen, The Hunter....

Before I get to explaining the characters to you one by one with their possible builds, I would like to explain the stats point and what exactly does they do. Each time you lvl up you get skill mastery points and stats points, the number of skill points and stats points you gain varies in case you were a God Class Character

or a Mortal Character ( we will get to those later ;) ) anyway you start as a mortal so we will talk in case of mortals here because God Class Character is kind of advanced level for beginner
s so we will leave it aside for now, you get points as a mortal in the following system
Stat Point
Level 1~255 5 points per lvl
Level 256~300 10 points per lvl
Level 301~355 20 points per lvl
Level 356~400 12 points per lvl

Skill Point
Level 1~200 3 points per lvl
Level 201~355 4 points per lvl
Level 356~400 3points per lvl

Those points you receive per level go the undistributed points box ( marked with blue in the image above) for you to distribute as you wish, to be able to distribute those points wisely you have got to know what exactly does they do you have 4 stats to add ( marked with orange in the image above )

Str= Increase your melee damage
Int= Increase your magic spells damage
dex= Increase your evasion rate and attack speed
con= Increases your HP value

Now you know the stats points and what they are used for, now let's get to the Characters...

The Hunter:
The Hunter is what you can call WYD's most efficient and silent killer, although it has weak defense but it compensates for that by extremely high damage and the maximum evasion rate in game, in addition to some unique skills which guarantees maximum killing speed, I would like to explain its skills one by one but they are actually very well illustrated in the game's official website, so you guys can check it out there. As you have noticed all characters have three mastery branches, The hunter have capture, trade and survival.
Trade Hunter is BEST for pk, in fact trade hunters are simply..dunno....KILLING MACHINES!! You cant stand against them for long and they also have fair HP so they are really good, with this class of hunter you would better use claws or bow ( you can check out the available weapons at the game's official website ) and for trade hunters i think the best build is 450 dex, 600 con and rest in str while adding no int cuz you simply don't need any.
Capture hunters are mainly supportive hunters, which means they can't handle dmg like trade hunters but they have very high damage and for trade hunters you would better use swords or axes cuz your last skill would have incredibly high dmg that you can 1-hit kill many people with it, in my opinion capture hunter is the worst kind of hunters..
Survival hunters are the best for hunting thanks for their last skill which leaches HP and their incredibly high dmg which enables them to auto kill monsters very fast ( oh yes this game has INTEGRATED BOTTING SYSTEM!!! ) bottom line: trade hunter is the best..good at hunting and pk.

The Beast Master:
Okay something you guys need to know, beast master means DEFENCE!! Those have THE HIGHEST defence among all characters, they can tank like...anything :D!! The Beast Master is specialized in shape shifting and summoning mostly, this is what makes it stand up among all the other characters in game, they can shape shift into the form of powerful creatures and can summon beasts to aide them in battle, they have three possible builds and three different mastery trees which are Nature, Element and summoning.
Summoner Beast Master is the best hunting character becasue it can use its summons to kill high level mobs which simply cannot be killed by any other ways because they can kill any player in the game with one hit, the strength of the summons come from the int, the higher the inteligence the stronger the summons are, so the strongest summoners put all their stats points in intligence which leads to low HP and therefore they are weak characters in PK but tramendous characters in hunting high level monsters. for this type of beasat master you need to use a shield and a weapon which adds skil mastery to strengthen your summons.
Elemental Beast Master is actaully good for pk and hunting, although not as a good hunter as the summoner Beast Master it is good enough, its good in pk due to its high defense, resistance ( kind of immunity to magic ) and HP from its bear morph, it can also use summons which are of and okay strength so it kinda combines between both, for this character you should add like 650 con, 450 dex and rest is all in int, this is mainly a pk build, if you are more into pk add more con, more into hunting add more int..just don't stop yourself from being creative ^^ with elemental beastmaster u should use a spear which adds Magic Attack Power.
Nature Beast Master Okay now the nature Beast Master is simply the melee type of the Beast Master, which uses different mrphs to fight its guys might think its cool to morph and fight and stuff ( I personally do :P ) but the Nature Beast Master aint really that strong, in fact i consider it the worst in all types of Beast Master...Because it can really get pawned by other melee characters, cough cough...magic characters also @@!! anyway if u want to go nature beast master I suggest you use a shield and a throwing that case you should add 400 dex, 700 con and rest is all in str and you should be a pain to kill to many people :D Bottom Line: Elemental Beast Master Rulez!!

The Trans Knight is the character with the biggest HP in game which leads to a high durability in battle !! The Trans knight have two possible builds which are the Trans Knight which is a melee fighter and the Magic Knight which is ( as it's obvious from its name!! ) a magic fighter, back in old SD the Magic Knight owned, but here since the HP regeneration rate is LOW the Transknight is owning especially with its EXTREMELLY HIGH ritical rate ( critical is the possibility to do more dmg upon a hit ) anyway i will explain the build of both and you can simply choose what you like ^^ we wil begin by the Trans Knight which is the classic "knight" in all games, having massive HP and a very high critical rate makes it a very good PKer, it doesn't really suck in hunting but there are certinaly better characters!! For making a trans knight you should add 450 dex, 800 con and the rest str that build have nice HP and descent dmg. The Magic Knight in this game is in my opinion...well not good as I would rather go Elemental Beast Master or Black Mage than a Magic Knight because in old game the Magic Knight was simply based on HP regeneration which is goe now and since the Magic Knight's only defense skill cannot be used while PK or while hunting ( I asked a GM he told me use it "to pass by certain monsters or while fleeing from PK" =.=... no comment!!!! ) and regeneration is gone dunno what is really left actaully, anyway if you wanna go Magic Knight under the current circumstances you should add AT LEAST 900 con, 500 dex and rest in int thats to assure surviving in PK as in hunting I am disappointed to say it but MK S-U-C-K-S in hunting as its defense is crap and its spells have a short range and it doesn't move while you are botting so its simply the worst character for auto killing mode!!! Bottom Line: GO TRANS KNIGHT!!

The Foema is the sorcress, the mage as you may call it, this characters is one of my favorite characters in game ( with all its different builds actaully ) as it is flexible and awesome whatever build you may choose for it, without much introduction lets get to the foEmA o.O !! First of all we have the classic build for the foema as a Black Mage and in case you dunno what the black mage is I can tell you that it is the character with the highest Magic Attack power in game..Period!! If we have a Magic Knight, a Black Mage and an Elemental Beast Master all with the same intelligence the Black Mage has MUCH higher MAP, thats in addition to its skills having a really great distance means you can attack your opponent from a really far distance, on of the best thing about black mages that they actaully don't need any condition!! come close I tell you a secret build for Black Mages...pump all into INT!! The foema has a skill called mana control which convert a really nice amount of your mana to HP :D so you can add int and get more MAP and Hp at the same time ;) anyway if you want some evasion you can add like 400 dex and rest to int also, in all ways you don't add con, the Foema also have some awesome skills such as healing itself and party members and buffing them ( meaning it can increase their damage, defense.. ) it can also poison its enemies and blind them ( you screen goes white in PK !! ) so it's really a fun character to play ( for black mage of course use a wand which increases MAP ) now we come for the Foema which uses melee attack and it's called the Battle Mage which in fact ain't so great in the normal build but there is a build created by a former player. ( named Wolfwood, just to keep it in his name ;) ) The classical build is like any other melee character which is dex around 400-450 con say 500 and rest in fact the Foema attack increase skill is different from other characters as in other character it increase like say x% from total attack value but in foema it doesn't have a percentage increase as it adds a fixed value @@ which means if you make a foema with like 450 dex NO strength and ALL in con it will have very nice attack and a HUGE HP thats in addition to its healing skill so killing REALLY difficult, but you should take in mind that to do this you must have REALLY nice weapons in order to have good damage, basically you shoud use axes with really nice damage increase, an intermediate bild which is very nice is this 450 dex 350 str rest is all in con. Finally we have the last build for Foema which is the supportive white mage or as it is named the Blood Mage which is a supportive character to heal and buff and even ressurect party members in guild wars and kingdom wars..its simply put all in con and use a shield + a 1 hand wan which gives skill mastery ^^ it's very useful in wars and the party with a blood mage in really has a great advantage. That was a detailed and hopefully fun to read character build guide, for any questions or comments don't hesitate to post and I will be more than glad to reply :-)

By creating a character your Journey in WYD begins..and I will be more than happy to guide you through that journey..

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