Wednesday, July 30, 2008

WYD Global....My First Encounter!!

First of all I would like to tell my story with WYD Global, which is not only directed to fans of WYD only but to all gamers all over the world especially those who play all kinds of MMORPGs...because in my opinion WYD is simply one of the best online games out there....In the beginning I was just like you, surfing the web looking for a fresh new MMORPG to try, and after experiencing many online games that i rather call...ehhh I dunno how to describe them, I guess the word BAD should do!! Anyway, When I downloaded SD ( which is the older version of WYD which was run by e-games company which played a huge rule in abusing one of the finest online games ever..anyway we will come to that part later LOL :D ) The first thing I noticed about it was its astonishing graphics, which were honestly the best graphics for an online game I have seen by then and still one of the best till the minute I am writing those lines, from the second you get to the character creation screen you will fall in love with this game's fantastic sounds and AWESOME visual effects which will have you running around the game in the begining to enjoy them, some other online games have graphics which seem to be drawn by an 8 year-old kid who can't draw!!

Well of course I ain't sayin that I play this game just to dazzle at the Graphics and enjoy some hitting sounds and stuff, the thing which will get you really attached to WYD is your charecter..because as time goes on with you playing WYD Global you will be attached to your charecter, get happy when you get a new piece of cool armor, upgrade your weapon or get that mount you have always wanted ( oh yes they have mounts, and when i say mounts here I mean MOUNTS!! not those meaningless "things" that you sit on in other MMORPGs !! ) you will get more and more attached to your charecter and the stronger your character goes and the larger the number of frags ( yes they also have frags !! Just like Quake lol ) near your goes the more you will get attached to your NAME which will be known, feared and respected by other WYDIANS because here when you become strong you become a celebrity in the world of WYD, other players know your name and you are looked at as an idol..that is not easy though as it needs a lot of work, patience and devotion, but when you finally look at your valuable account and your well known name you will know that it was worth it all.

So bottomline, what was bugging you in other MMORPGs you won't find it in WYD Global, which means no lag, no stupid GMs who never reply and fail to organize anything, no people spamming in langauges that you don't even know their names, instead of all that you have friendly English-speaking community which is constantly flourishing and expanding, responsiblepolite GMs who reply to your PMs and make sure that there is nothig bugging you and preventing you from enjoying you in-game experience, oh and did i forget to say that this game is FREE TO PLAY?! So....WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??! GO DOWNLOAD IT NOW!! You also need to check out their community manager's blog while the game is downloading, after you set up the game get back to me, we still have much to talk about...


Anonymous said...

That was a nice essay MSTR-FOEMA i hope that your blogging continues after the competition… rewards await the deserving wydian blogger ^^

Congrats on winning! Keep your blog updated and you will have a chance to be one of the three lucky winners of ancient weapon at the end of the contest period ^_^

-CM Dhar


Thank CM Dhar ^^ you post really means a lot to me :D I won't let you guys down and I will keep them articles coming ;) Hope to see more of your comments here :-)