Friday, August 29, 2008

How To Piss Off WYDIANS!!

Okay here is a simple guide about how to make a WYDIAN pissed!!

1- When he is auto killing in desert stand near him and KS him!!
2- When he is in armia PK hit him and run outside fast, or when he is talking to someone there run and kill him without warning
3- Spam challenge people!!!! or keep PM spam them
4- PK him when he is AFK...that will really piss him off
5- PK weaker people in desert without a reason...they will die, tell you "F*** you noob" then teleport to town, or if they were smart they will just say noob to avoid being chat banned!!
6- When you are in a water share and not boxing ( in academy waters especially ) hit monsters from time to time....they will just yell kick him he lower exp and stuff like that
7- Say that you sell something and when someone tells you that he wants to buy tell him to go aki then logout of the game

There were 7 things that you probably should be avoiding :P Be good kidz :D

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

REAL Interview With CM Dhar & CM Aruman( Part 3 )

Well after I was summoned by CM Dhar to the CM lounge I was PKed!!!! I know it was accidental but as it was Funny and we laughed about it I thought I should share it with global community :P
as you can see CM Dhar has frags Oo who else did the ex big bad cat pk :P

Then I was blown up by CM Aruman @@ as he was trying to him CM Dhar with a fire ball which accidentally ended up on my head =.=
I know this looks like a kidnap-murder case but it wasn't as we were simply playing, and by the way CM Dhar has 4k+ Flanking Chance OO so CMs are pretty strong yah...not exactly easy frags, can be a really great help in guild wars though :P ( if fighting on our side of course lol )

I also found out why CM Dhar refers to himself as the big bad cat..I asked him what sort of GUY would name himself big bad cat @@ he said that he always ate tuna in breaks so he called himself the big bad cat @@....what do you guys think :P??

Well that was it with the interview with your favorite CMs Dhar and Aruman...stay tuned in for more ;)

REAL Interview With CM Dhar & CM Aruman( Part 2 )

The rest of the interview.....

MSTR-FOEMA: So you guys receive direct feed from players
CM Aruman: Yes that's it
MSTR-FOEMA: What you guys hate about being a CM?
CM Dhar: Well when people keep asking you for free stuff..we simply can't go giving free items
MSTR-FOEMA: Yah many people think if they tell you "items please" a zillion times you will pass them +15 set and wep =.=
CM Dhar: We can only give items that we are told to give so its no point asking..
MSTR-FOEMA: Well about the multi client thing...the GMs removed multi client and you guys gave us a renamer..what's the point :S?!
CM Dhar: Haha Even I wanna know what's the point..we shouldn't have canceled it in the first place :S
MSTR-FOEMA: You wrote about the renamer on your blog
CM Dhar: Yes GM Helius told me to blog about that...zzzzz
MSTR-FOEMA: That's really wierd @@
CM Dhar: Indeed
MSTR-FOEMA: Can you tell us about coming events and updates :P?
CM Dhar: Hmmmm
CM Aruman: Mmmmm!!
CM Dhar: New weapons will be released I think..soon
CM Aruman: We have many things lined up for you guys MSTR-FOEMA: What type of new weps?
CM Dhar: Weapons like mystic NPC are using
CM Dhar: XD and we will also have a season 2 of WYDIANS journal which will be permenant..
MSTR-FOEMA: Like forever laks @@?
CM Dhar: The prize will be different, the competition will be tougher and the rules will be changed so stay tuned XD
MSTR-FOEMA: That is really nice, regarding the WYDIANS journal event, don't you guys think it will be really tough to select 3 winners only..?
CM Dhar: We will be selecting 10 winners instead of 3 of ancient weapons for season 1..because many bloggers are doing the right stuff..while some others are just copying and posting..
MSTR-FOEMA: That's really great, by looking at the blogs it is clear that we have some serious bloggers with great content so 3 would have been tough..
CM Aruman: Yeah
CM Dhar: Well we have really many bloggers
MSTR-FOEMA: Yah I didn't expect it to go that big o.O'!!
CM Dhar: Hehe it's like suddenly there is a huge growth is GE blogs
CM Aruman: Yeah so we would like to thank you guys for supporting the event
MSTR-FOEMA: We should thank you for laks and ancient weapons :P
CM Dhar: You are welcome ^^
MSTR-FOEMA: For WYDIANS who read my blog..what do you have to say??
CM Dhar: Attention WYDIANS!! MOL Thank you all!!!!!
CM Aruman: For nominating me lol
CM Dhar: kidding..if you wanna find a purpose for your life read MSTR-FOEMA's blog then and be is that??
MSTR-FOEMA: LOL that was perfect :D Thank you very much ^^
CM Dhar: You are welcome :-)

Still have more from our wonderful CMs Dhar and Aruman...remember you hear it hear first at The World Of WYD ;)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

REAL Interview With CM Dhar & CM Aruman( Part 1 )

While I was walking around in Armia looking for a water M share in server 4 and feeling bad that I never get the chance to see/interview a CM as I only interview them "in my dreams" I suddenly ran into CM Dhar!!! Just like that!! He was standing on a pig and walking very fast with it and he kept on going invisible from time to time ( to tease me I guess lol ) I asked him for a REAL interview and of course as you guys know how kind he is he agreed to give me an interview, not only that but he also summoned CM Aruman too!! So suddenly from having none I have two CMs at the same time!! We spoke about many things of concern and lots of questions which I was sure that they cross your mind were asked...The following Interview reveals many things so stay tuned :P

MSTR-FOEMA: Okay guys let's start with the traditional questions..I am really glad you gave me this interview :D
CM Dhar: Sure you are welcome ^^
CM Aruman: Hope its a good one :P
MSTR-FOEMA: Dun worry it will :P now, what do you guys like about being a CM? What is the good and bad part?
CM Dhar: hmmm..Probably the popularity!! MOL!! Kidding I guess it's that I can talk to anyone, No matter what is their level , I dun have the gap which is usually there between players of different levels.
MSTR-FOEMA: What about you Aruman?
CM Aruman: Hmmm..I like the authority!!! When I talk to players and they can't murder me!!!
MSTR-FOEMA: *Cough Cough* Yah...
CM Aruman: Seriously..
MSTR-FOEMA: What else..?
CM Aruman: I like being the bridge between GMs and help GMs do what the players need.
MSTR-FOEMA: Yep, that is very important for the development of the game, updates we dun want are just meaningless....
CM Aruman: True
MSTR-FOEMA: What's the difference between a GM and a CM? What are you guys responsible for??
CM Dhar: Well GMs handle stuff like technical problems and hack and scam cases, we are kind of soft GMs :P
MSTR-FOEMA: Yep you guys really mix with players :D What about your responsibilities, what are you guys responsible for?
CM Aruman: Well basically we are responsible for making the players happy LOL
CM Dhar: And we are also responsible for in-game events, we hold them and organize them
CM Aruman: Yes so we basically focus on the community

Well that was a small part of our dialog, much more is coming just have to make this one short because I need to go do physics H.W!!! Stay tuned in for more ;)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Fake Interview With CM Tonberry!!

Okay I decided to have another fake interview...but this time it would be with our dear CM Tonberry...Hope yall like it :D

Note: Those interviews are COMPLETELY fictional, no offense/disrespect is meant to anyone. GMs/CMs are really doing a great job, those interviews are just for fun, hope yall like them ^^

while I was walking in our kingdom I suddenly ran into a beautiful gal who was unfortunately wearing ehhh...dunno nothing mostly and she was jumping infront of king Glantaur who was really happy with this belly dancer o.O'!! I got closer for a chat with the king and suddenly I noticed that the belly dancer was CM Tonberry @@ I approached him and we had this conversation.....

MSTR-FOEMA: OMG Tonberry suit yourself!!! There are kids playing this game @@

CM Tonberry: Sorry I was trying to lure Glantaur to give me some gold
MSTR-FOEMA: ( looking at Glantaur who is drolling and coming towards us ) *COUGH* hey Glantaur wasssup bro..ehmm it's me your old friend???!
CM Tonberry: Dude I gave him those blue pills...I ain't really sure what they do and..

After fleeing the red kingdom.....

MSTR-FOEMA: Woot tonby that was close o.O
CM Tonberry: Yah luring kings is a time will lure GMs and..
MSTR-FOEMA: Okay okay I dun wanna know :S!! Just gimme an interview ^^
CM Tonberry: Sure why not...although I am the one who does the interview and..
MSTR-FOEMA: Quit framing me okay?? I am the real deal
CM Tonberry: Watch that ur talking to a CM @@!!
MSTR-FOEMA: *Cough cough* Let's get to the interview Sir Cm BlueBerry
CM Tonberry: It's CM Redberry....I MEAN Tonberry yes...Tonberry
MSTR-FOEMA: Which brings us to one of the questions which is frequently asked by your fans..what on earth does TONBERRY mean :S?!!!

CM Tonberry:'s so clear, it's TON BERRY which means a ton of berries!!!!!!
MSTR-FOEMA: I you lover berries?

CM Tonberry: No I named myself Tonberry cuz I hate them =.='
MSTR-FOEMA: Okay forget about name, anyway what's in a name :P
CM Tonberry: ................
MSTR-FOEMA: Okay I guess you like to interview people Toncherry?
CM Tonberry: It's Tonberry...=.=
MSTR-FOEMA: Whatever...what do you think of the blog event??
CM Tonberry: I think it's hot!!!
MSTR-FOEMA: Ehhhm yah I think it's hot too, I think It would be REALLY difficult for you guys to pick only three winners lol..that would make it really tight.
CM Tonberry: Yep but we will do our best
MSTR-FOEMA: Sure you will, I bet you didn't expect to be in an interview on my blog :P I told you that you will be my next victim :P
CM Tonberry: Glad to be here as I would be HONORED to be on your blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MSTR-FOEMA: Of course of course, glad to have you here too cherry :D
CM Tonberry: You know what?? YOU ARE BANNED!!! PERMANANT BAN
MSTR-FOEMA: OMG I was just kidding ton of berries...chilllllllllllllllllll
CM Tonberry: Yes berries yum yum cherries eww eww!!
MSTR-FOEMA: Okay you go eat cherries with Glantaur, anyway thx for the interview
CM Tonberry: No problemz

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fake Interview With CM Dhar!!

Well WYDIANS I just came home as I traveled in my weekend and now I am ready for my lessons which will start tomorrow, I wasn't able to update my blog for 2 days and so the competing WYDIANS won two rewards while I got zip, but it's okay as I ( as yall know ) will try my very best to keep up and get ahead, as I really worked hard on this blog and not afraid to say that my eyes are set on the grand prize..which is really worth the effort as yall can see....

I noticed recently that in WYD...I am no big shot, maybe I can interview some fellow bloggers/WYDIANS but when it comes to GMs/CMs I have no shot as I have never spoke to any of them and I am not an operator so as most WYDIANS I never really run into them....anywayI actually wanna interview our CMs and the joy impact staff, and since I have no shot of getting a real interview like -Soloran- did with CM Dhar I decided to make some fake interviews with them which you guys will definitely like :D

Note: Those interviews are COMPLETELY fictional, no offense/disrespect is meant to anyone. GMs/CMs are really doing a great job, those interviews are just for fun, hope yall like them ^^

While I was taking a stroll near the empty PK area in Armia town in server 4...I suddenly heard a really loud MEOWWWWWWW and as I went in to check if there was a "kitten in need" I was suddenly SLASHED by CM Dhar's claws who broke into laughing and then we had the following conversation...

MSTR-FOEMA: Dhar...don't you anything better to do beside stalking bloggers =.='!!
CM Dhar: MOL ( Meowing Out Loud!!! ) another fool in my genius trap!!
MSTR-FOEMA: Don't make me interview you Dhar cuz you can't take it!!
CM Dhar: MOL I can take anything rat, I am their big bad cat and...
MSTR-FOEMA: OKAY DHAR!! Get ready for question ONE!!
CM Dhar: MOOL anytime babbbyyyyyy!!! Rock The Game Bring The Fame!!!!!
MSTR-FOEMA: Okay first of all your name..what the HECK does DHAR mean?!!! I can't even pronounce it :S
CM Dhar: MOL it's a Persian cat name!! It's the name Dhar who was the king of Persia and..
MSTR-FOEMA: You just said it's a cat's name =.='!!
CM Dhar: Yes the king cat Dhar MOL it was the king of Persian in 666 BC and..
CM Dhar: MOL its 4 real, DOG!!
MSTR-FOEMA: LOOL *cough cough* yah I believe ya..
CM DHAR: Anyway what do you think of my blog reflection :P!!
MSTR-FOEMA: I am the one who ask questions here!!! What do you think of your blog reflection?
CM Dhar: I think its okay
MSTR-FOEMA: I constantly read it actually because it comments on "issues of concern" like the no multi client thing...
CM Dhar: Yes we gave the players a game renamer for they own pleasure ;)
MSTR-FOEMA: Well if the CMs were going to give the players renamers why would the GMs make using multi accounts illegal in the first place :S?!!!
CM Dhar: To make the CMs look CoOl o.O'!!!!
CM Dhar: Now hurry up cuz I gotta eat tuna, drink milk and slice up some other bloggers...
MSTR-FOMEA: No it's okay Dhar...and I still dunno if you were a girl or a guy @@ you said look how refer to myself and I did..
CM Dhar: Well, and what did you find out smart ass??
MSTR-FOEMA: You refer to yourself as a big cat @@!!!
CM Dhar: *Cough Cough* and what does this show you :P?
MSTR-FOEMA: I dunno any guys who refer to themselves as "big bad cats" :P
CM Dhar: Yah keep don't have to be a scientist to figure out =.=
MSTR-FOEMA: Yah right..okay big cat thanks for your time :)
CM Dhar: MOL you are welcome

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Perfect GM!!!

Okay I ain't saying that our GMs are bad or something...but exactly what is the GM of our dreams? The GM who would just be PERFECT..I guess the perfect GM would be like this :P

Note: This is JUST FOR FUN I know GMs don't/won't ever do anything from that kind, of course this isn't about a really perfect GM, just a fun packed one LOL. No offence is meant to anyone from this.

1- When someone scam your items he don't give em back and go like "be careful next time because we may not able to get it back" and stuff like that, the perfect GM would tell the guy who scammed you "IF YOU SCAM ANYONE AGAIN I WILL BAN YOUR B**** A$$ FOR GOOD, FEEL ME SUCKER?!!!" Then he would give you your items back and ask you to get scam as you want and he has got your back!!!

2- When someone in PK area PKs them for fun they don't just ignore him like descent GMs do...they go like "WTF YOU PK ME???" and then they kill everyone in PK area and starts to stalk you in desert!!!

3- They join Kingdom and guild when you make friends with one of them he comes with you to guild war help you take over towns and stuff like that, pretty sweet, eh? :P

4- They distribute hacks for players!! Yes they go like oh crap they removed multiple accounts..take this renamer guys to help you oopen 10 clients in the same time, or take this hack to help you shoot through walls or gives you extra improved evasion...take em and go kick some a$$!!!!

5- They help people hack accounts of people they dun like!!! You go like hey GM wsup..listen up man this dude pked me in desert, what about snatching his HB for me!!! and they go like LMAO wait a sec I will bring it for you and he brings it along with his +10 set just to tease him!!!!!

Hope you guys liked it :P

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pilling Wealthes!!

Okay WYDIANS today we speak about piling up :P ( or at least we all try lol ) after you guys complete your set and you are happy with your level you decide to start saving , you hunt and sell items and the money starts to pile and you guys feel like spending every now and then but dun want because you simply dun have to, when you reach that stage you better convert your gold to one of the following, actually in real life the money in the bank is no good, if you put all your money in the bank you simply wake up poorer every day because yesterday that amount of money bought 5x now it buys 3x...that's how life is and that's why people invest in gold or real estate to maintain the value of their money or increase WYD its kinda the same as there are some items which can to a far extend maintain their value...I will list 3 ways from better to worse.

1- you can simply buy the silver bricks from kingdom, this is done for storing large amount of money and for guaranteeing that what you save won't just slip from between your fingers...

Buy W/coins and save them on your account..the price of W.coins in real life money is a constant so when you save your wealth that way its value don't really drop like everything else...when you first started WYD your rare 54 dmg base HB was worth 100 mills now its sold for 15 mils so think...

3- Buy water M...because water M's value may drop but not really hard so its also one of the good ways to store money in...also you can use double experience to sell water M for more :P!!

4- Laktorium powders are one of the possible ways but I don't really prefer for various reasons...first of all when the game is saturated with laks the offered laks are more than the wanted laks so consequently the price drops..laks have dropped to 3 mills each now so if you have stored a lot you would have lost a lot...also not all people accept trade with laks, unlike W/coins which you can use to buy a weapon or even an account lol.

Hope you guys like this one although its short. actually I am traveling this weekend so I am kinda engaged @@ but I dun wanna fall meters before the finish line :P Anyway I hope yall find it useful, and if you dun wanna save anything you can buy me some waters M :P

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What Would Happen If They REALLY Listened To Us??!

Recently I was wondering what would happen to WYD if the GMs REALLY listened to us...I mena listen to us like we say they do, would that really make the game better?? I guess them doing so can make the game better and worse especially with some really "brilliant" suggestions that we hear from some of the MAGNIFICENT WYDIANS who just keep amazing everyone with their genius ideas!!!! Let's check out what would make this game better and what would make it WORSE..I mean MUCH MUCH WORSE!!

The good suggestions of fellow WYDIANS (the ones I heard during my time playing WYD LOL):
1- Make water scrolls usable items!!! I mean why THE HECK do we have to keep goin into the same cave A FREAKING MILLION TIMES in order to level up, I mean come on, this is VERY BORING killing those mobs a zillion times is no good, so here is what to do!! Make the water scrolls usable just by right clicking them, so when we go like sharing 4 water M or so we just party up, and the party leader clicks the scrolls we get the experience, fast and easy lol
2- Change the ENTIRE hunting method!! Now hunting in WYD is just a bunch of AFK players at tarons trying to get laks, the entire idea of "hunting" should be different, hunting should be about a group of players team up and go find and kill a monster AND get drops, not killing thousands of monsters and get hundreds of nothings and 1-2 lak powders...that isn't what hunting is about guys, and that concept should be applied at graduated difficulty for level 100 noobs till the tough god class/celes, those kings of mobs should graduate till we reach kephra s the hardest.
3- Make the tough mobs drop something...I mean like a 100% drop rate, rujuper broken for example...I dun wanna spend 15 minutes killing it then I get plain nothing..doesn't seem fair right?
4- Remove this level difference issue..I know it's necessary for selling water N :P but its kinda cruel and disappointing lol...
5- Give us a drop list!! We need YOU guys to tell us what mobs drop what items..
6- Give a BUDDY LIST!! If all other online games have it then WYD should have it too..
7- We need bigger MAPS!! In my opinions thats the MAJOR downside in WYD

What would make WYD MUCH MUCH WORSE!!!:
1- Ermm dunno how to say this but inserting BLOOD SPLASH AND BODY PARTS:S?!! OMG LOL never do that guys because when its massive PK I dun wanna walk through "cut off heads, blood and ripped off horses"!!! THAT would just screw our favorite MMORPG and descend it to the babarian age!! ( no offence SultanJohor LOOL )
2- Making all the characters look the same but with different skills :S!! What the heck is that supposed to mean LOL

Well I think that our FREAKIG stupid ideas a few :P or at least those were the two which REALLY stuck. Ripped off body parts...DAMN!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Interview With The Sultan!!

While walking in Armia server 1 trying to find new victims for my interview, or at least find 10 MAP mithril boots..:S I suddenly got a PM from one of the guys who won most informative blog entry for his really nice article about Trans Knight, his message for me was simple as he just said Interview me please!!! So I was like hello SultanJohor meet me server 4 @@!!! The victim came to me with its own legs :D I told him to wait me at Snow Field town and on my way there guess who was fishing near Azran boat at usual, yes right it was Cooldude21 as he thought that GMs took his crazy idea of fishing for special buffs, he was there for like two days so I decided to tell him the truth........

Note: Some of the contents of this interview have been altered by the agreement of SultanJohor, no offence is meant to anybody from this interview.

MSTR-FOEMA: Coolio what's up bro :D?
Cooldude21: The sky!!!
MSTR-FOEMA: =.=....yah funny, what are you doing here @@?
Cooldude21: I am fishing!!!
MSTR-FOEMA: Oh like catching fish?
Cooldude21: Coolio is trying to catch some fish, he told GMs to implant fishing for fish which gives special buffs so they must have implemented it by now!!
MSTR-FOEMA: And what makes you think they did...?
Cooldude21: Because I said so MANNNNNN. Coolio the king of coolnes and the..

Shoving pills in his throat and waiting for them to take effect.....

MSTR-FOEMA: Bro are you okay..?
Cooldude21: Yah man, I have been stuck here for like two days trying to catch fish :S!
MSTR-FOEMA: It's okay dun worry, luckily I was here to save you :P
Cooldude21: Yah batman thx...=.='
MSTR-FOEMA: I am here to serve :P now I need to go to Snowfield for my interview with SultanJohor :D
Cooldude21: LOL yah you will really love that interview :P!!
MSTR-FOEMA: What do you mean...?
Cooldude21: You will see what I mean, Have fun ;)
MSTR-FOEMA: Okay man, thanks.

Now I enter Snow Field........

MSTR-FOEMA: Heyyy Sultannnnn, how is it hanging man :D?
SultanJohor: Hillozx :D
SultanJohor: Me English not okay
MSTR-FOEMA: Oh don't speak English..?
SultanJohor: Me English no good
MSTR-FOEMA: Yes great, things can get better..=.=
SultanJohor: But me understand English good
MSTR-FOEMA: Okay, anyway I guess I will try to make this as short as possible =.='
SultanJohor: No troblem!!!
MSTR-FOEMA: Okay first of all, what is it that you like most about WYD?
SultanJohor: I like about the wepons and charctr seting!!
MSTR-FOEMA: In English..?
SultanJohor: I like the in game story!!!!!!!!!!!
MSTR-STORY: Okay, I didn't really knew it had one!
SultanJohor: Very fantasticI like the concept of old history war, because I like the war..
MSTR-FOEMA: Yes and why did you choose Trans Knight?
SultanJohor: For my souls!!!!
MSTR-FOEMA: Exactly, what would you like to see in WYD in the future? <<< the coming part is 4 real LOL
SultanJohor: I want to see real special effect like a..ehh e.g If you kill one person the blood will be splash or so..!!
MSTR-FOEMA: Cough Cough yah....
SultanJohor: Also need body part effect!!!!
MSTR-FOEMA: :S!!!!!!!!!
SultanJohor: They also need put on horse...blood ad body parts effects also
MSTR-FOEMA: So when you PK someone you want blood to splash, his head to be cut off and his horse gets ripped apart...@@?
SultanJohor: yeahs
MSTR-FOEMA: Yah that would be a really child friendly game...=.= maybe also add execution system for players with low CP...and let the bloodshed begin
SultanJohor: Yes very good effect o.O!!
MSTR-FOEMA: So in your opinion WYD needs blood and ripped off heads, human and animals body parts..?
SultanJohor: Exactelly!!
MSTR-FOEMA: Exactelly yah, okay sultan thx for your time, you go cut off a few heads now =.=
SultanJohor: PK, frag, kill, blood, death, torn apart horses is the best of WYD also the historical story!!
MSTR-FOEMA: Yah I guess you mean Resident Evil not WYD :S! Good luck and have fun
SultanJohor: Sankyou!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Arcarony & Hocear...The Final Stand ( Episode2 )

Okay now the 2nd and final Episode of my story ;)

My master was very busy talking to this…I really don't what this was, it looked liked a human, the only difference that it's entire eyes were blue and it had white feathery wings…don't get me wrong, I didn't mean wings like the birds' wings, I meant mighty wings…mighty white wings with white aura, each feather in those wings looked like a wing itself, They were simply indescribable with human words, it was speaking with my master with a weird language, and what really surprised me that they were talking like friends, as if my master knew him, although I was a servant I wasn't ignorant, I knew what this was, this is one of the people of the heavenly nation, no doubt about it. They finished their talking and headed for the stable, my master got onto the back of his Pegasus and flew with the heavenly creature, flew to heaven. From that night my master really changed and I don't mean with changed became evil I mean that he became different from the rest of the people, he spent lots of time in his study reading from books with a strange language from the visits of those heavenly people who keep bowing to him I started realizing that he was having a great respect among the heavenly nation, he also stopped eating and drinking, stopped completely…only then I knew that master Glantaur found the way to immortality.

At the same time, Halbert the master of Thor's priest was growing stronger, his blessings have become boundless that some people said that he was stronger than Thor himself was! His blessings became something more powerful than magic. Healing the wounded in a glance and curing the blind wasn't what his powers were about, as he walked the nature seemed to walk with him and his foreseeing was unquestionable....of course he taught many of his powers to his followers but his powers were still unchallengeable. The power of both men was growing and their influence was growing way far from Erion, they still didn't realize their powers, but the time they both realize their true powers was coming fast.

Halbert announced it then the word spread through Erion like fire in the dry wood..."The brutal barbarian forces will reach us in a week" he said, most of the people believed and feared but many didn't...Erion hasn't been in a battle for nearly a generation, two days later news started coming that nearby towns have been burnt down to the ground by barbarians, barbarians just like Harabard described them, heavily armed, riding wild Fenerirs and their number was beyond counting, it was clear now....Erion is going to war.

The unfortunate was that due to the long period in which Erion lived in peace the people of Erion were not skilled at the art of war; the only people who could fight were Harabard and his priests, Glantaur and the followers of his teachings. Although those two forces were mighty strong, they have never been into war before, Erion was trembling in fear and chaos started to spread in the city, the people of Erion started to flee And it was said that the world was going to end in those five days, Harabard and Glantaur calmed the people that the waves of the barbarians are going to break before they reach Erion, and they started to prepare for war….the war which is going to make them realize how powerful thy are. Harsbard and Glantaur started preparing for the war, sent their troops outside Erion, Glantaur took his Pegasus and flew into heaven and Harabard went to the altar f Thor….and they didn't come back.

The enemy troops are arriving tomorrow, said one of Harabard's priest to his comrade, Erion was nearly empty, Halbert's and Glantaur's troops who were waiting for the return of their leaders in the field outside Erion, and suddenly they have seen a light coming from the east, a light which was melting the darkness of the night, it was not a torch's light it was a holy light, and at once his troops have realized it, Harabard have returned. He entered Erion calmly while his troops were cheering for his return, he asked his troops to prepare for battle and entered his tent, a couple f hours later the sky started to roar, clouds were moving eagerly in circles and the lightning was striking everywhere, this alerted Glantaur's troops to his arrival, he descended from the sky on the back of his Pegasus and did like Harabard did.

Harabard sat alone in his tent and kept thinking, thinking of the people of Erion and of the blood which is going to be shed tomorrow. He has Thor's approval and blessings…Thor the god whom he is forever faithful for, Thor the god who should be worshiped by everybody who lives. At the same time Glantaur was sitting in his tent thinking of the people of Erion and of the bloody day which it's sun is going to send its first rays of light in few hours, he has the support of the heavenly nation which he rules now, he should rule the earth and the heavenly nation, to be the ultimate ruler, he was also thinking of Harabard, he knew that Harabard was immortal too, he wondered how strong he was, he knew that tomorrow everything was going to be revealed.

The sun of the seventh day sent it's rays on the troops which were eager for battle, blood thirsty, they all looked at the horizon, and there, their enemy started to appear, they saw a black line appearing at the horizon, then they started to realize how great their battle is going to be, hundreds of thousands of br

utal barbarians started to appear and both of the warriors knew that the battle won't be easy.

The troops gathered around their leaders, Harabard on the back of his blessed war horse and Glantaur on the back of his mighty Pegasus, they both charged at the enemy with their troops and stroke…with all the power they got.

It was clear that the barbarians were pretty strong…but they were no match for their foes, Glantaur flew over the enemies on the back of his Pegasus chopping off heads with his flaming sharp sword, Harabart didn't need swords, he used his will and blessings to bring the total destruction of his enemies, he moves his hands apart and the earth divides to swallow his enemies, trees carried their roots and ripped the barbarians apart, Glantaur realized that it is the time for the people of the heavenly nation to join the battle, he moved his sword in the air and cut the sky into two halves, people of the heavenly nation flew around chopping off the heads of the barbarian warriors with their crystal swords, only then, it was clear that battle was over and Erion was safe.

Both warriors returned to Erion which was nearly empty, they both had their heads busy, especially after they have seen the strength and the might of each other, they are both too ambitious and wanted to spread their word, each of them knew that his dreams won't come true while the other existed, they agreed to leave their beloved town Erion outside any struggle, they both took their troops and left Erion, Harabard founded Hocear..The blue kingdom of the divine blessings, Glantaur founded Arcarony...The red kingdom which bears the name of the heavenly nation, they both worked on expanding their influence, unfortunately to achieve their goals, they have to destroy each other. That was their story….the story of the two kingdoms.

Hope You Guys Liked it ;)

Arcarony & Hocear..The Beginning ( Episode1 )

Okay WYDIANS, here is my version of the story of the Blue and Red Kingdoms, Arcarony and Hocear....Hope yall like it ^^

It all started back then, in the ancient past, the past which is older than time itself, all what the people desired back then was living well, and that wasn't hard to achieve, the people were few and the earth was blessed, there was no reason to struggle or fight, but the wiser the men become and the more knowledge they gain, the higher their ambitions grow and the stronger their desires become, desire for the ultimate power and ambitions to become immortal….different men have different faiths, and different faiths lead to different desires, but what will happen if the desires of two mighty men clash? What is this going to lead humanity to? Well…as I said, this happened a really long time ago, so in order to really understand we need to ask someone who really knows, someone who was there from the beginning….do you see that man over there? Yes, that man with the dark cloak and the white beard, this man is as old as time itself and knows a lot, rumors say that he was the servant of "Glantaur"…who knows, this may turn out to be right or wrong….I think we should stop making consumptions and ask him to tell us the full story, the story of the two kingdoms….."Arcarony" and "Hocear".

So you all want to know the story? I do not mind telling it, you all need to know about your ancestors so you do not make their mistakes, listen well and learn, because if you do not learn you might take the wrong path.

Erion…the place where everything started, a beautiful place where people lived happily and peacefully, there was absolutely nothing to worry about, there was plenty of food and everybody profited well from their jobs in raising mounts, they all believed in the ultimate God Thor which blessed them and their village, everybody neglected all the other Gods, and they all were satisfied and believed in the ultimate God….not all of them, there my master "Glantaur"….he was one of the wealthiest mount traders in Erion, he was famous for his Pegasus and the strength of the mounts which he raised, he believed in Thor the ultimate God like the others but he wasn’t satisfied about the way the people used to worship God, he believed that all the people should try as hard they can to gain part of his power and become immortal, so he usually didn't take part in the worships his people used to practice, he worshiped Thor his way, worshiped him by searching for the ultimate power....searching for immortality.

On the other hand we have Halbert, the master of the priests of Thor, and in order to become a priest you must be able to bless things with the strength of your soul, your will and the strength which Thor gives you, and Harabart was a man with ultimate divine blessings, he was famous for healing the sick with the power of his divine blessings, rumors said that his blessings were too powerful that he could use it for many other purposes like gaining enormous strength….they also said that he had an extraordinary ability in foreseeing things, he was a blessed man with enormous powers, Harabart passed his powers to the priests he tested himself and knew that they were chosen by Thor, he taught them how to use their inner strength to achieve their goals, those priests however weren't many but they were strong enough, and they were the monks which taught the people how to worship Thor.

The sands of time decreased rapidly in the sand clock of time…and as the time went by their powers increased….both of them. Glantaur's search for the ultimate power seemed to show great results, of course nobody knew what he was doing, only me knew because I was his close servant and I have watched him daily…reading mysterious books and gaining some unbelievable powers, it all started that day, I had served dinner to my master and was on my was to bed when I heard that strange noise coming from my master's study, I rushed there to see what the matter was, the door wasn't completely closed so I took a peak inside and I simply couldn't believe my eyes because what I saw was simply unbelievable….

To Be Continued....

Friday, August 15, 2008

The Cool Interview!!

While I was taking a walk in Azran town looking for new victims after REALAMERICAN who nearly had my head for making fun of his ex guild McDonald's ( who on earth would name his guild MCDONALD'S LOL sorry real :P ) I started to smell some COOLNESS in the air @@ then I had the same idea which you guys have on your minds right now, could this be the Cool Dude o.O'? Of course I was right ( as usual :P ) and look is fishing near Azran boat, it's Cooldude21 :D after claiming my precious reward which I deserved after solving Cooldude's mystery which was to state his class @@ and of course the answer was nature BM and the result was 3 laks I earned by just looking at his picture in one of the articles of the blog lol, anyway here is my interview with my buddy, let's all cheer for Cooldude21 :D

NOTE: Cooldude21 is one of the people I really like in WYD and he is one of the tough bloggers out there with his blog really taking much of the spot light, no offence is meant to ANYONE and the answers in this interview were altered to satisfy our needs :P!!

MSTR-FOEMA: Hey Coolioooo, nice to meet you, thx for giving me this interview :D
Cooldude21: You are welcome any time bro, his royal coolness is always there for his fans -.-!!
MSTR-FOEMA: His royal coolness..that is you...right?
Cooldude21: Oh yes his coolness is Cooldude21 mate!!
MSTR-FOEMA: Okay sure......:S!!! Lets talk about you for a while
Cooldude21: Heck yes baby lets ROCK AND RO...
MSTR-FOEMA: Okay okay, first of all did you play SD?
Cooldude21: Yes baby. SD, WYD, WHD, DDR, HDTV and...
MSTR-FOEMA: ( WTF?!) I see and you also played under the name Cooldude21?
Cooldude21: Of course I was like the strongest player out there, I owned even the GMs @@!!!
MSTR-FOEMA: Oh really?
Cooldude21: Yes man you know in SD, I could take out yunz, -JaXoN- and OFFROADXXX all at the same time :D!!
MSTR-FOEMA: Oh really that is really awesome, I bet your attack, def and HP were pretty high weren't they?
Cooldude21: Yes I had 9k melee dmg, 6k Def and 35k HP so I was really tough @@!!
MSTR-FOEMA: I bet you loved to hunt with such D E A D L Y character
Cooldude21: I liked particulary to hunt Rujuper Broken @@
MSTR-FOEMA: I bet you could kill it really fast...
Cooldude21: 2 Hits @@!!
MSTR-FOEMA: COUGH COUGH ehhm okay let's stick to the present, because the past is the past you know..
Cooldude21: Sure Cooldude says its cool to stick to..
MSTR-FOEMA: Okay, let's put game play aside get talk about the blogging event which is currently going on..
Cooldude21: Cooldude is all ears ;=)!
MSTR-FOEMA: What do you think of the tense competition out there?
Cooldude21: I think that bloggeres in this competition are really doing their best, but the CMs wouldn't really find the winner who don't deserve the +9 28/63 god class weapon..
MSTR-FOEMA: You think you don't deserve it o.O'?!!
Cooldude21: Heck no Cooldude doesn't deserve it!!
MSTR-FOEMA: OMG dude you are so humble and so..
Cooldude21: I deserve a +12 72/32 god class weapon!!!
MSTR-FOEMA: COUGH yes of course you do, I seriously like you blog but don't you think that this is kind of too much @@?
Cooldude21: Cooldude was going to ask for a +15 wep or even a especially made +16 or +17 but I guess the +15 can do also no problem!!
MSTR-FOEMA: NAHHHHHH! I guess you should ask for 2 +15 weapons, they don't really "make" them LOL!
Cooldude21: Your pathetic opinion is right...
MSTR-FOEMA: That's wonderful now I guess you need take your pills so we can continue this interview without me killing anybody!!
Cooldude21: HUhhhhhhhh? ( Pills being shoved in his mouth!! )

Break Period for pills to take effect.............................................

MSTR-FOEMA: Bro you are okay now..?
Cooldude21: I guess so yes @@!!
MSTR-FOEMA: You still insist on 2 +15 perfect stats weps for your blog..?
Cooldude21: What are you talking about :S!?!
MSTR-FOEMA: Okay I guess they are working, please lets talk about the event shall we?
Cooldude21: Sure man No problem
MSTR-FOEMA: What do you think of Soloran's Weblog @@..?? <<< (HOT PART COMING!!)
Cooldude21: I think it's one of the good blogs in the competition so yah..
MSTR-FOEMA: Yes I think it's good enough to declare him of the winners even before half the competition period is over and..
Cooldude21: Ermm bro watch it...
MSTR-FOEMA: I mean why not he had a really great interview with CM Dhar, and as they said he is way ahead of the other bloggers to the "race" to the grand your opinion what effect would that have on the fellow WYDIANS participating in the competition?
Cooldude21: You mean beside demoralizing them..?
MSTR-FOEMA: Yes that and screwing their spirit, would it have an effect on them..?
Cooldude21: I guess it will have no effects on them @@!!!
MSTR-FOEMA: Same here, you know tomorrow I will win the blog entry of the day, you know how..:P?
Cooldude21: LOL no, I would like you to show me please :P
MSTR-FOEMA: No problem check this one out "Noob Questions" Can I trade my ashen bow for you +11 isis?....
Cooldude21: Nice title XD!!
MSTR-FOEMA: That was the entry itself, I will publish it tomorrow and get the blog entry of the day, as you can see it is really hilarious and you can understand what's the point of it :D!!
Cooldude21: Yes the point is "Help out the noobs" :P
MSTR-FOEMA: Exactly bro, exactly, thank you very much for giving me this interview :D
Cooldude21: Sure man you are welcome ^^

Hope I had yall entertained :P

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Boring Him To Death!! ( interview with REALAMERICAN )

Okay WYDIANS today is an exceptional day, everyday you guys listen to me go bla bla but to day i give space to another fellow WYDIANS who isn't just a normal WYDIAN he is a dear friend of mine, one of our guild's sub leaders and he is a R-E-A-L-L-Y good player, anyway he decided to give my blog the honor of interviewing him...that's right folks, let's hear a big cheer for REALAMERICAN...

NOTE: REALAMERICAN is one of the most people I like in game as he is supportive, reliable, helpful and one of the best sub leaders I have ever seen, the interview is real but the answers are modified to add some excitement to it, have fun ;) Thx real for giving me the interview ^^

MSTR-FOEMA: Hey real, how are you my friend :D?
REALAMERICAN: I am fine, thx ^^
MSTR-FOEMA: Can you give me an interview please?
REALAMERICAN: I am already doing so...=.='!!!
MSTR-FOEMA: Oh, okay let's get started..
REALAMERICAN: I am all ears, but please hurry up cuz I need go frag some blue capes at the desert!!!
MSTR-FOEMA: Okay it won't be taking long, let's start with the first question...did u play SD before?
MSTR-FOEMA: Do you like WYD then?
REALAMERICAN: If I dun like it why would I be playing it...=.='?!!!
MSTR-FOEMA: COUGH COUGH...yes good point, I think that means you like it!!
REALAMERICAN: ............
MSTR-FOEMA: Okay when did you start playing WYD global?
MSTR-FOEMA: I see, and what made you take Trans Knight? I noticed that your mortal, god class and celestial are all TK.
REALAMERICAN: I like it because it kick A$$!!
MSTR-FOEMA: COUGH ermmm, beside kicking a$$?
REALAMERICAN: I guess I like it because of its way of fighting, face to face, I feel like TK is up close and personal....and because it kicks a$$ also!!!
MSTR-FOEMA: Okay real I get it, lets just leave the "kicking a$$" aside shall we..
REALAMERICAN: Okay but it still kicks a$$!!!!!!
MSTR-FOEMA: So what do you like most about WYD?
REALAMERICAN: Meeting new ppl...!!
MSTR-FOEMA: Oh you mean like in a chat room??
REALAMERICAN: no like in an MMORPG...=.=
MSTR-FOEMA: Yah pretty different, let us speak about Bushido shall we..
REALAMERICAN: I guess so, why not
MSTR-FOEMA: Tell me how did it all start
REALAMERICAN: Well me and my boy canni were in McDonald's and..
MSTR-FOEMA: Oh you guys like McDonald's?
REALAMERICAN: Yah McDonald's was like a family to us ^^
MSTR-FOEMA: Yah I know what you mean, Ronald McDonald and his gang, I liked them when I was a kidd, but I guess you are kinda old for that real @@!!
REALAMERCAN: We didn't have any member named Ronald :S!!
MSTR-FOEMA: Dude, If you dun like him just say just dun deny his entire existence =.=!!
REALAMERICAN: What are you talking about :S?!
MSTR-FOEMA: What am I talking about? I ask you about guilds you tell me I like McDonald's, I mean their fries are really nice but..
REALAMERICAN: I mean McDonald's guild.......=.='
MSTR-FOEMA: LOL I thought you meant the fast food chain lol, their fries are just awesome and....
MSTR-FOEMA: Ehhm sorry mate, let's get back to McDonald's guild you said it's like a family..?
REALAMERICAN: Yah it was pretty cool and..
MSTR-FOEMA: You guys liked to PK in that guild?
REALAMERICAN: Yes we did lots of PK and..
MSTR-FOEMA: I guess the name is pretty catchy though, you guys threw sandwiches at people so you named it McDonald's..? LOOL
REALAMERICAN: .......we named it McDonald's because we killed fast, we deliver your death faster than McDelivery and...
MSTR-FOEMA: Sorry dude, let's speak about something else, I can't believe than canni was in a guild named MCDONALDS LOL...wait till I interview him also :P
REALAMERICAN: You are beginning to bother me @@ and I really don't have much time...
MSTR-FOEMA: Don't worry man in Bushido you don't have to deliver anything LOL!!!!
REALAMERICAN: ( buffing himself )
MSTR-FOEMA: COUGH COUGH real what are you doing man..:S
REALAMERICAN: You know what I like most about WYD?
MSTR-FOEMA: Beside meeting people :P?

(MSTR-FOEMA running out of altar before he gets his butt kicked @@!!)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What Makes 'Em Happy & What Makes 'Em Sad!!

I was thinking recently about the fellow WYDIANS and I was wondering what makes a WYDIAN happy and what makes him sad @@ I think all WYDIANS have some of those things in common ;)

What makes 'em happy:
1- When they are running through the desert and they hit that taron and get a powder or a perfect stats piece of armor, they feel the satisfaction and go tell everyone how lucky people they are.
2- When they make a weapon from +6 to +9 using 3 or 4 lak powders, they go like yah we are pros and think of that stupid idea which is to make 9 boosters and sell them.
3- When they attack a player in a PK area who is W A Y more powerful than they are who has just a very small bit of HP and they manage to kill him.
4- When they get many lak powders when they use C.C Mode, they feel like auto killing for ever.
5- When they get that level 100 mount although is has a very low Life Expectancy.

What makes 'em sad:
1- When they are running through the desert with one of their friends and they hit that same taron from ( what makes 'em happy ) section until it's almost dead then the other WYDIANS hit him the final hit and goes like "OMG I GOT A LAK POWDER/PERFECT STATS" the poor WYDIAN ( who is always broke ) goes like "&*$^%@&*$^@ WHY DIDN'T I CLICK THE MOUSE THAT 1 MORE CLICK :S?!"
2- When he fails tons of lak powders on his glove-again- and the "get rick from making a selling boosters" dream come tumbling down to the ground of reality @@
3- When they attack that much stronger player who is almost dead without noticing that he has a Naid @@ so he loses the Naid and it's the pay back time, he of course could have the sephira skill resurrection and succeeds to ressurect with a thirst for blood and you end up fragged.
4- When they use C.C mode for seven hours and get nothing but green stats armors, they just feel like crap and they will never use C.C mode again ( of course in the next day you find them auto killing in the same spot LOL )
5- When the level 100 mount ( probably that black steed ) with the low L.E dies in pk and when they try to ressurect it they found that the bloody steed has deceased for good and they have lost their money and will have to walk till they get a new mount.

Those were some of the reasons which make us happy or make us sad while playing WYD...Hope you all like it and only come across the ones which make you happy ;)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

When You Wanna Quit!!

Okayz people today why are going to discuss something which is completely different! It's when you wanna quit WYD, when those things which make you go like "WHAT THE &$@*&" and you just wanna either break your PC or break it then throw it out of your rooms window, those situations just happen to all of us ( and especially me lol )

situation#1 When you have successfully saved for your +9 set that you have always wanted you suddenly get struck by this B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T idea which is why don't you do it yourself (nerd laugh ) you take those low + items and you make them all+6 and get ready to go to+9 @@ your confidence is HUGE as you have once did something amazing like making a Victory Spear from +6 to +9 with 3 laks you feel like this is a child's play, you get to your items and decide to start with your glove as you are a magic attacker so the glove is the most important piece of your armors to get to +9 first so you drop the first lak to make it +7 and you are stunned that you failed but you go like everyone can fail once it's no problem maybe I dropped the lak early ( nerdish laugh ) then you drop the second one and it fails you go like maybe game lagged it happens all the time...eventually after many laks you realize three things:
1- you are an idiot
2- you have wasted 26 laks to get ur glove from+6 to +8 ( with TWENTY TWO PERCENT ON IT!!!!!!!!)
3- you have lost everything, every lak you throw you go like it's okay the next one will pass till you realize that there isn't a next one and that you are simply screwed!!
In fact in my whole life I have never seen such thing so when this happened to me ( yes I that idiot from the story lol ) I really couldn't believe it so I thought that that glove was either cursed, no-upgradeable, or something else beyond the limits of our material world!! Eventually you sell the glove to the most person you dislike in the game and you start saving again and never use lak powders again!!!

Situation#2 And this one hurts so much and it happens especially for Beast Master and Black Mage and sometimes for hunter. You are entering the desert with your Black Mage and just when you are crossing that peaceful group of low level player....KABOOM!! And you find many of them dead and te beautiful message regarding your CP which means that you won't be able to walk peacefully through any PK area because of the awesome Lightning Storm skill!! For A Beast Master the mess is less because Elemental Stream Skill has smaller range but anyway the final result is catastrophic, in case of a hunter you can accidentally press the Drawing Knife skill instead of buffing yourself ( usually happens when you are nervous during pk lol ) and of course the results even become more wonderful when you have the Piercing Attack skill as this causes you to cut through tons of noobs ( guys who played SD remember what used to happen at altar LOL ) like a knife cutting through cheese and you find your beloved name is colored with the beautiful reddish black color which send you a simple message which says "Congratulations Idiot!! You are screwed!!"

Situation#3 Is when you try to remove an item from your inventory to one of the equipment slots and you drop it, then one of two things happen:
1- you are able to pick it up quickly
2- you get an unfortunate lagg/dc or lagg followed by dc and you items belongs to the player who ran and stoon on it first!!
We conclude that we are stupid because we simply didn't press ctrl+right click to equip our items.

I guess that's enough for today, in fact since that most of those things happened to me I feel like a complete idiot LOL You guys feel free to post any similar things which happen to you.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Organized Brain..

Hello everyone ^^ today I would like to discuss something very important which is organizing your brain...In fact one of the keys of success in WYD is acting in an organized way, just by hitting level 351 you need to stop, think and organize your thoughts, as you should work on your character step by step, one thing after after another, you have two things to work on, the character itself and the items it uses, for your character the max limit for you as mortal is to reach level 400 with your 8th skill, when you do that your naked character is at its max strength, but unfortunately things aren't that easy, as your items are actually more important than your level...if you have good weapons and armors you can own people who are higher level than you and vise versa....In my opinion you should first focus on making all your set+7 and your weapon +9, then you should try level to level 355 ( you will need to unlock in order to level past that level ) then you should make all your items+9 after that you should focus on leveling, your goal should be reaching level 400 and when you reach level 400 it's the time to consider making a God Class Character...I wouldn't recommend it before level 400 as your God Class Character gains points as your mortal gains levels so you should be level 400 before you consider making a god class, also when you use a weapon MAKE sure it isn't the last mortal weapon BECAUSE you won't be able to use it on your god class as God Class Characters can't use last mortal weapons and you will find yourself stuck with it unable to use it on your God Class Character and you really can't sell those easy...

Hope you guys liked my article and found it useful ;) I had to make it short because I need prepare some stuff since I am traveling with my friends soon :D Have fun everyone ^^

Saturday, August 9, 2008

WYD Through The Ages ( History Class @@!! )

Hello WYDIANS and welcome to my first history class!!! In fact unlike the history you guys might take in school or even in college ( I hate history...sorry history lovers :P ) this is a funny history course, because it's the history of your favorite online game ;)

Did you play SD? That's a question that most of you have been several time from players they probably dun even know what he is talking about, and that is normal is normal because if you haven't played SD before then you probably dunno what is SD...actually, WYD isn't a new game as you might think, if you have played WYD since the first day of its launch and think that you are the oldest guy in the game you are actually wrong because many of the players you can see around have played the game you are playing now years before WYD came to see light, what was SD? Why we play WYD? What makes WYD better? All of that and more we are going to discuss here :D

SD actually stand for Supreme Destiny which is ( as you surely have noticed ) kinda similar to With Your a nutshell SD or Supreme Destiny is the older ruined version of WYD, SD was the Maley server, which was up and running years before WYD came to light, in fact we heard that WYD was going to open as soon a we saw SD dying, as SD eventually had to shut down because of financial problems, in fact SD had MANY HUGE problems, beside that there was almost no management of any type and GMs there were...dunno really what to say, they said that there was GMs but if you dun know one of them the only way you will get to know them is when some of them ban your account instead of someone else's account lol, anyway the game was really flawed in many many ways....gameplay there had major problems, there wasn't anything called CC system there, so if you wanna go hunting you can either hunt by yourself ( kill the mobs by yourself which is the legal way ) or of course you can use them illegal macroing programs and risk getting detected and having a beautiful 25% exp wipe ( which is really not good ) and by both methods you will get either crap or nothing at all..not to mention that everything there was like 2-3 times more expensive than it is here, so basically if you have money then you buy epoints ( equivalent to Wcoins ) as there was almost no other way to make money ( well I did duels for money, but that isn't what we are discusing lol ) also there was absolutely no balance in the game as the game had some players which simply can not be killed..and its simple math actaully, calculate his HP and his regeneration and the damage done to him by a group of very strong players, you will find that whatever they do they cannot kill him because of his regeneration ( regeneration there was a totally different thing ) as he has like 3/4 of his HP gone, swoosh all is full again, of course not to mention the illegal market which the GMs had for their own as they used to sell items with illegal stats for their own profit ( map and def weren't available there ) in fact there were some people in SD ( not to mention names but people who played SD know who I am talking about..) who were just above the law, also the kingdoms system was extremely flawed as there was simply no comparison between the strength of the red and the blue kingdoms as all of the game's strong players were in the Red Kingdom so the reds were strong and any many and the blues were weal and few, not to mention that to get red cape you needed 8x sapps which was a lot since a sapphire in SD was 1 mill each so it was really expensive for most people, anyway smart SD players found out a brilliant and funny way to get the cape without paying any sapps...CONFUSE the king!! just bring a BM with confuse the red king and get you cape for free :S!!! Actually I did this myself once lol, also the GMs there actually respected payers very much...I remember on time they had a scrap drop event at a certain time in server 3, all players go there get ready and then time passes by...minute after minute and eventually they dun show up!! It's like yall left what you were doing and came to enjoy our event? That's really cool but unfortunately we have no time for no event @@ as we are really busy selling illegal items, you guys have to wait and we just won't show up, oh and if you don't like it you can just hit the wall with your head!!! I also remember during a certain event a GM said this ( check this out LOOOL ) he said " WTF Stop PMing ME"!!!! so basically that what GAME MASTERS used to say, if they say this what are the players supposed to say to each other..? I will just leave it to you imagination..and of course luxuries like Q&A didn't exist there, I saw A GM like 2 times in my life and of course they weren't as friendly as GMs and CMs here, in fact CMs and GMs ( there was nothing called CMs there actaully =.=!! ) are so nice that they are spoiling us!!! Whever I use the Q&A section a get quick accurate and POLITE reply to ANY in-game question and beside all that they give you an address if you have a complain from any impolite or late replies...just wow!! I think guys who played SD know exactly what I am talking about. Of course in the final moths of SD they were trying to "milk" all players for money...they made all the event based on epoints!! like the ones from which you can get items with new stats =.= like 14/40 gloves base and crap from that type, you can even buy items there using epoints like a +11 god class set :S you can buy mountable mounts like dragons, griffins and kirens which you could only get with you can use epoints to buy just everything, those mobs out there had no actual purpose!!

There was also a great guild system bug called iAm, and although I was in a Red kingdom guild which was so close to iAm, I had to say that the guild system was really messed up as iAm was far so big and powerful compared to any other guild..they owned almost all towns and the towns which weren't owned by them were owned by allied guild with their assistance and approval, which really took the challenge element out of the game...well of course al them smart people sold their accounts and got out of the ship before it sank LOL ( items and accounts there were usually sold for real life money )

This was just story telling from the old days :D Hope you guys enjoyed it...GMs and CMs keep it up in order to maintain an everlasting fun to you all later ^^