Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Another Step On The Way!!!!!

Alright level 266 WYDIANS who have finished the Resurrection Of The Dark Knight Quest ( If you haven't finished it yet go finish it now before I get mad!! ) It's the time for your next leveling quest..The Immortality Of Hydra ( which kinda sucks as I will refer to next!! ) which you will proceed to with your shiny +6 armors from The Gargoyle Molar Tooth Quest and your level 266 character than you are beginning to be proud of ( don't get too proud as there is much much more to come yet!! ) The Immortality Of Hydra Quest will help you level from level 266-321 which is actually good because after level 300 you gain 20 stats points per level so leveling beyond level 300 is really big strength per level, anyway, the Immortality Of Hydra quest is a leveling quest where PK is enabled and its big enough to fit all players unlike God's Garden Quest ( you have done it so you know what I am talking about!! ) The only nasty thing about The Immortality Of Hydra quest is that the Hydras poison you ( each poison hit does its damage and take 10% of you total remaining HP ) so you will find that you HP is decreasing rapidly as a result of that, you cannot do this quest without pots no matter how high your def is because poison will take 10% of your HP no matter what, so if you are a summoner, happy with your defense and think that you are tough think again!!!!!! Anyway you guys basically HAVE to get to level 351 ( max level in the game is level 400 ) the leveling quests will help you till you reach level 351 but from there you will be on your own ( but I will be with you of course :P ) . Anyway, as you can see I am talking you through the game in details so you have to leave tomorrow for tomorrow and just do what I say..that's all for today, u guys and gals go level and we shall talk tomorrow ;)


"Rawr" said...

watch out for the PK'ers out there ^^

i love your guide MSTR-FOEMA


thx homy, glad you liked it :D