Monday, August 4, 2008

And The Wheels Of The Van Go Round Round Round!!!

Okay now you guys have finished the Spirit Guardian quest and dunno what to do...basically you should get to the level 116-190 quest which is named God's Garden, and for those of you who don't know God's Garden is the silliest, most boring and desperate quest in WYD!!! Honestly this quest will just make you hate yourself and wanna quit the game!! The problem is that the quest area is so small, the people are too many and you just can't get much of the Angel's Tears, so what to do to level fast? In fact this way you won't even have to do quest ;) you can simply join an academy, and for those of you who don't know the academy is made by WYD to help new members in our ever growing community, you just hang out in game and you will find different academy leaders yelling for recruitment, go and ask them to recruit you, when you become an academy members you can enter the Water Elemental Zone with or as it is known in players expression "do waters" which will help you level up FAST ( this time when I say fast I mean FAST!! ) Those Academy leaders are given the water scroll by the Game Masters ( Cheer for them everyone :P!! ) in order to help you new freshmen to get in the game. There are different countries academies a multinational academy also, being in an academy/guild will make the game much fun, you can get to level 119 now in order to enter the next leveling quest, but that's another story....

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