Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What Makes 'Em Happy & What Makes 'Em Sad!!

I was thinking recently about the fellow WYDIANS and I was wondering what makes a WYDIAN happy and what makes him sad @@ I think all WYDIANS have some of those things in common ;)

What makes 'em happy:
1- When they are running through the desert and they hit that taron and get a powder or a perfect stats piece of armor, they feel the satisfaction and go tell everyone how lucky people they are.
2- When they make a weapon from +6 to +9 using 3 or 4 lak powders, they go like yah we are pros and think of that stupid idea which is to make 9 boosters and sell them.
3- When they attack a player in a PK area who is W A Y more powerful than they are who has just a very small bit of HP and they manage to kill him.
4- When they get many lak powders when they use C.C Mode, they feel like auto killing for ever.
5- When they get that level 100 mount although is has a very low Life Expectancy.

What makes 'em sad:
1- When they are running through the desert with one of their friends and they hit that same taron from ( what makes 'em happy ) section until it's almost dead then the other WYDIANS hit him the final hit and goes like "OMG I GOT A LAK POWDER/PERFECT STATS" the poor WYDIAN ( who is always broke ) goes like "&*$^%@&*$^@ WHY DIDN'T I CLICK THE MOUSE THAT 1 MORE CLICK :S?!"
2- When he fails tons of lak powders on his glove-again- and the "get rick from making a selling boosters" dream come tumbling down to the ground of reality @@
3- When they attack that much stronger player who is almost dead without noticing that he has a Naid @@ so he loses the Naid and it's the pay back time, he of course could have the sephira skill resurrection and succeeds to ressurect with a thirst for blood and you end up fragged.
4- When they use C.C mode for seven hours and get nothing but green stats armors, they just feel like crap and they will never use C.C mode again ( of course in the next day you find them auto killing in the same spot LOL )
5- When the level 100 mount ( probably that black steed ) with the low L.E dies in pk and when they try to ressurect it they found that the bloody steed has deceased for good and they have lost their money and will have to walk till they get a new mount.

Those were some of the reasons which make us happy or make us sad while playing WYD...Hope you all like it and only come across the ones which make you happy ;)


Cooldude21 said...

Hahaha i totally can feel the CC part.

Btw bro ur nick is MSTR-FOEMA right?

MSTR-FOEMA said...

yes it is, but i didnt't create it actually lol i got it like that, but yrs my in-game nick is MSTR-FOEMA