Thursday, August 7, 2008

And Even More Steps!!!

Okay buddies, without much useless introductions let's get to The Beginning Of Unhappiness Quest which is the last leveling quest and it is The Beginning Of Unhappiness as it is the last leveling quest ( of course they didn't call it the beginning of unhappiness because its the last leveling quest...LOL!! ) and the mobs there do some SERIOUS DAMAGE so you should really be careful, if the official website told you that "the Trans Knight is good at tanking and can easily take out a pack of monsters" well that is right but not at your level at not with those mobs, because if they gang bang you are done so take care while doing it @@!! Anyway the mobs there drop lak powders a lot so you should enjoy doing it, if i were you i would use the powders which drop in the quest by selling them and saving for your 8th Skill which costs 50 millions, also in leveling quests you guys should try to party each other to get more exp and level up faster, when you do the quest alone you will just level slower, help and you should be helped, now the leveling quests are over thankfully we will be able to discuss other things here ;) You guys ( and gals :P ) go level up to 351 now then come back here cuz we have issues to discuss!! Talk to you all tomorrow ;)

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