Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Wheel is in motion...!!

Okay folks now your level is 40 and you wanna get started with you first leveling quest, and for you to know the leveling in this game is as easy as it could be, from level 40-351 you get to level in leveling quests which are quest there to help you to really level up fast, you enter the quest kill monsters which drop items which you use to gain lots of experience, and that of course is wayyy faster than leveling in the normal way which is killing many many many mobs. The First leveling quest is called the Spirit Guardian and you need to be at least level 40 to enter that quest, you can simply enter the quest simply by clicking the griffin master NPC in front of the Graveyard which you see as soon as you land from the griffin, but before you enter we need to make sure that you will be able to kill in there...basically at level 40 it doesn't really matter if you are melee or magic because you MAP will be very low because you have very little intelligence ( you won't be smart enough :P! ) and you would have few skills because of your low level so in the beginning i say yall use melee weapons then later at like level 100 or so you can start using you magic spells, you guys might wonder what weapon you should use and I should tell you that it is simple, you can use Froggy Sword, Orc Staff or Skull bow ;) How to make them? Its very simple actually, when you login the game you will with your newly created character a sword ( long one and short one ) or bows ( long one and short one ) or a staff ( small one and big one also lol ) after you have made the big sword, bow or staff +3 in the Training Camp Quest you click on one of the Unicorns like this one, there are three Unicorns located in three different locations, one behind The Spirit Gaurdian Quest, one in front of Erion Town and the third is...well you guys go find the third one for yourselves :P!! After you get your weapons get inside the Spirit Guardian Quest and start doing some damage ;) If you are a character which can use a bow i reccomend that you use it in order to have a shot on one of the soul skeletons and to be able to hit them without them hitting you ;) You guys level up fast and I will be getting to you guys tomorrow ^^ Good luck and have fun yall :D

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