Thursday, August 14, 2008

Boring Him To Death!! ( interview with REALAMERICAN )

Okay WYDIANS today is an exceptional day, everyday you guys listen to me go bla bla but to day i give space to another fellow WYDIANS who isn't just a normal WYDIAN he is a dear friend of mine, one of our guild's sub leaders and he is a R-E-A-L-L-Y good player, anyway he decided to give my blog the honor of interviewing him...that's right folks, let's hear a big cheer for REALAMERICAN...

NOTE: REALAMERICAN is one of the most people I like in game as he is supportive, reliable, helpful and one of the best sub leaders I have ever seen, the interview is real but the answers are modified to add some excitement to it, have fun ;) Thx real for giving me the interview ^^

MSTR-FOEMA: Hey real, how are you my friend :D?
REALAMERICAN: I am fine, thx ^^
MSTR-FOEMA: Can you give me an interview please?
REALAMERICAN: I am already doing so...=.='!!!
MSTR-FOEMA: Oh, okay let's get started..
REALAMERICAN: I am all ears, but please hurry up cuz I need go frag some blue capes at the desert!!!
MSTR-FOEMA: Okay it won't be taking long, let's start with the first question...did u play SD before?
MSTR-FOEMA: Do you like WYD then?
REALAMERICAN: If I dun like it why would I be playing it...=.='?!!!
MSTR-FOEMA: COUGH COUGH...yes good point, I think that means you like it!!
REALAMERICAN: ............
MSTR-FOEMA: Okay when did you start playing WYD global?
MSTR-FOEMA: I see, and what made you take Trans Knight? I noticed that your mortal, god class and celestial are all TK.
REALAMERICAN: I like it because it kick A$$!!
MSTR-FOEMA: COUGH ermmm, beside kicking a$$?
REALAMERICAN: I guess I like it because of its way of fighting, face to face, I feel like TK is up close and personal....and because it kicks a$$ also!!!
MSTR-FOEMA: Okay real I get it, lets just leave the "kicking a$$" aside shall we..
REALAMERICAN: Okay but it still kicks a$$!!!!!!
MSTR-FOEMA: So what do you like most about WYD?
REALAMERICAN: Meeting new ppl...!!
MSTR-FOEMA: Oh you mean like in a chat room??
REALAMERICAN: no like in an MMORPG...=.=
MSTR-FOEMA: Yah pretty different, let us speak about Bushido shall we..
REALAMERICAN: I guess so, why not
MSTR-FOEMA: Tell me how did it all start
REALAMERICAN: Well me and my boy canni were in McDonald's and..
MSTR-FOEMA: Oh you guys like McDonald's?
REALAMERICAN: Yah McDonald's was like a family to us ^^
MSTR-FOEMA: Yah I know what you mean, Ronald McDonald and his gang, I liked them when I was a kidd, but I guess you are kinda old for that real @@!!
REALAMERCAN: We didn't have any member named Ronald :S!!
MSTR-FOEMA: Dude, If you dun like him just say just dun deny his entire existence =.=!!
REALAMERICAN: What are you talking about :S?!
MSTR-FOEMA: What am I talking about? I ask you about guilds you tell me I like McDonald's, I mean their fries are really nice but..
REALAMERICAN: I mean McDonald's guild.......=.='
MSTR-FOEMA: LOL I thought you meant the fast food chain lol, their fries are just awesome and....
MSTR-FOEMA: Ehhm sorry mate, let's get back to McDonald's guild you said it's like a family..?
REALAMERICAN: Yah it was pretty cool and..
MSTR-FOEMA: You guys liked to PK in that guild?
REALAMERICAN: Yes we did lots of PK and..
MSTR-FOEMA: I guess the name is pretty catchy though, you guys threw sandwiches at people so you named it McDonald's..? LOOL
REALAMERICAN: .......we named it McDonald's because we killed fast, we deliver your death faster than McDelivery and...
MSTR-FOEMA: Sorry dude, let's speak about something else, I can't believe than canni was in a guild named MCDONALDS LOL...wait till I interview him also :P
REALAMERICAN: You are beginning to bother me @@ and I really don't have much time...
MSTR-FOEMA: Don't worry man in Bushido you don't have to deliver anything LOL!!!!
REALAMERICAN: ( buffing himself )
MSTR-FOEMA: COUGH COUGH real what are you doing man..:S
REALAMERICAN: You know what I like most about WYD?
MSTR-FOEMA: Beside meeting people :P?

(MSTR-FOEMA running out of altar before he gets his butt kicked @@!!)

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Cooldude21 said...

LOL that was funny haha! yea theres a Macdonald guild and its near extinction haha.

hey i tried to look for you in all svrs /MSTR-FOEMA ure not around bro.

how bout we meet later at the league? same svr as the league i'll pm u then? :D