Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What Would Happen If They REALLY Listened To Us??!

Recently I was wondering what would happen to WYD if the GMs REALLY listened to us...I mena listen to us like we say they do, would that really make the game better?? I guess them doing so can make the game better and worse especially with some really "brilliant" suggestions that we hear from some of the MAGNIFICENT WYDIANS who just keep amazing everyone with their genius ideas!!!! Let's check out what would make this game better and what would make it WORSE..I mean MUCH MUCH WORSE!!

The good suggestions of fellow WYDIANS (the ones I heard during my time playing WYD LOL):
1- Make water scrolls usable items!!! I mean why THE HECK do we have to keep goin into the same cave A FREAKING MILLION TIMES in order to level up, I mean come on, this is VERY BORING killing those mobs a zillion times is no good, so here is what to do!! Make the water scrolls usable just by right clicking them, so when we go like sharing 4 water M or so we just party up, and the party leader clicks the scrolls we get the experience, fast and easy lol
2- Change the ENTIRE hunting method!! Now hunting in WYD is just a bunch of AFK players at tarons trying to get laks, the entire idea of "hunting" should be different, hunting should be about a group of players team up and go find and kill a monster AND get drops, not killing thousands of monsters and get hundreds of nothings and 1-2 lak powders...that isn't what hunting is about guys, and that concept should be applied at graduated difficulty for level 100 noobs till the tough god class/celes, those kings of mobs should graduate till we reach kephra s the hardest.
3- Make the tough mobs drop something...I mean like a 100% drop rate, rujuper broken for example...I dun wanna spend 15 minutes killing it then I get plain nothing..doesn't seem fair right?
4- Remove this level difference issue..I know it's necessary for selling water N :P but its kinda cruel and disappointing lol...
5- Give us a drop list!! We need YOU guys to tell us what mobs drop what items..
6- Give a BUDDY LIST!! If all other online games have it then WYD should have it too..
7- We need bigger MAPS!! In my opinions thats the MAJOR downside in WYD

What would make WYD MUCH MUCH WORSE!!!:
1- Ermm dunno how to say this but inserting BLOOD SPLASH AND BODY PARTS:S?!! OMG LOL never do that guys because when its massive PK I dun wanna walk through "cut off heads, blood and ripped off horses"!!! THAT would just screw our favorite MMORPG and descend it to the babarian age!! ( no offence SultanJohor LOOL )
2- Making all the characters look the same but with different skills :S!! What the heck is that supposed to mean LOL

Well I think that our FREAKIG stupid ideas a few :P or at least those were the two which REALLY stuck. Ripped off body parts...DAMN!!

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Cooldude21 said...

lol nice!

hahaha. i agree on all but not the make water M a usable item lol.

that would seriously decrease the amount of gameplay. hehe.