Saturday, August 9, 2008

WYD Through The Ages ( History Class @@!! )

Hello WYDIANS and welcome to my first history class!!! In fact unlike the history you guys might take in school or even in college ( I hate history...sorry history lovers :P ) this is a funny history course, because it's the history of your favorite online game ;)

Did you play SD? That's a question that most of you have been several time from players they probably dun even know what he is talking about, and that is normal is normal because if you haven't played SD before then you probably dunno what is SD...actually, WYD isn't a new game as you might think, if you have played WYD since the first day of its launch and think that you are the oldest guy in the game you are actually wrong because many of the players you can see around have played the game you are playing now years before WYD came to see light, what was SD? Why we play WYD? What makes WYD better? All of that and more we are going to discuss here :D

SD actually stand for Supreme Destiny which is ( as you surely have noticed ) kinda similar to With Your a nutshell SD or Supreme Destiny is the older ruined version of WYD, SD was the Maley server, which was up and running years before WYD came to light, in fact we heard that WYD was going to open as soon a we saw SD dying, as SD eventually had to shut down because of financial problems, in fact SD had MANY HUGE problems, beside that there was almost no management of any type and GMs there were...dunno really what to say, they said that there was GMs but if you dun know one of them the only way you will get to know them is when some of them ban your account instead of someone else's account lol, anyway the game was really flawed in many many ways....gameplay there had major problems, there wasn't anything called CC system there, so if you wanna go hunting you can either hunt by yourself ( kill the mobs by yourself which is the legal way ) or of course you can use them illegal macroing programs and risk getting detected and having a beautiful 25% exp wipe ( which is really not good ) and by both methods you will get either crap or nothing at all..not to mention that everything there was like 2-3 times more expensive than it is here, so basically if you have money then you buy epoints ( equivalent to Wcoins ) as there was almost no other way to make money ( well I did duels for money, but that isn't what we are discusing lol ) also there was absolutely no balance in the game as the game had some players which simply can not be killed..and its simple math actaully, calculate his HP and his regeneration and the damage done to him by a group of very strong players, you will find that whatever they do they cannot kill him because of his regeneration ( regeneration there was a totally different thing ) as he has like 3/4 of his HP gone, swoosh all is full again, of course not to mention the illegal market which the GMs had for their own as they used to sell items with illegal stats for their own profit ( map and def weren't available there ) in fact there were some people in SD ( not to mention names but people who played SD know who I am talking about..) who were just above the law, also the kingdoms system was extremely flawed as there was simply no comparison between the strength of the red and the blue kingdoms as all of the game's strong players were in the Red Kingdom so the reds were strong and any many and the blues were weal and few, not to mention that to get red cape you needed 8x sapps which was a lot since a sapphire in SD was 1 mill each so it was really expensive for most people, anyway smart SD players found out a brilliant and funny way to get the cape without paying any sapps...CONFUSE the king!! just bring a BM with confuse the red king and get you cape for free :S!!! Actually I did this myself once lol, also the GMs there actually respected payers very much...I remember on time they had a scrap drop event at a certain time in server 3, all players go there get ready and then time passes by...minute after minute and eventually they dun show up!! It's like yall left what you were doing and came to enjoy our event? That's really cool but unfortunately we have no time for no event @@ as we are really busy selling illegal items, you guys have to wait and we just won't show up, oh and if you don't like it you can just hit the wall with your head!!! I also remember during a certain event a GM said this ( check this out LOOOL ) he said " WTF Stop PMing ME"!!!! so basically that what GAME MASTERS used to say, if they say this what are the players supposed to say to each other..? I will just leave it to you imagination..and of course luxuries like Q&A didn't exist there, I saw A GM like 2 times in my life and of course they weren't as friendly as GMs and CMs here, in fact CMs and GMs ( there was nothing called CMs there actaully =.=!! ) are so nice that they are spoiling us!!! Whever I use the Q&A section a get quick accurate and POLITE reply to ANY in-game question and beside all that they give you an address if you have a complain from any impolite or late replies...just wow!! I think guys who played SD know exactly what I am talking about. Of course in the final moths of SD they were trying to "milk" all players for money...they made all the event based on epoints!! like the ones from which you can get items with new stats =.= like 14/40 gloves base and crap from that type, you can even buy items there using epoints like a +11 god class set :S you can buy mountable mounts like dragons, griffins and kirens which you could only get with you can use epoints to buy just everything, those mobs out there had no actual purpose!!

There was also a great guild system bug called iAm, and although I was in a Red kingdom guild which was so close to iAm, I had to say that the guild system was really messed up as iAm was far so big and powerful compared to any other guild..they owned almost all towns and the towns which weren't owned by them were owned by allied guild with their assistance and approval, which really took the challenge element out of the game...well of course al them smart people sold their accounts and got out of the ship before it sank LOL ( items and accounts there were usually sold for real life money )

This was just story telling from the old days :D Hope you guys enjoyed it...GMs and CMs keep it up in order to maintain an everlasting fun to you all later ^^


Cooldude21 said...

heheh your's cool too. bring back memories of SD awww. hahaha.


yah them old days, btw i liked ur essay about the money cubes, i tried them and same thing happened to me, won the lost more than i won :( lolz