Friday, August 29, 2008

How To Piss Off WYDIANS!!

Okay here is a simple guide about how to make a WYDIAN pissed!!

1- When he is auto killing in desert stand near him and KS him!!
2- When he is in armia PK hit him and run outside fast, or when he is talking to someone there run and kill him without warning
3- Spam challenge people!!!! or keep PM spam them
4- PK him when he is AFK...that will really piss him off
5- PK weaker people in desert without a reason...they will die, tell you "F*** you noob" then teleport to town, or if they were smart they will just say noob to avoid being chat banned!!
6- When you are in a water share and not boxing ( in academy waters especially ) hit monsters from time to time....they will just yell kick him he lower exp and stuff like that
7- Say that you sell something and when someone tells you that he wants to buy tell him to go aki then logout of the game

There were 7 things that you probably should be avoiding :P Be good kidz :D

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-Soloran- said...

sorry bout that buddy. ill do it right now. I didnt realize that I didnt have your link in my blogroll.