Wednesday, August 27, 2008

REAL Interview With CM Dhar & CM Aruman( Part 2 )

The rest of the interview.....

MSTR-FOEMA: So you guys receive direct feed from players
CM Aruman: Yes that's it
MSTR-FOEMA: What you guys hate about being a CM?
CM Dhar: Well when people keep asking you for free stuff..we simply can't go giving free items
MSTR-FOEMA: Yah many people think if they tell you "items please" a zillion times you will pass them +15 set and wep =.=
CM Dhar: We can only give items that we are told to give so its no point asking..
MSTR-FOEMA: Well about the multi client thing...the GMs removed multi client and you guys gave us a renamer..what's the point :S?!
CM Dhar: Haha Even I wanna know what's the point..we shouldn't have canceled it in the first place :S
MSTR-FOEMA: You wrote about the renamer on your blog
CM Dhar: Yes GM Helius told me to blog about that...zzzzz
MSTR-FOEMA: That's really wierd @@
CM Dhar: Indeed
MSTR-FOEMA: Can you tell us about coming events and updates :P?
CM Dhar: Hmmmm
CM Aruman: Mmmmm!!
CM Dhar: New weapons will be released I think..soon
CM Aruman: We have many things lined up for you guys MSTR-FOEMA: What type of new weps?
CM Dhar: Weapons like mystic NPC are using
CM Dhar: XD and we will also have a season 2 of WYDIANS journal which will be permenant..
MSTR-FOEMA: Like forever laks @@?
CM Dhar: The prize will be different, the competition will be tougher and the rules will be changed so stay tuned XD
MSTR-FOEMA: That is really nice, regarding the WYDIANS journal event, don't you guys think it will be really tough to select 3 winners only..?
CM Dhar: We will be selecting 10 winners instead of 3 of ancient weapons for season 1..because many bloggers are doing the right stuff..while some others are just copying and posting..
MSTR-FOEMA: That's really great, by looking at the blogs it is clear that we have some serious bloggers with great content so 3 would have been tough..
CM Aruman: Yeah
CM Dhar: Well we have really many bloggers
MSTR-FOEMA: Yah I didn't expect it to go that big o.O'!!
CM Dhar: Hehe it's like suddenly there is a huge growth is GE blogs
CM Aruman: Yeah so we would like to thank you guys for supporting the event
MSTR-FOEMA: We should thank you for laks and ancient weapons :P
CM Dhar: You are welcome ^^
MSTR-FOEMA: For WYDIANS who read my blog..what do you have to say??
CM Dhar: Attention WYDIANS!! MOL Thank you all!!!!!
CM Aruman: For nominating me lol
CM Dhar: kidding..if you wanna find a purpose for your life read MSTR-FOEMA's blog then and be is that??
MSTR-FOEMA: LOL that was perfect :D Thank you very much ^^
CM Dhar: You are welcome :-)

Still have more from our wonderful CMs Dhar and Aruman...remember you hear it hear first at The World Of WYD ;)

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