Tuesday, August 12, 2008

When You Wanna Quit!!

Okayz people today why are going to discuss something which is completely different! It's when you wanna quit WYD, when those things which make you go like "WHAT THE &$@*&" and you just wanna either break your PC or break it then throw it out of your rooms window, those situations just happen to all of us ( and especially me lol )

situation#1 When you have successfully saved for your +9 set that you have always wanted you suddenly get struck by this B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T idea which is why don't you do it yourself (nerd laugh ) you take those low + items and you make them all+6 and get ready to go to+9 @@ your confidence is HUGE as you have once did something amazing like making a Victory Spear from +6 to +9 with 3 laks you feel like this is a child's play, you get to your items and decide to start with your glove as you are a magic attacker so the glove is the most important piece of your armors to get to +9 first so you drop the first lak to make it +7 and you are stunned that you failed but you go like everyone can fail once it's no problem maybe I dropped the lak early ( nerdish laugh ) then you drop the second one and it fails you go like maybe game lagged it happens all the time...eventually after many laks you realize three things:
1- you are an idiot
2- you have wasted 26 laks to get ur glove from+6 to +8 ( with TWENTY TWO PERCENT ON IT!!!!!!!!)
3- you have lost everything, every lak you throw you go like it's okay the next one will pass till you realize that there isn't a next one and that you are simply screwed!!
In fact in my whole life I have never seen such thing so when this happened to me ( yes I that idiot from the story lol ) I really couldn't believe it so I thought that that glove was either cursed, no-upgradeable, or something else beyond the limits of our material world!! Eventually you sell the glove to the most person you dislike in the game and you start saving again and never use lak powders again!!!

Situation#2 And this one hurts so much and it happens especially for Beast Master and Black Mage and sometimes for hunter. You are entering the desert with your Black Mage and just when you are crossing that peaceful group of low level player....KABOOM!! And you find many of them dead and te beautiful message regarding your CP which means that you won't be able to walk peacefully through any PK area because of the awesome Lightning Storm skill!! For A Beast Master the mess is less because Elemental Stream Skill has smaller range but anyway the final result is catastrophic, in case of a hunter you can accidentally press the Drawing Knife skill instead of buffing yourself ( usually happens when you are nervous during pk lol ) and of course the results even become more wonderful when you have the Piercing Attack skill as this causes you to cut through tons of noobs ( guys who played SD remember what used to happen at altar LOL ) like a knife cutting through cheese and you find your beloved name is colored with the beautiful reddish black color which send you a simple message which says "Congratulations Idiot!! You are screwed!!"

Situation#3 Is when you try to remove an item from your inventory to one of the equipment slots and you drop it, then one of two things happen:
1- you are able to pick it up quickly
2- you get an unfortunate lagg/dc or lagg followed by dc and you items belongs to the player who ran and stoon on it first!!
We conclude that we are stupid because we simply didn't press ctrl+right click to equip our items.

I guess that's enough for today, in fact since that most of those things happened to me I feel like a complete idiot LOL You guys feel free to post any similar things which happen to you.


Cooldude21 said...

LOL. Perfect scenarios haha.

oh how bout losing 400m due to the money cube lol.

totally made me wanna quit haha.

hey bro btw ure on now? cant find u last night haha.

Brandon S said...
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Soloran said...

Listen man,

I wasted about 13 laks on a set of gloves only to loose them because I failed to make the ancient weapon of mine. Nearly 200m down the drain. Hows that for a lose?


MSTR-FOEMA said...

looks like we have many of those stories lol