Sunday, December 21, 2008

Unfolding The Mystery....An Interview With -Chaos-

Well today I got one hot interview for you guys :P As yall have seen not a very long ago we had a very UNUSUAL CS behavior as he did actually cuss out loud using shouts on a CS char!! Of course due to this Ex CS England AKA -Chaos- was removed from the CS team...but what really happened? What caused a CS who passed all the CS tests and interviews to act the way he did? Well the best way to find out is by asking him ;) We all know about him being hacked and stuff like that, but let's hear it from him xD

WickedSnake: Okay let's start from beginning to end

-Chaos-: Yes but let me start by saying it wasn't the people who knew my pass, I can trust them with anything and I was right.

WickedSnake: Ya so it wasn't because of multipilots

-Chaos-: Well basically I was happily playing and went for a quick snack, I came back to see that I have DCed, I relogged and found out that I DCed someone...I logged in and found out that -Chaos- was heart stopped

WickedSnake: Well that's spooky

-Chaos-: I accessed the char and in his inventory was nothing but one item...

WickedSnake: Which was..?

-Chaos-: A spirit seal!!
WickedSnake: OMG!!

-Chaos-: Yes OMG...he tried to log again so I kept logging in as fast as I could to keep the hacker out
WickedSnake: Wa

-Chaos-: While I told pete to change password

WickedSnake: Who is pete??

-Chaos-: My cousin, IGN -Morphisis-and then I reported and before I know the account is locked, it stayed locked for over a week

WickedSnake: What did they tell you?

-Chaos-: Well basically saying servers you right for share
WickedSnake: What does that mean :S?!?!

-Chaos-: Well my and pete are both pilot so somehow they assumed that we hacked each other, anyway a couple of days later they told me that they have found the stuff
WickedSnake: That's nice so you got all your stuff back

-Chaos-: Yes thanks God

WickedSnake: Well what caused you to login your CS account and do what you did??

-Chaos-: Well it was due to my outbrast of pure RAGE, I go boxing ever night, I almost broke my wrist that night!!

WickedSnake: LOL chilll out dawgggg

-Chaos-: Ya the poor bag

WickedSnake: Dude you are supposed to be a pilot

-Chaos-: We have anger too xD

WickedSnake: Yes but have some self control

-Chaos-: and now sick leave

WickedSnake: What the GMs tell you about the hacker? Who was he? How did he do it?

-Chaos-: They told me very little

WickedSnake: Well tell us xD

-Chaos-: They told me that the IP address was probably from Egypt and the stuff had been traded many times so they were hard to trace

WickedSnake: Good that you got everything back

-Choas-: Yes in fact I did celebrate this by upgrading the most item that I like in game xD

WickedSnake: Wow that's nice ^^

-Chaos-: Thank you xD How do you feel about the Griffen event?

WickedSnake: Well I think it kinda sucks cuz the mechanism could have been better lol

-Chaos-: Ya I guess am going to win battle royal, I got so many medals that I had to empty my inventory like twice lol
WickedSnake: That's nice, I think the registry mechanism could have been better

-Chaos-: Well battle royal is bad

WickedSnake: Well since you are known to be a pro hunter, give us some hunting tips :P

-Chaos-: Well dun afk hunt, hunting while you are online gives much better results, also try and hunt monsters that are worth it

WickedSnake: Well I got to go now, thanks for the interview

-Chaos-: My pleasure

Well it was obvious for everyone that chaos made a mistake when he used his CS account for a personal cause, anyway he admitted that he acted wrongfully when he did this ad that he deverved to be expelled from the CS team...admitting it when you are wrong is a sign of a good person...anyway -Chaos- glad that you got your stuff back and wish you all luck xD

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Episode IV.....AT LAST!!!

Well at last and after lots of anticipation Episode IV is here xD In fact it was launched in a very suitable time killing all the rumors about WYD global closing and stuff, people were actually afraid that WYD global would die the way SD MY did, but luckily Episode IV came to get rid of such rumors for good, in fact Episode IV is supposed to be a big patch which balances the classes and insert some higher item upgrades and lotsa new stuff, anyway Episode IV had some MAJOR updated that everyone is talking about from the noobest mortals to the highest lvl players, we shall review those one by one in here ;)

1. Mana control becomes mana shield

Well news of that one before the launch of the patch sure made a bang as everyone amazingly agreed one one mages are screwed!! That caused many people to seal the blk foemas and try to sell 'em, anyway when Episode IV arrived I realized that the skill description was wrong =.= In fact mana shield didn't really add def but it gave AD property ;) The damage you receive takes a small part of your HP and the rest is deduced from your mana, which means that mana almost counts in your HP as well, try hitting a pure int blk mage and you'll understand what I mean, you need to be super pro magic attacker to cause like 1k dmg on them lol, as for battle and blood mages I guess the AD is way more more better than the 1 or 2k max hp theu received, also this caused lots of blk mages to lower their int and add some in con which decreased their formidably high MAP into something more reasonable, so as for me I guess mana control was a wise call ya. Anyway not all people agree on this, especially blk mages as this will cause them to lower their int and therefore lowering their attk as well into a more reasonable value ( I mean 32k :S?! )

2. Major alteration in hunter skills

Well those updates were AWESOME, too bad I had sold my lvl 40 cele HT before the patch ;( if not I would have kept it for sure cuz hunter now kicks a$$!! Survival and capture especially are so cool, dun really like trade now @@ Anyway those modifications put the hunter back in the game as a respective class as before the patch it was really left out and considered weak, also that dex now adds some dmg makes dex built hunters work, well done xD

3. Armors, accessories upgrades

Spirit stones can be upgraded even more and can have stats like reisitance and critical, I guess that should keep players busy for some time ;) Also earrings can now be upgraded till +11 @@ that should open the way to higher HPs especially as many people actually use HP earrings, can't wait to get mine to +10 ( + 11 so hard as you can't use lucky powders T.T ) as for the new armor stats from boxes I am totally against that, this means that people who had perfect sets and made em as far as +11 would now have to get newer sets =.= I would be really pissed if I was one of those people, anyway the addition of those 28/63 mortal weps in boxes can make players way more powerful and we can have more imbued stuff so I guess the weapons thing is nice xD Anyway they should make 32/72 weps more droppable so hunting would have a meaning lol

4. 8th Skill Price Change

Mortals 5 mils, god class 10 mils, celestials and soul 50 mils...that's what am talkin' about!! I mean how was a mortal supposed to save up 50 mils to pay for his 8th skill :S now all mortals can enjoy playing and getting their 8th, I believe that is one of the coolest updates in the new patch xD

They also gave us a NPC so we can reset points for 2 oris if we need two, anyway this will only be lastin for a week so you better huste if you wanna change something lolz

As for me I do LIKE what Episode IV came up with.Anyway, we hope to see this game getting better and better xD