Sunday, December 21, 2008

Unfolding The Mystery....An Interview With -Chaos-

Well today I got one hot interview for you guys :P As yall have seen not a very long ago we had a very UNUSUAL CS behavior as he did actually cuss out loud using shouts on a CS char!! Of course due to this Ex CS England AKA -Chaos- was removed from the CS team...but what really happened? What caused a CS who passed all the CS tests and interviews to act the way he did? Well the best way to find out is by asking him ;) We all know about him being hacked and stuff like that, but let's hear it from him xD

WickedSnake: Okay let's start from beginning to end

-Chaos-: Yes but let me start by saying it wasn't the people who knew my pass, I can trust them with anything and I was right.

WickedSnake: Ya so it wasn't because of multipilots

-Chaos-: Well basically I was happily playing and went for a quick snack, I came back to see that I have DCed, I relogged and found out that I DCed someone...I logged in and found out that -Chaos- was heart stopped

WickedSnake: Well that's spooky

-Chaos-: I accessed the char and in his inventory was nothing but one item...

WickedSnake: Which was..?

-Chaos-: A spirit seal!!
WickedSnake: OMG!!

-Chaos-: Yes OMG...he tried to log again so I kept logging in as fast as I could to keep the hacker out
WickedSnake: Wa

-Chaos-: While I told pete to change password

WickedSnake: Who is pete??

-Chaos-: My cousin, IGN -Morphisis-and then I reported and before I know the account is locked, it stayed locked for over a week

WickedSnake: What did they tell you?

-Chaos-: Well basically saying servers you right for share
WickedSnake: What does that mean :S?!?!

-Chaos-: Well my and pete are both pilot so somehow they assumed that we hacked each other, anyway a couple of days later they told me that they have found the stuff
WickedSnake: That's nice so you got all your stuff back

-Chaos-: Yes thanks God

WickedSnake: Well what caused you to login your CS account and do what you did??

-Chaos-: Well it was due to my outbrast of pure RAGE, I go boxing ever night, I almost broke my wrist that night!!

WickedSnake: LOL chilll out dawgggg

-Chaos-: Ya the poor bag

WickedSnake: Dude you are supposed to be a pilot

-Chaos-: We have anger too xD

WickedSnake: Yes but have some self control

-Chaos-: and now sick leave

WickedSnake: What the GMs tell you about the hacker? Who was he? How did he do it?

-Chaos-: They told me very little

WickedSnake: Well tell us xD

-Chaos-: They told me that the IP address was probably from Egypt and the stuff had been traded many times so they were hard to trace

WickedSnake: Good that you got everything back

-Choas-: Yes in fact I did celebrate this by upgrading the most item that I like in game xD

WickedSnake: Wow that's nice ^^

-Chaos-: Thank you xD How do you feel about the Griffen event?

WickedSnake: Well I think it kinda sucks cuz the mechanism could have been better lol

-Chaos-: Ya I guess am going to win battle royal, I got so many medals that I had to empty my inventory like twice lol
WickedSnake: That's nice, I think the registry mechanism could have been better

-Chaos-: Well battle royal is bad

WickedSnake: Well since you are known to be a pro hunter, give us some hunting tips :P

-Chaos-: Well dun afk hunt, hunting while you are online gives much better results, also try and hunt monsters that are worth it

WickedSnake: Well I got to go now, thanks for the interview

-Chaos-: My pleasure

Well it was obvious for everyone that chaos made a mistake when he used his CS account for a personal cause, anyway he admitted that he acted wrongfully when he did this ad that he deverved to be expelled from the CS team...admitting it when you are wrong is a sign of a good person...anyway -Chaos- glad that you got your stuff back and wish you all luck xD

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