Sunday, January 4, 2009

Stupid Skills!!

In fact this was inspired by a blog entry by one of bloggers ( dun remember who it was but I am kinda sure the blog was named puppy's lair or something like that ) during journal event, the blog entry was called Useless Items and the least thing I can say about it that it was HILARIOUS, anyway I came to notice that we also have some stupid skills in this game ;]!!! In spite of the fact that the new patch Godsend have removed some of those and improved so many skills ( In fact most of the time am complaining but this time am so for the changes they made in the skills ) so we are going to take a look on some of the skills that have been removed or altered and some others which are still stupid and useless!! Let's take a look :P

1. The Old Hide In Shadow!!

Well as yall know before the new patch this skill could be defined by one word...CRAP!! In fact the skill definition says that it grants you invisibility...really? Actually unlike now this skill used to do something really funny, it makes you invisible while your buffs are still visible!!! So Immunity buff and bow of soul are everything is visible, so I guess players needed to play along and act like they can't see you, anyway before it was actually dumber than this as you'd go invisible and have a small red circle marking your place!! I guess it's there just in case the other players can't see you. Stupid?? I know

Now thanks God that skill was made right and became capture's 8th skill and you are really invisible now, I guess a year was kind of a long time but look at the bright side people, it's finally here ;)

2. Trans Knight Skill: Rescue

Well I remember buying a god class MK, I was very happy with it but I suddenly came to think that it was bugged @@!!! The skill rescue used to disappear ever time I attack or do any other buffs, In the beginning I thought it was bugged so I rushed to WYD's home page and sent Q & A to our wonderful GMs asking them about the bug in the char, the replied to tell me that once I attack or do any other buff the rescue skill is removed!! WOW!! I sent em another Q & A to ask them the simple question...what the heck is this skill used for then :S?! Their reply was it was used to run past some tough mobs or run from PK!! Very useful actually. If they mean by tanking standing like a rock and taking hits then I guess they dun really know what tanking is. Perhaps they should decrease the value it adds and make it permenant skill if you have faith 8th, or they can decrease it's value and give it a long delay and make it last for like 15 seconds or something.

3. Foema Skill: Flash

Well before that skill was ownage, it may have been over powered but it was nice, they try to lower it's strength a lil bit so what did they do? They made an effect which is similar to what happens when you unplug the power cord from your laptop, you can see everything but the backlight is kinda weaker for a couple of seconds so what is this used for now? I dunno really but now I saw it's pretty stupid ya, I say they need to make it like darker in some regions, like you can see some but not everything, so you don't have to see everything or nothing :S or they can return it to the old effect and make the skill delay longer. Anyway it ain't my call is it.

4. Beast Master Skill: Mana Burn

Emmm, dunno if I really need to say anything about this :S In fact if I send Q & A to GMs asking what this skill is used for I don't think "use it to decrease your opponents mana" would be sufficent, in fact this skill has an extremely long delay time and if you miss ( why would you use it anyway lol ) you will need to wait for ages before you can use it again, and what for? Decreasing your opponents mana....very dangerous @@

5. All of the stupid skill in the beginning of melee masteries

Well before the new patch all of those skills were junk, I mean power clip and charge and their likes, well after patch the TK Skills have been improved and have a meaning now but HT ones still suck.

Anyway that's my opinion, some people may agree while other may not, in the end we all would like to see this game getting better and better.

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