Thursday, March 19, 2009

GM Stone Cold!!!

Well as last week's post said GMs were in for a treat :P Matter of fact their reaction was really surprising lol. I was thinking lately, what would happen demanded items and threatens to kill himself if his demands weren't met @@?? What would the GMs react if you threaten to take your life and put the legal blame on joy impact o.O?

Well why do we guess if we can try :P here is the Q&A I sent using my lil bro's acc.....
Title: nothing
life sucks, I suck at everything even this stupid game, if you don't send a +11 42/9 guardian scale set and +11 72 dmg throns of axes and a a critical SS to my account am killing myself. You guys are to be mentioned in my letter, hope they dun come in too late

Did this sound like an unorganized letter from a disturbed teen who is threatening to take his life unless some imaginary items where given to him?? Well check out the reply LOL

Thank you for using our Q&A section.

We would lime to inform to you that we cannot grant your request to have those items.
Be reminded that we are only giving rewards for specific Events.

Thank you very much for the relentless support in WYD Global.

GM Loki

What does this mean?? Well if you mean the translation it means go f*** yourslef you sonva B*** but in a formal polite way, also giving a middle finger gesture while saying it!!!

What other thing does this mean? It means GM Loki is freaking pro, if some idiot wanna kill himself for a GAME then I guess the world won't really lose much, if every player asks for some items and threatens to kill himself gets his wishes granted then this online gaming is so finished, of course in case the pro GM Loki had a doubt about if someone is going to be killed or bull of that type I sent him another Q&A

Title: its okay I was just kidding
Dear GM I was just kidding with you guys xD I just had this question running insanly through my mind, will killing yourself allow you to get free items @@? The answer is no lol

Anyway this makes a perfect material for my blog, nobody is killing himself here so don't worry ^^
BTW you really acted fast and in a professional way, well done :)

And here is GM Loki's reply xD

Thank you for using our Q&A section.

We appreciate that you understand our Game and Operation policy. Good luck and have a
great day.

Thank you very much for the relentless support in WYD Global.

GM Loki

So can killing yourself give you any free items in WYD Global? The answer is no!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Messing Around With GMs :P

Well this week while I was on my normal character OnlyKim invited me to CS land and said that she wanted to show me something :P I logged my CS character and went there as there as possible. What did she show me?? Well as you can see in the picture...celestial in academy @@? Hello GMs LOL so ya it was fun seeing a celestial in the academy :P I guess GMs need take care keke anyway this kinda gave me an idea which would be super hilarious, but since it needs some planning for the scenario am saving it for next week's entry :P believe me falling off your hair can happen with this one :P

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Well looks like we are lucky enough to get two updates in a really short time xD I guess now GMs can be excused for this month's kinda horrible events ;) Anyway what we have on the main wbsite is some teasers o.O so we will try get info on some and try to make wild predictions about the other ones ;) So let's begin...

1. Hardcore Character with different appearance

Okay, that sounds like something. New type of characters which are named HARDCORE sure sounds exciting lol, anyway what I heard is hardcore characters can be made from celes and god class at any level, and it is as strong as the character you have made it from ( so clearly better mae it at high level lol ) also can't be sealed and needs a free character spot to be created, it has a different look ( thx God xD ) and I guess it's called hard core for some reason o.O also I heard two rumors, one says if you level it and you die you go back to level one while the other one said they can't be leveled, anyway we will end up seeing for ourselves anyway ;)

2. Celestial character can get extra STAT points by completing required quest

Okay if this was a cele quest then YESSSSSSSS!! YAHOOO! finally something for celestials to do ( beside CC mode and pk of course )

3. Celestial character can now complete the God Quest (An Oath with the Spirit)

I think this can't be any clearer, the same Oath With The Spirit quest can now be made by celestial characters, sweet!!

4. Soul Character's class can be change

Uhmm I dun really get this one...did they mean the celestial character's class can be changed? As we all know when you make a soul you can make it a different class from the celestial so all we can actualy do is wait...

5. Guild War Challenge System change
6. Channel War System change

Changed how?? No idea lol

7. Lock System

For this one I hope it's like a system to lock on players so you dun end up losing lots of cp by accidentely killing running by noobs when you PK in desert, if it was like this then it would be REALLY comfy

8. Citizen Cape change

Ain't really sure bout this one but I guess it's either the system of changing citizenhip is changed or the citizen logos will be changed ( to spice things up for our tired eyes I guess ;) )

9. New Items:

- Mana Jewel: I guess this one is for leeching mana, would be particully useful with blk FM to prevent their mana to run out and they end up dying because no mana shield @@

- Revival Scroll: For those hardcore pkers who dun like to rely on chance AKA ressuruct sephira skills and wanna revive themselves in PK, not bad I think but ehhmmm what about guild wars? If I have 100000 reviving scrolls then what's the business? LOL

- Arcane Circlet: Natural evolution @@ I guess mystic circlet's time is now over @@ Maybe those ones come with the hardcore characters not sure

- Unique Items: Dragon and Crown: I heard it's from the kingdom leader of the server, be the kingdom leader of the server and you will find em in your cargo!!!!

I guess this sounds pretty cool, let's hope for more updates and to see those pretty soon, let's hope they dun take more than 2 weeks xD

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Selfishness!!

Hi everyone xD....

I recently started to realize that lots of us WYD players are extremely selfish, and when am saying selfish here I dun mean you don't go around giving items and gold for newbies, I mean we simply ain't supporting the game that gives us lots of fun the way it deserves......

Actually most of us players just login the game, have their share of fun and pk then they log out, till that point you didn't give WYD might wonder what the heck am I supposed to do to a game :S Matter of fact you have the right to be confused but if you thought about it for a moment you will get my point...MMORPGs are about communities not a bunch of pretty graphics and sound effects, you enjoy a MMORPG because you enjoy competing with the people around you, if the game lost the attractiveness of its community it will go down, bet on it.

The WYD community needs you, the forum for example, it's the beating heart of the community, don't just log it when you need to sell or buy some items, if you bother paying it a visit you will find lots of useful information there, you will also find lots of hot topics which aren't only WYD related as the forum has many categories so people there are talking about anything under the sun, paying it a visit will be a good won't regret it trust me ;)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Big Changes

Well we are always having new updates but I was recently wondering...are those enough? I really like WYD and I think it's a good game which can get you really attached to your character but let's face it, episode 1, 2, 3, 4 well it's still the same game....I mean look at other MMORPGs, when they release a never version you see new towns, new characters and even new quests.

I think WYD has the potential of a really good MMORPG and can make it among the big names, it just needs more attention, so why can't we for example have a new class?? It's not a secret that WYD and Diablo have a weird resemblance especially in characters and their skill @@!!! I mean look at the druid in Diablo and the beastmaster in WYD, it's a freakin copy damn it!!!! Anyway why can't we have a necromancer maybe? or different armor attributes like maybe life steal? Why can't we have a new town for example? With new NPCs and new surrounding areas? Why not? I know it ain't easy but if all those others game did it why can't WYD do it? I don't think it's that hard.

The truth is people can play the same MMORPG for a long time because it's ever changing, otherwise it would be like normal computer games, in fact most people are complaining that they have nothing to do, we need some REAL updates, making earring +11 isn't a change to the game really, CREATIVITY PEOPLE!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Stupid Skills!!

In fact this was inspired by a blog entry by one of bloggers ( dun remember who it was but I am kinda sure the blog was named puppy's lair or something like that ) during journal event, the blog entry was called Useless Items and the least thing I can say about it that it was HILARIOUS, anyway I came to notice that we also have some stupid skills in this game ;]!!! In spite of the fact that the new patch Godsend have removed some of those and improved so many skills ( In fact most of the time am complaining but this time am so for the changes they made in the skills ) so we are going to take a look on some of the skills that have been removed or altered and some others which are still stupid and useless!! Let's take a look :P

1. The Old Hide In Shadow!!

Well as yall know before the new patch this skill could be defined by one word...CRAP!! In fact the skill definition says that it grants you invisibility...really? Actually unlike now this skill used to do something really funny, it makes you invisible while your buffs are still visible!!! So Immunity buff and bow of soul are everything is visible, so I guess players needed to play along and act like they can't see you, anyway before it was actually dumber than this as you'd go invisible and have a small red circle marking your place!! I guess it's there just in case the other players can't see you. Stupid?? I know

Now thanks God that skill was made right and became capture's 8th skill and you are really invisible now, I guess a year was kind of a long time but look at the bright side people, it's finally here ;)

2. Trans Knight Skill: Rescue

Well I remember buying a god class MK, I was very happy with it but I suddenly came to think that it was bugged @@!!! The skill rescue used to disappear ever time I attack or do any other buffs, In the beginning I thought it was bugged so I rushed to WYD's home page and sent Q & A to our wonderful GMs asking them about the bug in the char, the replied to tell me that once I attack or do any other buff the rescue skill is removed!! WOW!! I sent em another Q & A to ask them the simple question...what the heck is this skill used for then :S?! Their reply was it was used to run past some tough mobs or run from PK!! Very useful actually. If they mean by tanking standing like a rock and taking hits then I guess they dun really know what tanking is. Perhaps they should decrease the value it adds and make it permenant skill if you have faith 8th, or they can decrease it's value and give it a long delay and make it last for like 15 seconds or something.

3. Foema Skill: Flash

Well before that skill was ownage, it may have been over powered but it was nice, they try to lower it's strength a lil bit so what did they do? They made an effect which is similar to what happens when you unplug the power cord from your laptop, you can see everything but the backlight is kinda weaker for a couple of seconds so what is this used for now? I dunno really but now I saw it's pretty stupid ya, I say they need to make it like darker in some regions, like you can see some but not everything, so you don't have to see everything or nothing :S or they can return it to the old effect and make the skill delay longer. Anyway it ain't my call is it.

4. Beast Master Skill: Mana Burn

Emmm, dunno if I really need to say anything about this :S In fact if I send Q & A to GMs asking what this skill is used for I don't think "use it to decrease your opponents mana" would be sufficent, in fact this skill has an extremely long delay time and if you miss ( why would you use it anyway lol ) you will need to wait for ages before you can use it again, and what for? Decreasing your opponents mana....very dangerous @@

5. All of the stupid skill in the beginning of melee masteries

Well before the new patch all of those skills were junk, I mean power clip and charge and their likes, well after patch the TK Skills have been improved and have a meaning now but HT ones still suck.

Anyway that's my opinion, some people may agree while other may not, in the end we all would like to see this game getting better and better.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Unfolding The Mystery....An Interview With -Chaos-

Well today I got one hot interview for you guys :P As yall have seen not a very long ago we had a very UNUSUAL CS behavior as he did actually cuss out loud using shouts on a CS char!! Of course due to this Ex CS England AKA -Chaos- was removed from the CS team...but what really happened? What caused a CS who passed all the CS tests and interviews to act the way he did? Well the best way to find out is by asking him ;) We all know about him being hacked and stuff like that, but let's hear it from him xD

WickedSnake: Okay let's start from beginning to end

-Chaos-: Yes but let me start by saying it wasn't the people who knew my pass, I can trust them with anything and I was right.

WickedSnake: Ya so it wasn't because of multipilots

-Chaos-: Well basically I was happily playing and went for a quick snack, I came back to see that I have DCed, I relogged and found out that I DCed someone...I logged in and found out that -Chaos- was heart stopped

WickedSnake: Well that's spooky

-Chaos-: I accessed the char and in his inventory was nothing but one item...

WickedSnake: Which was..?

-Chaos-: A spirit seal!!
WickedSnake: OMG!!

-Chaos-: Yes OMG...he tried to log again so I kept logging in as fast as I could to keep the hacker out
WickedSnake: Wa

-Chaos-: While I told pete to change password

WickedSnake: Who is pete??

-Chaos-: My cousin, IGN -Morphisis-and then I reported and before I know the account is locked, it stayed locked for over a week

WickedSnake: What did they tell you?

-Chaos-: Well basically saying servers you right for share
WickedSnake: What does that mean :S?!?!

-Chaos-: Well my and pete are both pilot so somehow they assumed that we hacked each other, anyway a couple of days later they told me that they have found the stuff
WickedSnake: That's nice so you got all your stuff back

-Chaos-: Yes thanks God

WickedSnake: Well what caused you to login your CS account and do what you did??

-Chaos-: Well it was due to my outbrast of pure RAGE, I go boxing ever night, I almost broke my wrist that night!!

WickedSnake: LOL chilll out dawgggg

-Chaos-: Ya the poor bag

WickedSnake: Dude you are supposed to be a pilot

-Chaos-: We have anger too xD

WickedSnake: Yes but have some self control

-Chaos-: and now sick leave

WickedSnake: What the GMs tell you about the hacker? Who was he? How did he do it?

-Chaos-: They told me very little

WickedSnake: Well tell us xD

-Chaos-: They told me that the IP address was probably from Egypt and the stuff had been traded many times so they were hard to trace

WickedSnake: Good that you got everything back

-Choas-: Yes in fact I did celebrate this by upgrading the most item that I like in game xD

WickedSnake: Wow that's nice ^^

-Chaos-: Thank you xD How do you feel about the Griffen event?

WickedSnake: Well I think it kinda sucks cuz the mechanism could have been better lol

-Chaos-: Ya I guess am going to win battle royal, I got so many medals that I had to empty my inventory like twice lol
WickedSnake: That's nice, I think the registry mechanism could have been better

-Chaos-: Well battle royal is bad

WickedSnake: Well since you are known to be a pro hunter, give us some hunting tips :P

-Chaos-: Well dun afk hunt, hunting while you are online gives much better results, also try and hunt monsters that are worth it

WickedSnake: Well I got to go now, thanks for the interview

-Chaos-: My pleasure

Well it was obvious for everyone that chaos made a mistake when he used his CS account for a personal cause, anyway he admitted that he acted wrongfully when he did this ad that he deverved to be expelled from the CS team...admitting it when you are wrong is a sign of a good person...anyway -Chaos- glad that you got your stuff back and wish you all luck xD