Tuesday, August 5, 2008

One Step On The Way..

Okay level 191 Wydians it's time to ( WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU AIN'T LEVEL 191 YET?! go level up NOW!! ) get stronger :) now since you have reached level 191 and got out of the God's Garden Quest ( EWW!! ) it's time to move on, the Kaizen Heart Quest ;) which is fun ( and there is PK in the quest..good new for some and BAD new for some :P ) and you level easy, get lak and ori powders and scraps and that's in addition of WICKED stats armors which sometimes drop in the Kaizen Heart Quest...I just wanna tell you something guys about PK leveling quests, bullying weaker players and PKing them for no reason is just not cool...If you can bully a player remember that there are many other players who can easily bully you, just put yourself in his place and you will know what I am talking about, now enough with this ethics class and lets get back to WYD :-) Actually I am trying to keep this guide as simple as possible, guiding you step by step as you advance through the game, as soon as you reach level 201 DO NOT FORGET to do the Gargoyle Tooth Quest as it will make ALL your armors +6 which will save you A LOT of money, when you are new in The Ressurection Of The Dark Knight leveling quest you are more likely to get pawned easily by the monsters so take care as in the begining you won't be able to kill them very fast, I recommend that you do the Gargoyle Tooth Quest fast a it will really be a great help, you can also check out WYD Official Website on how to buy Wcoins by which you will be able to purchase premium items which can greatly help you to get stronger and richer in a much faster pace...Go kill some Dark Knight, talk to to yall tomorrow ;)

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