Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Perfect GM!!!

Okay I ain't saying that our GMs are bad or something...but exactly what is the GM of our dreams? The GM who would just be PERFECT..I guess the perfect GM would be like this :P

Note: This is JUST FOR FUN I know GMs don't/won't ever do anything from that kind, of course this isn't about a really perfect GM, just a fun packed one LOL. No offence is meant to anyone from this.

1- When someone scam your items he don't give em back and go like "be careful next time because we may not able to get it back" and stuff like that, the perfect GM would tell the guy who scammed you "IF YOU SCAM ANYONE AGAIN I WILL BAN YOUR B**** A$$ FOR GOOD, FEEL ME SUCKER?!!!" Then he would give you your items back and ask you to get scam as you want and he has got your back!!!

2- When someone in PK area PKs them for fun they don't just ignore him like descent GMs do...they go like "WTF YOU PK ME???" and then they kill everyone in PK area and starts to stalk you in desert!!!

3- They join Kingdom and guild when you make friends with one of them he comes with you to guild war help you take over towns and stuff like that, pretty sweet, eh? :P

4- They distribute hacks for players!! Yes they go like oh crap they removed multiple accounts..take this renamer guys to help you oopen 10 clients in the same time, or take this hack to help you shoot through walls or gives you extra improved evasion...take em and go kick some a$$!!!!

5- They help people hack accounts of people they dun like!!! You go like hey GM wsup..listen up man this dude pked me in desert, what about snatching his HB for me!!! and they go like LMAO wait a sec I will bring it for you and he brings it along with his +10 set just to tease him!!!!!

Hope you guys liked it :P

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