Wednesday, August 27, 2008

REAL Interview With CM Dhar & CM Aruman( Part 3 )

Well after I was summoned by CM Dhar to the CM lounge I was PKed!!!! I know it was accidental but as it was Funny and we laughed about it I thought I should share it with global community :P
as you can see CM Dhar has frags Oo who else did the ex big bad cat pk :P

Then I was blown up by CM Aruman @@ as he was trying to him CM Dhar with a fire ball which accidentally ended up on my head =.=
I know this looks like a kidnap-murder case but it wasn't as we were simply playing, and by the way CM Dhar has 4k+ Flanking Chance OO so CMs are pretty strong yah...not exactly easy frags, can be a really great help in guild wars though :P ( if fighting on our side of course lol )

I also found out why CM Dhar refers to himself as the big bad cat..I asked him what sort of GUY would name himself big bad cat @@ he said that he always ate tuna in breaks so he called himself the big bad cat @@....what do you guys think :P??

Well that was it with the interview with your favorite CMs Dhar and Aruman...stay tuned in for more ;)

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