Saturday, August 16, 2008

Arcarony & Hocear...The Final Stand ( Episode2 )

Okay now the 2nd and final Episode of my story ;)

My master was very busy talking to this…I really don't what this was, it looked liked a human, the only difference that it's entire eyes were blue and it had white feathery wings…don't get me wrong, I didn't mean wings like the birds' wings, I meant mighty wings…mighty white wings with white aura, each feather in those wings looked like a wing itself, They were simply indescribable with human words, it was speaking with my master with a weird language, and what really surprised me that they were talking like friends, as if my master knew him, although I was a servant I wasn't ignorant, I knew what this was, this is one of the people of the heavenly nation, no doubt about it. They finished their talking and headed for the stable, my master got onto the back of his Pegasus and flew with the heavenly creature, flew to heaven. From that night my master really changed and I don't mean with changed became evil I mean that he became different from the rest of the people, he spent lots of time in his study reading from books with a strange language from the visits of those heavenly people who keep bowing to him I started realizing that he was having a great respect among the heavenly nation, he also stopped eating and drinking, stopped completely…only then I knew that master Glantaur found the way to immortality.

At the same time, Halbert the master of Thor's priest was growing stronger, his blessings have become boundless that some people said that he was stronger than Thor himself was! His blessings became something more powerful than magic. Healing the wounded in a glance and curing the blind wasn't what his powers were about, as he walked the nature seemed to walk with him and his foreseeing was unquestionable....of course he taught many of his powers to his followers but his powers were still unchallengeable. The power of both men was growing and their influence was growing way far from Erion, they still didn't realize their powers, but the time they both realize their true powers was coming fast.

Halbert announced it then the word spread through Erion like fire in the dry wood..."The brutal barbarian forces will reach us in a week" he said, most of the people believed and feared but many didn't...Erion hasn't been in a battle for nearly a generation, two days later news started coming that nearby towns have been burnt down to the ground by barbarians, barbarians just like Harabard described them, heavily armed, riding wild Fenerirs and their number was beyond counting, it was clear now....Erion is going to war.

The unfortunate was that due to the long period in which Erion lived in peace the people of Erion were not skilled at the art of war; the only people who could fight were Harabard and his priests, Glantaur and the followers of his teachings. Although those two forces were mighty strong, they have never been into war before, Erion was trembling in fear and chaos started to spread in the city, the people of Erion started to flee And it was said that the world was going to end in those five days, Harabard and Glantaur calmed the people that the waves of the barbarians are going to break before they reach Erion, and they started to prepare for war….the war which is going to make them realize how powerful thy are. Harsbard and Glantaur started preparing for the war, sent their troops outside Erion, Glantaur took his Pegasus and flew into heaven and Harabard went to the altar f Thor….and they didn't come back.

The enemy troops are arriving tomorrow, said one of Harabard's priest to his comrade, Erion was nearly empty, Halbert's and Glantaur's troops who were waiting for the return of their leaders in the field outside Erion, and suddenly they have seen a light coming from the east, a light which was melting the darkness of the night, it was not a torch's light it was a holy light, and at once his troops have realized it, Harabard have returned. He entered Erion calmly while his troops were cheering for his return, he asked his troops to prepare for battle and entered his tent, a couple f hours later the sky started to roar, clouds were moving eagerly in circles and the lightning was striking everywhere, this alerted Glantaur's troops to his arrival, he descended from the sky on the back of his Pegasus and did like Harabard did.

Harabard sat alone in his tent and kept thinking, thinking of the people of Erion and of the blood which is going to be shed tomorrow. He has Thor's approval and blessings…Thor the god whom he is forever faithful for, Thor the god who should be worshiped by everybody who lives. At the same time Glantaur was sitting in his tent thinking of the people of Erion and of the bloody day which it's sun is going to send its first rays of light in few hours, he has the support of the heavenly nation which he rules now, he should rule the earth and the heavenly nation, to be the ultimate ruler, he was also thinking of Harabard, he knew that Harabard was immortal too, he wondered how strong he was, he knew that tomorrow everything was going to be revealed.

The sun of the seventh day sent it's rays on the troops which were eager for battle, blood thirsty, they all looked at the horizon, and there, their enemy started to appear, they saw a black line appearing at the horizon, then they started to realize how great their battle is going to be, hundreds of thousands of br

utal barbarians started to appear and both of the warriors knew that the battle won't be easy.

The troops gathered around their leaders, Harabard on the back of his blessed war horse and Glantaur on the back of his mighty Pegasus, they both charged at the enemy with their troops and stroke…with all the power they got.

It was clear that the barbarians were pretty strong…but they were no match for their foes, Glantaur flew over the enemies on the back of his Pegasus chopping off heads with his flaming sharp sword, Harabart didn't need swords, he used his will and blessings to bring the total destruction of his enemies, he moves his hands apart and the earth divides to swallow his enemies, trees carried their roots and ripped the barbarians apart, Glantaur realized that it is the time for the people of the heavenly nation to join the battle, he moved his sword in the air and cut the sky into two halves, people of the heavenly nation flew around chopping off the heads of the barbarian warriors with their crystal swords, only then, it was clear that battle was over and Erion was safe.

Both warriors returned to Erion which was nearly empty, they both had their heads busy, especially after they have seen the strength and the might of each other, they are both too ambitious and wanted to spread their word, each of them knew that his dreams won't come true while the other existed, they agreed to leave their beloved town Erion outside any struggle, they both took their troops and left Erion, Harabard founded Hocear..The blue kingdom of the divine blessings, Glantaur founded Arcarony...The red kingdom which bears the name of the heavenly nation, they both worked on expanding their influence, unfortunately to achieve their goals, they have to destroy each other. That was their story….the story of the two kingdoms.

Hope You Guys Liked it ;)


-Soloran- said...

Hey, I have been writting a story as well. I have been working on it because of my need to write in my major for college. However, I will have many parts to mine. Only one part has been put out so far and I have won for that. Anyways, keep up the good work. Me you and cooldude have a blogging pact. so lets get it done. :D

Keep up the good work man. Story looks good. You should do a trilogy like starwars or something, lol.

MSTR-FOEMA said...

lol thx soloran, actually I thought about making a story in more episodes but I didn't really like to repeat myself lol, plus a variety in rewards is something nice also :P but anyway I guess I could write more, between you and me, this story I wrote like 2 years earlier and maybe more @@

What I enjoy most are those interviews, in fact they even gave me more ideas, wanna interview you, or maybe if i was REALLY LUCKY I could pump into a CM :P maybe Dhar for instance :P Wish you good on your college studies, this year is going to be my last high school year so I am not in college yet lol, anyway thx for commenting ^^

-Soloran- said...

hey man thats what im here for. I wouldnt mind interviewing myself. However, I kind of have less and less time on my hands now with work and school coming up this thursday. I have a lot more things that need to get done.

Anyways, I am here to tell you you placed third out of 3 in the "Number Game" event. :D

If you want the 5 tickets than comment on my blog or message me in game. Again, thanks and look for the game Pt. II on the right hand side.

Thanks again.