Saturday, August 16, 2008

Arcarony & Hocear..The Beginning ( Episode1 )

Okay WYDIANS, here is my version of the story of the Blue and Red Kingdoms, Arcarony and Hocear....Hope yall like it ^^

It all started back then, in the ancient past, the past which is older than time itself, all what the people desired back then was living well, and that wasn't hard to achieve, the people were few and the earth was blessed, there was no reason to struggle or fight, but the wiser the men become and the more knowledge they gain, the higher their ambitions grow and the stronger their desires become, desire for the ultimate power and ambitions to become immortal….different men have different faiths, and different faiths lead to different desires, but what will happen if the desires of two mighty men clash? What is this going to lead humanity to? Well…as I said, this happened a really long time ago, so in order to really understand we need to ask someone who really knows, someone who was there from the beginning….do you see that man over there? Yes, that man with the dark cloak and the white beard, this man is as old as time itself and knows a lot, rumors say that he was the servant of "Glantaur"…who knows, this may turn out to be right or wrong….I think we should stop making consumptions and ask him to tell us the full story, the story of the two kingdoms….."Arcarony" and "Hocear".

So you all want to know the story? I do not mind telling it, you all need to know about your ancestors so you do not make their mistakes, listen well and learn, because if you do not learn you might take the wrong path.

Erion…the place where everything started, a beautiful place where people lived happily and peacefully, there was absolutely nothing to worry about, there was plenty of food and everybody profited well from their jobs in raising mounts, they all believed in the ultimate God Thor which blessed them and their village, everybody neglected all the other Gods, and they all were satisfied and believed in the ultimate God….not all of them, there my master "Glantaur"….he was one of the wealthiest mount traders in Erion, he was famous for his Pegasus and the strength of the mounts which he raised, he believed in Thor the ultimate God like the others but he wasn’t satisfied about the way the people used to worship God, he believed that all the people should try as hard they can to gain part of his power and become immortal, so he usually didn't take part in the worships his people used to practice, he worshiped Thor his way, worshiped him by searching for the ultimate power....searching for immortality.

On the other hand we have Halbert, the master of the priests of Thor, and in order to become a priest you must be able to bless things with the strength of your soul, your will and the strength which Thor gives you, and Harabart was a man with ultimate divine blessings, he was famous for healing the sick with the power of his divine blessings, rumors said that his blessings were too powerful that he could use it for many other purposes like gaining enormous strength….they also said that he had an extraordinary ability in foreseeing things, he was a blessed man with enormous powers, Harabart passed his powers to the priests he tested himself and knew that they were chosen by Thor, he taught them how to use their inner strength to achieve their goals, those priests however weren't many but they were strong enough, and they were the monks which taught the people how to worship Thor.

The sands of time decreased rapidly in the sand clock of time…and as the time went by their powers increased….both of them. Glantaur's search for the ultimate power seemed to show great results, of course nobody knew what he was doing, only me knew because I was his close servant and I have watched him daily…reading mysterious books and gaining some unbelievable powers, it all started that day, I had served dinner to my master and was on my was to bed when I heard that strange noise coming from my master's study, I rushed there to see what the matter was, the door wasn't completely closed so I took a peak inside and I simply couldn't believe my eyes because what I saw was simply unbelievable….

To Be Continued....

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