Tuesday, August 26, 2008

REAL Interview With CM Dhar & CM Aruman( Part 1 )

While I was walking around in Armia looking for a water M share in server 4 and feeling bad that I never get the chance to see/interview a CM as I only interview them "in my dreams" I suddenly ran into CM Dhar!!! Just like that!! He was standing on a pig and walking very fast with it and he kept on going invisible from time to time ( to tease me I guess lol ) I asked him for a REAL interview and of course as you guys know how kind he is he agreed to give me an interview, not only that but he also summoned CM Aruman too!! So suddenly from having none I have two CMs at the same time!! We spoke about many things of concern and lots of questions which I was sure that they cross your mind were asked...The following Interview reveals many things so stay tuned :P

MSTR-FOEMA: Okay guys let's start with the traditional questions..I am really glad you gave me this interview :D
CM Dhar: Sure you are welcome ^^
CM Aruman: Hope its a good one :P
MSTR-FOEMA: Dun worry it will :P now, what do you guys like about being a CM? What is the good and bad part?
CM Dhar: hmmm..Probably the popularity!! MOL!! Kidding I guess it's that I can talk to anyone, No matter what is their level , I dun have the gap which is usually there between players of different levels.
MSTR-FOEMA: What about you Aruman?
CM Aruman: Hmmm..I like the authority!!! When I talk to players and they can't murder me!!!
MSTR-FOEMA: *Cough Cough* Yah...
CM Aruman: Seriously..
MSTR-FOEMA: What else..?
CM Aruman: I like being the bridge between GMs and Players..to help GMs do what the players need.
MSTR-FOEMA: Yep, that is very important for the development of the game, updates we dun want are just meaningless....
CM Aruman: True
MSTR-FOEMA: What's the difference between a GM and a CM? What are you guys responsible for??
CM Dhar: Well GMs handle stuff like technical problems and hack and scam cases, we are kind of soft GMs :P
MSTR-FOEMA: Yep you guys really mix with players :D What about your responsibilities, what are you guys responsible for?
CM Aruman: Well basically we are responsible for making the players happy LOL
CM Dhar: And we are also responsible for in-game events, we hold them and organize them
CM Aruman: Yes so we basically focus on the community

Well that was a small part of our dialog, much more is coming just have to make this one short because I need to go do physics H.W!!! Stay tuned in for more ;)

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