Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Organized Brain..

Hello everyone ^^ today I would like to discuss something very important which is organizing your brain...In fact one of the keys of success in WYD is acting in an organized way, just by hitting level 351 you need to stop, think and organize your thoughts, as you should work on your character step by step, one thing after after another, you have two things to work on, the character itself and the items it uses, for your character the max limit for you as mortal is to reach level 400 with your 8th skill, when you do that your naked character is at its max strength, but unfortunately things aren't that easy, as your items are actually more important than your level...if you have good weapons and armors you can own people who are higher level than you and vise versa....In my opinion you should first focus on making all your set+7 and your weapon +9, then you should try level to level 355 ( you will need to unlock in order to level past that level ) then you should make all your items+9 after that you should focus on leveling, your goal should be reaching level 400 and when you reach level 400 it's the time to consider making a God Class Character...I wouldn't recommend it before level 400 as your God Class Character gains points as your mortal gains levels so you should be level 400 before you consider making a god class, also when you use a weapon MAKE sure it isn't the last mortal weapon BECAUSE you won't be able to use it on your god class as God Class Characters can't use last mortal weapons and you will find yourself stuck with it unable to use it on your God Class Character and you really can't sell those easy...

Hope you guys liked my article and found it useful ;) I had to make it short because I need prepare some stuff since I am traveling with my friends soon :D Have fun everyone ^^

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Cooldude21 said...

hhhehe you got it right bro, now until GM passes me the lak, if no one else takes part you get all 3 laks! :D

hehe yea thanks i hope she gets over it too.