Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pilling Wealthes!!

Okay WYDIANS today we speak about piling up :P ( or at least we all try lol ) after you guys complete your set and you are happy with your level you decide to start saving , you hunt and sell items and the money starts to pile and you guys feel like spending every now and then but dun want because you simply dun have to, when you reach that stage you better convert your gold to one of the following, actually in real life the money in the bank is no good, if you put all your money in the bank you simply wake up poorer every day because yesterday that amount of money bought 5x now it buys 3x...that's how life is and that's why people invest in gold or real estate to maintain the value of their money or increase WYD its kinda the same as there are some items which can to a far extend maintain their value...I will list 3 ways from better to worse.

1- you can simply buy the silver bricks from kingdom, this is done for storing large amount of money and for guaranteeing that what you save won't just slip from between your fingers...

Buy W/coins and save them on your account..the price of W.coins in real life money is a constant so when you save your wealth that way its value don't really drop like everything else...when you first started WYD your rare 54 dmg base HB was worth 100 mills now its sold for 15 mils so think...

3- Buy water M...because water M's value may drop but not really hard so its also one of the good ways to store money in...also you can use double experience to sell water M for more :P!!

4- Laktorium powders are one of the possible ways but I don't really prefer for various reasons...first of all when the game is saturated with laks the offered laks are more than the wanted laks so consequently the price drops..laks have dropped to 3 mills each now so if you have stored a lot you would have lost a lot...also not all people accept trade with laks, unlike W/coins which you can use to buy a weapon or even an account lol.

Hope you guys like this one although its short. actually I am traveling this weekend so I am kinda engaged @@ but I dun wanna fall meters before the finish line :P Anyway I hope yall find it useful, and if you dun wanna save anything you can buy me some waters M :P

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