Sunday, November 16, 2008

They Are Comin' Baby!!

The community scouts are on their way homy :P Today is the last day of training and the official scout list shall soon be revealed, this means that all freshman can get direct live support at all servers, well I ain't the biggest MMORPG expert out there but I haven't heard of any other MMORPG which has such huge customer support, I mean we have GM in their 24/7 Q & A system, we have CMs, operators and now we have community scouts...the point is whenever u have a problem you will find someone you can talk to either in-game or through the Q & A system..

Well basically I dun really know what to blog about!! I mean I have many things to write about if this was journal event but I dunno exactly what to blog regarding the choosing of Community scouts @@!!! I thought about making guiding guides for newbies but as I said before this blog is up for months already so I have tons of guides and much more on my blog already, you should be checking guides that were written in August, they are the first articles from the bottom up of the list, you need to check 'em out as they will prove how useful they are. Anyway, since I am supposed to write something fresh today I am going to tell yall about community scouts........

Basically those people with CS TRAINEE tag over their heads and who the future community scouts will be chosen from, so if you see one you need to know a few they can't give you god packs or money or laks or waters or any other items, they do their best to answer your questions, guide you and support you as much as they can, so if you need anything approach them and ask your question and they will be more than happy to answer it.

Some bad thing I noticed today from a high lvl cele player ( won't mention his name ) to one of the trainees ( won't mention his name either!! ) was this....that player ( whose lvl is higher than 120 ) approaches the CS, make fun of him and ask him some stuff like how to unlock lvl 120 cele =.='!! The trainee told him to wait for a second until he gets the info for him, that player told him "dun tell me to wait, if you dunno then why are u a CS" then he kept telling him how sucky he was, then he laughed at him and went away, the point is this guy already knows the answer of this question and he also knows that the trainee haven't done lvl 120 unlock before ( how many ppl in-game did =.= ) and that he will need some time to get the required information so he basically tries to embarrass him. He probably thinks that this is funny, although it's rude he thinks it's funny, the point isn't that he asked how to unlock lvl 120 celestial but is that he didn't even wanna wait for a minute till he can answer him, he did this for embarrassing the trainee only. That trainee might not be important for a celestial whose lvl is more than 120 but for many other people it's important and helpful so scaring them off isn't a good idea, those are human beings as well and they are here to help you so try to be nice. As for me I have never encountered such thing as all players who approached me were kind and polite and helping them was a source of joy for me, anyway this is my last blog post as a trainee, wether I pass the test or not I will probably talk to you guys again in journal event ;) so good luck and take care xD

~ CS Trainee WickedSnake ~

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