Tuesday, November 18, 2008

They Are Here Baby!!

That's right folks, the scouts are in the house :P This means direct live in-game help and an insurance that your suggestions are to be heard ;) I'd like to take a moment to congratulate the scouts who passed the training period and gained the title "Community Scout" it was a really long and exhausting testing period so I bet all the people who passed are so happy ^^ hard luck for those who didn't make it.....

Anyway since we haven't received our special accounts yet we are still operating from our normal chars, but instead of CS TRAINEE tag msg we will have a Community Scout tab msg ;) most of the time they are to be found on all servers so when you need one I'm sure that you will be able to find one ;) as for not receiving our accounts yet I guess yall need to go spam CM Dhar :P Yall also need to check out the forum which miraculously turned from a dead abandoned forum to a very busy and active forum, whenever you log in there is always new, go check it out. Also if you want a direct live contact with CM Dhar you should add him at the "Plurk thingy"!! For those of you who dunno what the "Plurk Thingy" is I tell you it's like the robot thingy!! If you dunno what the robot thingy is I can tell you that this Plurk enables you to directly chat with CM Dhar, I guess I will be writing about the "Plurk thingy" tomorrow I guess, until then take care and have fun yall..

~Peace Out..

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