Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Keep Him In Ur Pocket ;)

Yah I mean CM Dhar :P As yall know CM Dhar loves us so much that he felt in-game interaction and emails aren't enough so he added the...Plurk thingy!! Actualy at first I didn't know what this plurk was, but as a community scout I needed to do it because we ehh..we had to!! LOL!! Seriously, by signing up at Plurk you can directly contact CMs!! Live chat, actually the are available there most of the time, CM Dhar said he even checks it from his mobile phone!!! So it's CM Dhar with you everywhere, all the time ;) For being honest, this application will seem weird and akward for you at the begining, but the great assistance it provides is unquestionable as I am able to reach Cm Dhar almost anytime...beleive me email is a no match for this, so all what you have to do is go to Plurk, sign up for an account which roughly takes like 20 secs, then add CMs there to ur friends and have 'em in your pocket ;)

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