Friday, November 14, 2008

CS In The Making ^^

Wzzup peeps :P.......have to admit it.....long time no see ^^

Anyway today I won't be blogging as a part of WYDIANS journal today I am blogging as a part of my Community Scout training which qualifies me to be a community scout ;)

As you all know I have always been eager to change this community to the better, trying to do this through blogging ( and Dr. Wicked section!!! :P ) was good but simply not enough, today I am applying for a position which will give me some authority and formality to make me able of making a more direct change to the community ^^ It's the difference between the good Samaritan and the police officer if I might say :P

Anyway I'd rather cut through the long, boring and unnecessary introduction as I have already blogged here for more than two month so this blog is already full and alive xD

So basically if you are a WYDIAN this blog is for you, here you can read about anything related to WYD, since this blog is already up and running for some time you will find lotsa fun stuff to read ^^ If you are new here and dunno what WYD is I can tell you that it is what you want!! It's a place where you can play, chat, make friends and much more, a game with a live community, dedicated work team and never the same...always have new events and weekly updated so playing and fun here are unlimited....if you are a game-lover ( especially online games and MMORPGs ) then you need to check out my first encounter with WYD as I think most gamers are looking for the same things in a game :P

That's it fo today, talk to you guys tomorrow ;)

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