Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hackers Go Die!!

What's cracklackin' WYDIANs :P Today we put hackers under the spotlight, or let's just say people who bend the rules cuz while I was looking through my SS file I found some stuff that you guys might find amusing :P!!!

Scene#1 A Normal Day In Armia PK Zone....

As you all can see it was a normal day in Armia PK area with fellow WYD PKing themselves to death as usual, beside some language nothing illegal or awkward takes place here right? WRONG!! Look at OunSray and Brazz whose names are found in a blue rectangle...

Scene#2 Somethin' Smells A Lil' Fishy!!

Ermm by looking at Brazz...is he receiving dmg o.O'? Dunno maybe I am dizzy or something so let's make sure folks!!! Moving on to scene 3 :P

Scene#3 Could this be 4 real @@?

By Looking at Brazz it is obvious that he is being PKed By OunSray while OunSray is in Armia PK area and Brazz is in ehh...Armia Town :S?!

Scene#4 Hell Ya It Is!!!

Now as all can see Brazz dude isn't being PKed as he is already dead!!! Where? He was killed in Armia Town...Is this fair :S?! Hell no as you all can see this is no joke, imagine your feeling when someone is hitting you where you can't reach him...I guess it feels like crap so when anyone sees anything like this he should be reporting GMs in order to keep our community hackers-free. Believe me if such stuff spreads the game will eventually become like crap...we dun wanna have another SD-Screw up here please. In the Image below you can also see another guy doing the same thing...disgusting actually!!!

I guess since all those guys are doing this from the same exact corner there might be a bug there which needs fixing or something, dunno if those ss are much of an evidence but I guess GMs need to go bust and arrest some people who are trying to fly below the WYD radar :P

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Anonymous said...

WickedSnake wad u are seieng here is not an hack, but an bug... run as far as u can till u dont see brazz anymore in youre screen and return, u will see he is standing inside the pk zone...