Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dr. Wicked The Shrink Of Shrinks Episode 2

Welcome back sane people!! The clinic is now ready for more of them psycos @@!! Get ready, NURSEEEEEE!! THE JACKETTTTTTTT!!!!!!!

Okay enough with them introductions and let's get to it @@!!

Case#1 NYBIE

Dr. Wicked's Observation: this summoner guy summones, run into pk area and unleashes his summons on the people inside, the people starts to get pissed and ask him to chill, he keeps saying noobs and he runs in trying to pk with his summons, he takes two hits and starts to kiss the pk arena floor.
Conclusion: This guy needs help @@
Dr. Wicked's Analysis: Well this case I guess is obvious as this dude is what you call a wanna be, he knows that he can't stand pk so he summons and let his tigers well..try to do the dirty work, of course are weaker than a lvl 50 noob so they all end up dead in a blink, poor fella :(
Dr. Wicked's Suggested Treatment: Well my friend the pills the pills the pills!! Two of the pills in my prescription before each of the three meals, trust me you will love it ;)

Case#2 MarajuanaMan

Dr. Wicked's Observation: Well I was standing mountless and without weapons in armia pk area speaking with another dude about trade hunters, this guy suddenly dashed in and start hitting me, I thought he was testing me but he actually kept hitting till I died, I didn't really care as it's pk area so yah, then that guy killed two other noobs and say bitc***, three noobs down, I looked at his name and how he is acting then I started testing if he was case#2!! I said that its just a game and he shouldnt have kiled mewithout a wep, he said dun talk to me until you can kill me!! I said that I was just talking and so he told me stfu I killed you noob!! I said well how can I speak when I am dead =.='! He says to me come I fu** you up!!!! I said oh really I am really scared so he stand over my character's dead body and he says my uni shits on you!! By that time I had ressurected automatically so I grabbed my weps went to pk area and killed him so he said that he mouse jammed so I was like yah right...=.= eventually I thanked him for being our guest here, tyvm dude!!
Dr. Wicked's Analysis: Well obviously as we can see from the name this guy here needs some srious help, addicted and lonely I assume..anyway we are here to fix you up ;)!!
Dr. Wicked's Suggested Treatment: Well first of all I say rehab rehab rehab, from your name we can see that you are in deep trouble my friend, second you need like emmm let's see...I guess 25 years in charm school may do the trick ;) As obviously you have missed ethics class, I bet you are a 5 feet tall geek who hates the world so yah, hope you can get over your misery my friend :)

Well this weeks we won't be discussing any diseases as our weekly cases were very complex actually so I dun wanna stress our shrinks of the future @@!! I guess this crap is enough for one week already lol


Cooldude21 said...

Lol bro i sold my isis already. and i havent been online as i uninstalled and deleted everything. xD

hehe. yea can see that not much competition in this journal event no more.

anyways keep up the blogging :D
yea im fine u too :D

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