Monday, September 22, 2008

WYD..A Game And Beyond!!

Well today I would like to talk about a different side of WYD...beside being a game WYD ( and all other online games ) can have a cultural benefit because in an MMORPG you can deal with people without actually seeing them...this means that stereotype won't get to you as you have no idea who are those people and this actually gives you a chance to know who people really are because in this game you people like from all over the world giving you the chance to correct your thoughts about so many countries and races because ignorance and stereotype are the two faces for the ugly coin of racism...I say that we all need to communicate more with each other in order to understand each other more because there are actually so many people in the world and you mostly interact with people who live around you so getting to interact with people who live in different countries with different cultures can be a a really enriching experience as I actually had many of those online friendships with people who I really came to respect, the latest example for this actually was Cooldude...

I actually knew coolio by plain accident lol, when the journal evet first started coolio actually made a "strong entrance" so I was actually eager to know who this guy was as I have never seen him in game before. Anyway, Coolio had this contest on his blog about what class was his character...I answered correctly and won three laks so in order to receive it we had to find each other in game, many times I be afk sleeping and coolio leaves me a !msg and when I get back on he is gone until one day we finally met, that was the day when I interviewed coolio, in fact I really enjoyed this interview as cooldude is actually a very fun guy to speak with, we shared our opinions concerning many things and from that day on we became in-game friends who care to help and support each other whether this was in-game or through blogging, me and coolio tried to be there for each other...Although we had different different opinions we had a common ground on which we were able to communicate with each other and the most important thing was that...we actually respected each other. The most important thing that we all need is respect..when you treat sane people with respect they treat you the same way ( well the people who dun do this are the ones who appear on Dr. Wicked!! LOOL ) so be nice to people and their brighter side shall appear to you ;) But of course some people consider your kindness as weakness so respect them once, respect them twice then if then don't stop just give 'em the finger!!!!!

Anyway I hope you guys enjoy your in game experience with all of its sides.


Cooldude21 said...

hhheheh bro thanks for still remembering. hoho.

keep up the imba blogging (:

MSTR-FOEMA said...

of course i still remember bro ^^ Actually I might befollowing you out of journal event soon LOOL check out the next post for more :P