Monday, September 29, 2008

Weirder Than Fiction!! ( part 2 )

250 MILLION!!!!! said the blessed guy as his offer for my 36 dmg ancnt HB!!! Behind my computer screen I was like "HELLLLLLLLL YA!!" But I actually didn't want him to feel that he was offering too much so I was like "emmmm" then a 3 secs pause then I said that it was okay!! Suddenly I moved from scratch to a quarter of a bil!!! After getting this money I created my precious WickedSnake as a beastmaster and decided to go on and level it, I bought its items, made +9 and while I was still doing the boring god's garden quest I was given the chance to do another leap....

While I was strolling in armia town that day looking in shops I found a sweet girl named Zafira...she said that she was selling a god class MK lvl 351, after a lil chat I found out that she was selling it for....120 mils!!!! After doing a small calculation of the costs of lvling my mortal to lvl 400, buying a god class package and then lvling my god class to lvl 351, getting last skill and that of course is in addition to time I found out that this was DAMN CHEAP!!!! I said yes and became the happy owner of that MK xD

This was actually this first god class character I have ever had in my life so I was soooo happy, anway after trying it I found out a very painful fact...MK suck at CC mode and since this char+ Wicked's items ate up all my money I had to make more money fast...that was when MSTR-FOEMA came around :P I was in armia when I met the owner of MSTR-FOEMA who have always wanted to be a god class MK ( what a coincidence :P!! ) so eventually a swap was made+ a fee for the lvl difference and the last skill which wasn't very hefty but actually foemas were easier to sell and more fun to play and honestly I thought that this would be my final character...but actually I was wrong :P

At that time SicK-NastY recruited me in Bushido which is as we all know was cannibal's guild then became Apothic's guild then eventually they all left and the guild disappeared from the entire existence!! Anyway Apothic really helped lvl this char and then another fortunate event came which was the journal event ;) Journal event actually helped me gain a lot whether in WYD or outside WYD as I took a good idea of blogging which was something that I have always wanted to explore...journal event helped me make money and lvl then I was bored of black mage and decided to make it a battle mage so I reseted and bought the armors and my 8th and then another leap was on its way :P

The guy who sold me MSTR-FOEMA had a celestial hunter....he liked the new MSTR-FOEMA and wanted to buy it...eventually we reached a very good deal which was MSTR-FOEMA+240 mils+4 water M+ 5 laks for his celestial Hunter lvl 40 which was called Concordia before...again calculating the expenses of lvling to 400 and then making a celestial and lvling it to lvl 40 I found myself a lvl 40 celestial Hunter with my old name WickedSnake and so far that is still me :P

As you guys have seen wise trading and trying to get good deals can get you very far away without having to pay a fortune...It's actually 20% skill and 80% luck, anyway I kinda thought that my story in this game was kinda weird so I wanted to share it with you guys ^^ Hope yall found it useful :)

PS: Ermm today when I looked at the date in which season 2 was going to end It was the 7th of October but now looks like it was moved to the end of the month...did we have new modification =.='? Because I was being lazy because I thought it was ending ON THE 7TH OF OCTOBER!! If you guys have moved it then I have lost another chance of participating in the weekly topic...zzz

Anyway I was actually planing a hot topic that you guys will definetely like :P I am just waiting till I have the time to write it ;) Sadly as the year moves on I get more and more busy so I kinda am trying to keep up.

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CM Dhar said...

its Oct 7 according to the poster and my event calendar. i dunno what made me say end of the month.. maybe i just get dizzy, confused or something...