Wednesday, September 10, 2008

In LoViNg The Global Team!!!

Well I wanna write about the other topic of the week which is the best CM and GM I have ever a start I would like to make it clear to everyone that I have never spoken to a GM in game!!!! In fact I guess many of the players never did as well so yah, I represent the majority of the players actually, as for CMs I have only spoken to two of them as you guys saw in my interview..those two are Aruman and Dhar...Dhar more actually so if I was to choose a favorite CM it would be Dhar...why Dhar?? Where here is why :P

1. He is the ex-big bad cat!! Now he choose an uglier and smaller character with 4k+ flanking chance!!

2. He is mainly the one behind the best msg I ever receive in WYD...An Item has Arrived [Laktorium]

3. He is there when you need him, when you need help look for your friendly CM Dhar

4. He is humble, when you see him circled by noobs who keeps asking some REALLY stupid questions he doesn't teleport away...he just smiles at them and kindly answers all of their questions, back in SD GMs treated players like BUGS

5. He is the master brain behind our gorgeous event which simply keep this game alive as without them there is really nothing to do

6. He was the first CM I EVER talked to!! I still remember spotting him on Armia town standing on his boar and when I asked him for an interview he kindly gave it to me and also asked CM Aruman to come join us xD How sweet is that :-)??

7. He is there as I think most of you guys have already seen CM Dhar so I guess he is the most active CM out there

Well concerning GMs I don't really have a special because I have never had a personal interaction with any of them except through the Q&A section, but GMs are the ones behind the "Please Be Informed That..." messages and they are the ones who solve our problems really quickly and keep our gaming experience running nice and smooth xD so to those guys I can simply say two words...Thank you ^^

Hope you guys like it, feel free to comment so I don't feel like talking to myself because some people I dunno meet me in game and say they read and like my blog while they never leave a comment so to those guys I say please lemme know that you were here so I can have energy to keep what I am doing xD

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cm dhar said...

Hahah ;D thanks for choosing me

anyway i actually ahd my third makeover in game XD